Premium Dog Foods Providing Human Like Food

Certified organic, no preservatives, and high quality ingredients are all terms that you are more likely to expect hearing about from your own food rather than your dog’s food. However, premium dog foods have been improving the quality of their offerings in the hopes of appealing to pet owners who are increasingly concerned with the well-being and health of their dogs. Man’s best friend indeed. The market for these foods has grown significantly in recent years. The overall pet food market is worth approximately $23.7 billion in annual sales. Pet owners are spending more on higher quality food items for their pets to a significant degree as the premium dog food market has increased by almost 45 percent to now command $10.5 billion of the total market. In the dog food industry, this has been commanding some high valuations and significant acquisitions. J.M. Smucker has acquired Big Heart Pet Brands for almost $6 billion and now has access to their jerky and treats that are made without additives and colorings, which is increasingly attractive to pet owners who are looking for more natural alternatives. Nestle’s Purina line, which owns powerhouse Beneful, bought Merrick Pet Care who is an organic producer of dog food and one of the leaders in organic dog foods. Nestle appears poised to add Merrick Pet Care’s strong organic products to Beneful’s already high quality and near dominant array of products. Beneful isn’t stopping there and is now offering a website that allows dog owners to offer personalized dog food blends using special small batch nutrition. This allows dog owners to create a diet that is right for their dog without having to adhere to the sizes and ingredients that fit other dogs. Imagine from your own perspective being forced to eat a sized meal with nutritional quantities that fit other sized people. Beneful is looking to change this and offer more specialty foods that are just right for your pet. Consider their Bright Minds food that has medium-chain triglycerides included in it that are specially designed for older dogs who have problems processing foods. These food items are more closely emulating human foods and with good reason; people are increasingly concerned with their pets and treat them just like part of their family.

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