Perry Mandera; a Philanthropist and an Entrepreneur

Perry has lived all his life as a philanthropist. This act has taken numerous forms his entire life since when he served in the U.S Marine Forces Reserve, to the time he set up his company with hundreds of employees in Illinois state. He showed his passion for giving back when he founded Custom Cares Charities Inc. His commitment towards giving has also extended to different areas of need.

He finished his high school in the year 1975. Perry later took a step towards a lifetime service when he signed up in the U.S Marine Forces Reserve. He was assigned the role of a truck driver which set a basis that built his success in the transportation sector.


The Custom Companies Inc.

After Perry Mandera was honorably discharged from the Marine, his return to the civilian life got him prepared to continue with his diverse skills set. Mandera started working with various transportation companies and later founded and sold his venture. The experience set up the foundation for Mandera’s next business ventures which grew to employ and serve people in his neighborhood.

Perry was elected as a member of the Republican Ward Committee in 1984, in the 26th Ward of Chicago. Perry Mandera worked for four years as a public servant which ended in 1988. Characterizing his urge to engross with his neighborhood since he was young, Perry was the most junior person to hold that position (

After he left the office, Perry established the Custom Companies, Inc. This venture has thrived brashly since its inception. Custom Companies, Inc. is a very reliable transportation provider which offers full service. Perry has numerous accomplishments that have led to his acknowledgment by the Illinois Transportation Association [ITA]. This organization appointed him amongst the ‘Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium’, where Mandera now is a Board member.


His Charitable Works

Perry Mandera has centered his Charities towards organizations benefiting children and ex-marines. He also has prioritized contributing towards fighting cancer. Perry also serves youths and families in need. He has as well managed and supported boxing competitors including Andy Lee and Donnell Nickelson.


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