Chipotle Is Giving Their Hourly Workers Benefits

Chipotle may not be everyone’s favorite fast food restaurant, but the burrito serving chain is shaking up the way fast food restaurants treat their employees. Chipotle recently announced that their hourly workers will receive sick pay, paid vacation days and full tuition reimbursements starting July 1, 2015. That change is huge in an industry that treats hourly employees as expendable commodities with no real worth.

The move to give hourly employees benefits is certainly long overdue. Most hourly workers don’t earn enough money to stay away from the poverty level. The increase in the minimum wage in some states is helping some hourly workers make ends meet, but the fast food industry still has a lot of work to do to keep their employees fiscally happy and productive.

Other chains like McDonalds and Starbucks are giving employees some tuition reimbursements, but the only chain to add benefits to that perk is Chipotle reports Steve Murray. The decision to add benefits to hourly employees pay is a great move. Giving benefits should help keep hourly employees on the job longer. It may stop some job hopping. Job hopping won’t be eliminated, but employees might think twice before changing jobs. Chipotle knows their decision will be costly at first, but keeping trained hourly employees will eventually add more profit to the bottom line.

Meeting of the Bilderberg Group Draws Attention

The Bilderberg Group Annual Summit has been coined the summer camp for the new world order board of directors. The participants are now widely published and include captains of industry as well as noted minds in academia as well as influential elected leaders and heads of state. 2015 Attendees for Bilderberg Group Meeting Published

The meetings are closed and no reporters are invited. Security is tight and no press conferences are provided. The contents of the meeting can only be the subject of speculation based on the pedigree of the attendees. No reports or meetings from the meetings are kept or issued which have lead many to jump on the reason for the veil of secrecy which has surrounded the meeting. Since the meeting is a private affair, there is no obligation for the content of the meeting to be released to the public. Additionally, the meetings are not sanctioned by any country or formal head of state so their is no accountability to an populous. What is clear is that major polices and decisions which effect world polices are discussed at the meeting by the people that have the power to influence or even implement such polices. Many future heads of states have been vetted through the Group’s meeting but the contents are a strict secret. No attendee ever discuses the nature of the deliberations or the content of discussion. If polices are made, Keith Mann and the animalliberationfront recognize that there is no evidence of such events ever happening.

Purina Launches New Campaign for Beneful

As a reaction to a recent class action lawsuit the company calls “baseless,” Purina has launched a new national ad campaign that aims to clean up the brand image of its Beneful brand of dog food.

The campaign, which originally ran on PR Newswire, features Purina workers who also happen to be dog owners. The campaign, called “I Stand Behind Beneful,” stresses that over 1.5 billion meals of Purina Beneful have been served to dogs. Most owners, including ones who work at their factory making the food, are impressed with the company’s safety standards.

“We’re not just making it for your pets, we’re feeding it to our own pets, and we know it’s good,” said Materials Accounting Coordinator Cliff.

The ads are going to run on TV and print. The campaign started off as an internal company statement but then spread. There are eight Purina factories in the United States that manufacture Beneful. The brand was introduced in 2001 and has been one of the company’s all-time leading best sellers.

The “I Stand Behind Beneful” campaign features a number of key Purina factory workers who also feed Beneful to their dogs. The pride in their work is obvious. It’s unlikely that any of them would feed their beloved pets dangerous dog food. Since they work in the factory, it seems likely they’re quite convinced that they are producing quality food. Purina is a part of Nestle, the world’s largest food company. Nestle manages 29 brands that do over $1 billion in revenue annually. This campaign focuses on the pride that Purina workers have in the dog food they spend their time crafting. Look for these ads to be displayed on national television. This Sunday they have also placed a full-page ad in the prestigious New York Times.

Kentucky’s Governor Raises Minimum Wage Through an Executive Order

The fight for a living wage has been gaining considerable momentum in the last few years. A few months ago, workers at McDonalds started a movement to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The movement is gaining some steam, and while it has not effectively raised the minimum wage to this level, the movement is gaining support and causing people to think more critically about the idea of a living wage. People at Boraie Development LLC ( have learned that the living wage movement also has caused several states to raise their minimum wage, ahead of the federal minimum wage.

Most recently, Kentucky’s governor has raised the state’s minimum wage through an executive order. The executive order only applies to “certain state employees”, many of whom are kitchen staff, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. Currently, these employees make $7.25 an hour, but starting in July they will make $10.10 per hour. To many people this may not seem like a big difference, but to someone who is trying to scrape by on minimum wage a few dollars more an hour can be a blessing. For some, it is the difference between needing to rely on state assistance, such as welfare or food stamps, and being able to afford the things they need to survive without help. Because these are state jobs, there is also the possibility that the cost to taxpayers will be offset by fewer people on state assistance programs.

Lack of Funds for Kansas

The state of Kansas might want to see some of the revenue from The Wizard of Oz if finances don’t soon improve. There are corporate talks about laying off guards who work in prisons and reducing the payments sent to nursing homes and doctors. If the budget can’t be worked out in a fair manner, there could even be cuts to schools. A state shouldn’t be in this dire need of money that it has to cut funding to so many different areas. It’s not unheard of to need to make a few cuts here and there, especially when it comes to areas that don’t rely as heavily on government funding. Officials in Kansas are talking about a possible $400 million deficit. This is a large amount of money considering that Kansas is a pretty large state. Someone needs to go in and look at the budget to see where the money is coming from and how it’s being spent before the state has to cut even more funding.

CEO offers a unique bonus to all employee’s children

Everyone heard about the CEO who raised all of his employee’s salaries to $70,000. But CEO Chieh Huang of Boxed, an online distributor of bulk household items, may have topped that. Huang has offered to pay college tuition for all of the employee’s children.

Many companies, such as Starbucks, offer tuition assistance for the employee, especially if it relates to the industry they are working in. However, this is the first offer to pay tuition for the children. As of now and for the forseeable future, there is no cap on how many years the child spends in college or which university they attend. The only restriction, if you can even call it that, is that Huang is only paying for tuition, not the books or boarding.

Huang realized that many of the employees who worked in the Atlanta facility did not even have cars to get themselves to work easily or to provide their children with opportunities outside the city. He toyed with the idea of getting everyone a car, in true Oprah fashion, but he realized that the problem wasn’t transportation; it was a lack of higher education due to financial constraints. Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick are impressed to learn that Huang opted to provide free tuition, without the need for an application or approval process, as opposed to simply raising the salaries.

For the full story of Boxed and how it stacks up to other companies, check out this link.

Meditation, Exercise for Your Brain

Meditation is not a new practice but recently studies have shown that there is more to meditation than just relaxation. Meditation can actually cause important areas of your brain to change. According to the Washington Post, neuroscientist Sara Lazar took on the task of testing people to see how meditation affected the brain. Even she was surprised.

The first test subjects were those who had meditated for years vs those who had not meditated before. Following that test, the subjects who had not meditated were examined and enrolled in guided meditation sessions and their brains were closely examined. The meditation course lasted for eight weeks and the participants were examined again.
It was quickly noticed that the gray matter in the frontal cortex had enlarged. Frontal gray matter is associated with executive thought processes and working memory. It was also noted that the participants who were 50 years old, prior to the meditation, showed the cortex shrinking, which is normal for the age. After the eight week session, the same participants had seen growth in the pre-frontal cortex and the size compared to that of a 25 year old.

Overall, there were positive changes in five areas of the brain, including the amygdala, which controls a person’s anxiety and ability to handle stress. The left hippocampus was seen to have thickened, increasing a person’s ability to learn, remember and stabilize emotions.

Alexei Beltyukov says that meditation can help the entire body through relaxation and stress reduction, but through this study, it shows that meditation can also improve overall brain function.

The Plastic Surgery Skills of Dr. Rod Rohrich

Plastic surgery is used to help correct many medical problems. A skilled plastic surgeon can accomplish many amazing things. The surgeon can help correct the problems a young child will face from a birth defect such as a cleft palate. They can also help a breast cancer patient look and feel better in the aftermath of a bout of cancer with reconstructive breast surgery. Plastic surgeons can also assist patients who are need help after a serious accident such as a burn that may have left them with unexpected scarring and problems with the functions of bodily tissues. A skilled plastic surgeon can also assist those who want to help remove scars, decrease the appearance of fine lines and provide them with a much younger look. In short, a skilled plastic surgeon can help any patient overcome a medical problem and look and feel better after his help.

One plastic surgeon who has helped advanced the field of plastic surgery even further is Dr. Rod Rohrich. Dr. Rohrich is a highly trained Dallas, Texas based plastic surgeon. The doctor has worked in both academic medicine and private practice for many years. During this time, he has worked hard to help his patients get the kind of results they want from his skills. His work has led to all kinds of wonderful advances in the field of plastic surgery including highly improved patient outcomes and surgery that is much safer. The doctor has presented the results of his work at conferences across the country where he spoken directly to patient groups as well as his fellow plastic surgeons. As a result of his efforts, many of his fellow doctors have also learned just how they can follow his results and provide improved results for their own patients.

Dr. Rod Rohrich was born in the wide open plains of North Dakota. After completing high school, he earned degrees from the North Dakota State University and University of North Dakota. His work here led to his admission at Baylor College of Medicine in Dallas, Texas. While here, he realized that he wanted to enter the field of plastic surgery. He completed additional training in this field at the Oxford University in the United Kingdom and Harvard University in Massachusetts. This academic grounding has helped prepare him for his later career in all aspects of plastic surgery and helped him assist all of his patients. Find more about Dr. Rohrich on his Facebook page.

Criteria From Sultan Alhokair Seed Funding

Any business investment needs a seed stage investment in order to grow. This’s the startup capital that is required by a business to pay for its startup cost before it launches. This process needs seed investors who gain a share of the business profit in return to their initial startup capital for the investment. Sultan Alhokair is one of such seed investors, and Bloomberg notes that he works hand in hand with Valia Investments, assisting in determining which companies qualify for seed funding.

Below are a couple of fundamental guidelines that Sultan Alhokair follows.
Potential for getting back their seed funding is fundamental. Any seed funding Company wants returns on their investment. Seed funding comes at a price, investors like Alhokair want a return from the companies which they invest in, usually sooner rather than later. A company with a potential to grow and pay back their seed investment, will be in a better position to be more attractive at seed level. One key is a companies compelling story towards success.
A factual storyline from a business company looking for its startup capital is important. This means that the company has done its market research carefully and is ready to present its argument so as to qualify for seed funding. Without a compelling or attractive story, the lack of a seed investor to make it a success will be immediately recognizable through consumer validation.
Before an idea comes to birth, there needs to be an existing proof that the idea would be successful. This means that market research should be carefully carried out to reveal that there is a need in that product. A company seeking for meaningful startup funding, needs to show proof that there’s a legitimate interest in what their offering – viable exit strategies.
Sultan Alhokair seed investors are patient, and they do realize that at times it takes a little longer for a company to get off the ground. However, if things look like they’re not working out, it is crucial to have a viable exit plan for the investor. An investor has put their finances in a company, so having a way they can pull out, and not leave an investment crumbling is one of the good attributes about Sultan Alhokair.

These are some of the fundamental tips that Sultan Alhokair and Valia Investments look for before seed funding a company. Sultan Alhokair makes these kinds of decisions on a daily basis.

GM Claims It Owns The Car That You Bought

That car that you recently paid for in full and that you are proudly driving is not completely yours. At least that’s according to GM. Through their attorney, GM maintains that the owner of the vehicle is only but a license holder. In other words, when you buy the car you by the rights to drive it and not to own it.

The claims being made by GM have everything to do with the software installed in the vehicle. GM argues that the car cannot run without the software- it is what tells the other parts what to do. The software is made of code and that code is copyrighted.

The car is entirely dependent on the software. So when you by the car, you buy the license. Since it is a licensing agreement, then the car is still GM’s property.

This has obvious implications. It will restrict anyone, including the owner of the car, from making any changes to the car. People at The Aspire New Brunswick have leaerned that, basically, you cannot repair your own car. However, this is still an issue that is being discussed in the US copyright office.

Those who like to make changes to their cars and mechanics are fighting to be exempted from the copyright.