Texas Wants Fracking

Recent attempts to stop fracking in Texas have been met with a brick wall. Republican Governor Greg Abbott just signed a new law that will prevent any blockage of both drilling and fracking. The state of Texas watched the bill in awe as it sailed through the state’s legislature and was eventually accepted with open arms by the GOP.

The process of fracking includes drilling and blasting rocks with water, sand, and chemicals to release trapped gases. This means of harvesting energy has been heavily protested across the country due to the negative impact on the environment. The new Texas state law was inspired when the residents of Denton decided to ban hydraulic fracking in their town.

Due to the new mandate issued by Texas lawmakers, the community can not prevent oil and gas companies from doing the deed. According to Governor Abbott it’s a measure to keep regulation out of business. Madison Street Capital is still unclear as to what the residents of Denton will do to combat it has yet to be seen.

Company Bans WOW Users Who Employ Bots

The Activision Blizzard gaming company has banned several users from their online game, World of Warcraft. The reason for this was due to the fact that many people started using robots to control their characters during fights. It was said that this would last until at least six months from now until those users would be able to get back online again with their accounts.

According to an article found on reddit and written by PC Gamer, this was a formal notice from the game makers that they noticed many of the participants were cheating during game play and allowing alternate devices to control their characters. This is a great move by the company, because it shows that they will not stand for letting people cheat in their program. This shows a lot of integrity by the makers and it goes without saying that all of the honest players out there will really appreciate the fact that they are stopping cheaters from taking over the platform. Paul Mathieson, gamer aficionado, is excited to hear the news that he can now play an honest game.

I think that more companies like this should take action in order to prevent others from being dishonest with the people they are interacting with online. After all it isn’t truly a competition unless all players are playing without any advantages over everyone else. Hopefully those who had their accounts banned will learn their lesson and decide to not break the rules in the future when they are able to log on again.

California Cleaners Brands Customer a “SODOMITE” after he Wins Lawsuit Against them

Byron Batista already won a $75 lawsuit against North Hollywood’s Rosali Cleaners for damaging his throw pillow, but now the cantankerous cleaners has taken to name calling using homophobic slurs.

When Rosali Cleaners finally refunded Batista, he was shocked to see the check was made out to “the buggerer.” Batista returned to the Judge.

The court ordered Rosali Cleaners to give Batista a new check.

The cleaners sent a new money order, yet this one had another problem. Written next to Bastita’s name was “SODOMITE,” in all caps.

“I went to the bank to cash it, and the teller said “Oh, my God!’” Batista said. Bank of America immediately wrote to the Judge explaining what occurred and that the bank would not accept the money order with any offensive language.

So now Bastita will return back to the Judge to request further intervention.

Meanwhile, after Bastita’s story circulated, Yelp reviews poured in according to Jaime Garcia Dias.

The reviews range from “The owner is terrible to deal with,” to “Homophobic, abusive, unprofessional, mean, nasty people,” and 160 other reviews that Yelp deems not currently recommended.

Out of 86 Yelp reviews, Rosali Cleaners currently has a 1.5 star rating.

According to Huffington Post, Rosali Cleaners has not commented.

Bernardo Chua, Expanding Across the Globe

Although there are many successful businessmen, Bernardo Chua has taken his business acumen to a higher level by expanding over 39 countries. Formerly an executive of Gano Excel in 2003 Chua left to form Organo Gold as a network distribution system based out of Canada. Known as Bernie to those closest to him, he believes that direct marketing is the paramount way to expand a business and create partnerships with other successful people the world over.

As one of the founders of Organo Gold, he joined with Shane Morand in 2008 to form the award winning company known for its organic gourmet coffee. This unique coffee infused with Ganoderma Lucidum, an ancient Chinese herb from the mushroom family, is a healthy alternative for those who are on the go. Growing up in the Philippines with a Chinese heritage Bernie learned about the benefits of this well known mushroom that grows on logs in many parts of the world. This knowledge provided insight to the success of this herb in the Asian market which has continued for centuries and Chua formed the belief that there was also an opening in the health conscious North American market.

Bernardo Chua found direct sales to be a cost effective method of expanding his business into a global market. However forming a network distribution system to develop partnerships with other successful entrepreneurs created a means of not only expanding the company, but of sharing the wealth within the partnerships luring others to join the company. Organo Gold expects to have over one million distributors and over eight hundred million dollars in revenue in 2015, up from thirty-five million in 2010.

In 2013, Organo Gold was ranked the 55th largest network marketing company in the world by the Direct Selling News top 100 and also received the prestigious People Choice Award in 2015. Bernardo Chua himself was recently awarded the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry from the National Consumer Affairs Foundation in the Philippines.

Controlling Your Sweet Tooth

We all like to indulge once in awhile and many people have cravings for sweets now and again. Eating sweet and sugary foods in moderation is perfectly fine, but there is a lot of concern when eating sweets occur almost every day. This can lead to diabetes, obesity and a host of other health issues. Not many people are aware that sugar is in many of the products they are eating already, aside from the cookies and candy that they are indulging in. Condiments, juices, crackers and more all have plenty of sugar in them and can be avoided. Luckily, there are some more natural and healthy ways that you can satisfy that sweet tooth next time you are experiencing a craving. McGalla has given a few of these a try.

Educate Yourself
Learn about all of the naturally sweet foods that you can eat that will be good for you but at the same time will
satisfy your craving.
Fruit is a big one. Fructose sugars from fruit are natural and are much healthier for you than the refined kind. Also, if you are going to eat a sweet treat, learn to read labels and keep your serving of sugar under 10 grams per serving.

Find Alternatives
There are a number of foods that taste sweet but really are not and you can eat these to indulge. Peanut butter and other nut butters are a common favorite that make you feel like you are eating something sinful. To be even healthier, you can dip apple slices in peanut butter as a snack or treat.

One Step Toward Beating This Cancer

With a new test ovarian cancer may be able to be detected in patients before it is too late. Too often woman have been dying from ovarian cancer because it is detected in them when the cancer is too far along, but this new test may be able to change all of that. It is proven to have detected cancer in more patients. It is said to have detected it sooner than the other tests would have.
Cancer is a horrible disease and kills too many people. If this new test actually works and is able to detect cancer in woman before it is too late, then this may help to lower the number of people who die from cancer each year. There is hope that the numbers may start going down and that more people may start surviving ovarian cancer.

If this new test really works, it is just one step toward beating ovarian cancer. Gianfrancesco Genoso can certainly get behind that.

Successful Venture Capitalist Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an established American businessman and a successful venture capitalist. He has successfully started many companies in his career and has also assisted other businesses in finding their own path to success. Marc has made a mark in the telecommunication industry, where he has been involved with companies like Splash Media and Blue Ray Wireless. He also has investments in real estate, venture investing and offering business solutions.

Marc is the owner and founder of Timber Creek Capital, a company that specializes in nurturing budding businesses and providing them with the necessary resources, be it access to capital, office space and mentor-ship. Having started successful businesses himself, Marc has the knowledge and the right skills to pass on to other aspiring business persons. He founded the company on the foundation of the belief that a favorable working environment accounts for no less than 25% of the business’s raw materials for success.

Every business reaches a point where it requires outside investment to take the next step. That is where venture capitalists like Marc Sparks come in handy. For a venture capitalist to invest in a business, they need to be convinced about the business’s uniqueness and potential to prosper. A venture capitalist will also need to know how their money will be used to improve the business. The biggest part of the convincing process will also depend on the presentation. To get the attention of a venture capitalist like Marc Sparks, the presentation ought to be brief and to the point. Involving the whole team is also necessary.

Marc is currently in the process of writing a book titled “They Can’t Eat You.” There he details his personal journey that is characterized by both failures and successes. He aims to inspire others and to prove that anyone has the ability to succeed no matter where they come from. Marc’s story is a testament to this fact, having transformed from a C student to a successful entrepreneur.

Apart from business, Marc is also a philanthropist. He has been involved in a number of charity ventures in Dallas. They include a homeless center- Samaritan Inn and a high school magnet program- American Academy. He has also built homes to assist the homeless in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity. Marc attributes his success in business to qualities such as faith, tenacity, savvy of monetization, passion, focus and a sense of urgency.

Verizon to buy AOL

Verizon Communications have entered into another large acquisition by making a bid for AOL in a deal that is valued at 4.4 billion dollars. This marks the second time that AOL was purchased by a large company with Time Warner acquiring AOL as part of a mega acquisition at the height of the stock market bubble.

AOL has transformed itself from a dial up internet service provider with a number of internet subscribers to a company that holds many media assets and owns proprietary software for placing ads onto websites. What appears to have particularly attracted Verizon is the technology which would enable Verizon to place videos on mobile devices easily and more efficiently and to potentially generate revenues from this placement according to Keith Mann. Further, AOL is viewed as a leading media and advertising provider and owns some notable news websites such as the Huffington Post.

Many followers of the deal believe that the deal between Verizon and AOL was inevitable and that it makes sense for both parties. Further, they indicated that the deal has a high chance of being approved by regulators and no significant disposal of assets by Verizon appears necessary to avoid anti-trust measures by regulators.

Further, the deal shows that Verizon is pushing for future growth as the deal comes after an deal in which Verizon acquired the portion of Verizon Wireless that thy did not own from Vodaphone. Compared to AT&T’s c proposed acquisition of Direct TV, the acquisition of AOL by Verizon seems more forward looking in scope and vision.

Big Three Automakers Do Not Support Obama’s TPP Trade Treaty

President Obama recently said that opponents of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade treaty do not understand it will benefit US automakers. The president cited as anecdotal evidence the fact that anyone inside the Washington Beltway can attest that Japanese cars are ubiquitous. By contrast, the president pointed out that in Tokyo, very few American cars will be seen. As people at Boraie Development understand it, by adopting the TPP trade deal, Japanese markets will open up to US automakers and translate into a boom in new sales. Given this fact, it would appear as a given that the big three automakers, Ford, Chrysler, and GM, would be vigorously behind the TPP agreement and by extension the United Auto Workers (UAW) union.

It isn’t true. This is because Japan does not impose any tariffs on American made cars. By contrast, the United States has tariffs on Japanese cars to limit their sales. The TPP agreement will force the United States to drop those tariffs and further hasten Japanese auto sales in the United States at the expense of domestic cars. In addition, the big three do not support TPP because it fails to address the main reason why American cars do not sell briskly in Japan: currency manipulation. This allows Japan to make their cars cheaper to Americans while making the US cars more expensive to Japanese consumers. In fact, this is the very reason why real estate mogul Donald Trump is against TPP.

Real Estate Developer Haidar Barbouti Turns Restaurateur

Being a real estate developer isn’t always about just finding which property to invest in. Haidar Barbouti has been active in the real estate industry for over 20 years now, focusing mainly on commercial real estate. In 1991, he purchased the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston, Texas. Built in the 1940s, it was one of the first luxury shopping centers to open in Houston. When Mr. Barbouti took over the property, he wasn’t just satisfied with renting out as much space as possible to maximize revenue. Instead, he transformed the place so that it becomes on of the most beautiful shopping areas in the country, thus attracting numerous high-profile tenants such as Starbucks and an Apple Store.

Later, Barbouti decided to build a third story on a part of the shopping center, believing that it would be the perfect place for a new restaurant that has a large patio over the Galleria area. The problem was that he just wasn’t able to find the type of tenant he wanted. While many other developers would have simply abandoned the idea at this point and let another type of establishment move into the area, Barbouti is known for a very hands-on approach to managing his properties. Therefore, he decided that it would be time to open his own restaurant.

What is surprising is that while Haidar Barbouti has extensive experience in the real estate market, he has never worked in a restaurant before and has no formal culinary training. He stated that in his case, knowing how to make money and create great food are what helped his restaurant succeed.

Operating since 2011, Up Restaurant is Barbouti’s answer to other eating establishments in the area. When asked about “trendy” restaurants, he certainly had a very poor opinion of them. The real estate developer stated in an interview that people come to a restaurant to eat and not to see “art” on a plate. He went on to criticize some restaurants for offering tiny portions at highly inflated costs, saying that one’s grandmother knows how to cook better than some of these chefs.

At Up Restaurant in Houston, it’s not about the latest fads of organic, fair-trade certified or locally sourced produced. Their mission is to provide clients with good food, with a large menu that was personally put together by the owner. You will find pizzas, Caesar salads, fish, filet mignon, beef, seafood, pasta and various desserts.