BMG Has Been A Reputable And Established Banking Firm In Brazil For More Than 80 Years

The banking business in Brazil has had its fair share of financial bumps in the road. Brazil is known for its sporadic government and financial calamities, and some of them have had a major impact on banks in the country. But BMG has been able to survive for more than 80 years in the Brazilian financial market thanks to the fact that it is a privately held company. BMG was founded by the Guimarães family in 1930 under the name Banco de Crédito Predial S.A. The bank was later renamed Banco de Minas Gerais S.A, and BMG was officially formed.

BMG has a history of solid financial performance in the individual and company credit arena. Through the years, the bank has developed products like payroll credit cards, and a product called BMG Empresas which is geared toward large companies. The other products that have made the bank a success are their vehicle financing department and home equity loans.

The other successful area is the payroll loan segment of the business that is done through Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A.. BMG owns 40 percent of the voting stock in Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A.. According to CEO and President Ricardo Guimarães, the success of the bank is due to the bank’s outstanding sales ability and operational excellence.

The BMG brand is well-known throughout Brazil because of its technology expertise and the fact that the bank has the ability to anticipate market movements in Brazil. Guimarães thinks his experienced management team has the knowledge to work with quality credit portfolios while maintaining a conservative credit policy. BMG has a special committee that makes all the credit decisions for the bank, and that committee gives the bank the flexibility it needs to stay competitive in the Challenging Brazilian market.

BMG’s experienced and fully professional management team, under the direction of Ricardo Guimarães, has been able to weather the current economic and financial issues that Brazil is facing this year. The banks in Brazil have been under a great deal of pressure because of the currency devaluation, the recession, and the government’s attempt to pull the country out of hands of inflation. BMG has changed some of its credit policies to reflect the changes that the government is trying to put in place.

The good news is BMG has experienced these issue before and has survived, and the bank will survive the country’s current financial challenges.

Why it is Important To Have Quality Customer Care

Customers are the lifeline of a business— without them, you close down the doors. Quality customer service is not something fully understood by many companies. That’s why you find that many companies will just toss around these words “quality customer care” like towels in a dryer.
However, the founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club Empire, Sam Walton has understood what quality customer service means and why it is important for any business to survive. Walton sums it up in a very simple way by saying that there is only one boss who is the customer. The person can fire anybody in an organization whether it is the chairman or the lavoratory cleaner— and does this by spending his cash in another store.
People don’t ask themselves why customers would pass their store and walk into another. In simple terms, people haven’t known why someone spends their money elsewhere. The reason is that they have experienced bad customer care.
Almost everyone has encountered a horrific experience with a service after the sale. There is only one opportunity to win a customer and if in the sales process or customer service and follow-through stages, you squander the opportunity of giving your best shot, then you will have to bear the burden. You have a cancellation or return of the product — and even worse, the customer may leave never to come back.
And, as one entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and bestselling author, Jim Rohn said, a customer who is taken care of well may be more valuable than spending $10,000 on advertising. In order to understand what quality customer care is, it simply means giving something to a customer that they will not wait to experience or have it again and bring with them their friends to also have the same kind of experience.
Mark Sparks is a renowned entrepreneur who has involved himself in close to 60 plus startups from the Seventies. Mark Sparks is also the owner, founder, and CEO of a private equity firm known as Timber Creek Capital.
Mark Sparks know the impact of customer care on businesses and startups. Customers will call a company that has served them if they are angry at the services, and they expect that a resolution will be provided— and very fast. In order to give quality customer care, you will have to listen to a problem, clarify that you understand the issue that is causing pain to the customer, and expeditiously find a solution in the shortest time possible. Mark Sparks invests his time and energy to ensure any of his companies give the best customer service.

Source: Marc Sparks Blog

MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Micheal Jackson has a had a career that all celebrities wish that they will one day have. He has won countless of Grammys, beloved by millions, to this day still have the highest selling album and was an innovator in the entertainment world.There is no one who would ever duplicate the King of Pop, but there is a man who does a great impersonator of the late great Michael Jackson.

There have been countless of people who have tried to make a big career out of impersonator Micheal Jackson, but only Sergio Cortes have come the closest of receiving worldwide success. Cortes is pretty much a walking clone of Michale Jackson. If you ever get a chance to seed Cortes perform, you would see that he has perfected his dance moves to Micheal Jackson to as close as possible. Not only do Cortes do an excellent job as impersonating Jackson moves, but he also has Jackson’s mannerism. Cortes has even perfected the soft-spoken voice that Jackson was infamous for when he was alive.

When Cortes perform, he often either lip sing to Micheal Jackson voice or he will lip sing to his own voice.Besides the great impersonation, he does of Jackson, their similar personalities and similar life are quite eerie. Just like how the world did not know much about Micheal Jackson life, besides the things that were reported in the media, Cortes lives a sheltered life as well. Both Jackson and Cortes are timid individuals when not on the stage. Micheal Jackson had a reputation of only opening up when he was speaking about his music or performing, and Cortes is the same way. Some people may go as far as saying that Cortes is Jackson reincarnation if you are the kind of person that believe in that kind of stuff.
Cortes uses three different allies when he performs as Michael Jackson. He goes by the names of Sergio Cortes Parra, Perseus, Sergio Jackson and as mention Sergio Cortes. It is noted that his birth name is Sergio H. Parra.Micheal Jackson was truly one of a kind, and no one would ever be able to duplicate him, but it is awesome that Cortes has devoted his life to keep the thought of Michael Jackson alive.

The Incredible Story Of World Renouned Activist, Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is a young, 21 year old globally known human rights activist, and she is one of the most famous defectors from the oppressive and sadistic regime of North Korea. Her story is well known by many, and it will bring tears to the eyes of anyone who listens to her tell it including tears of sadness and tears of joy. She is also one of the most hated women in North Korea, and she is one of the most feared because of her work in the field of human rights, specifically bringing North Korea under a bigger microscope and rallying more people to criticize and hate Kim Jong-Un, has led his regime to utterly despise her.

She came from a a moderately wealthy family of mid-level civil servants. She was born in 1993, and she was only taught a couple things in her life that mattered. She was taught to love the supreme leader at the time, Kim Jong-Il (Kim Jong-Un’s father), and she was taught to hate all enemies of North Korea like the United States, but when the famine hit North Korea hard her world came crashing down around her. She learned hunger, and she learned fear and paranoia about her dear leader. Everything she new, all of the weak but unchallenged illusions about her government, were completely shattered. From an early age, she was taught what to say, what to think and how to feel. Her mother taught her that no one can be trusted, and her mother was quoted as saying that in North Korea, “Even the mice and birds have ears.” According to Yeonmi, when she was just nine years old she witnessed the mother of her best friend murdered by a firing squad over a relatively minor offense.

The Park family was beginning to go hungry, and Yeonmi’s father risked his life to insure that his family wouldn’t starve so he began smuggling food into them by trading it to the Chinese for valuable metals like gold and silver. Of course, it wasn’t long before her father was caught and sentenced to 17 years in one of North Korea’s infamous labor camps that regime denies even exists. North Korea is known for punishing an entire family for the offense or defection of another, and she and her family found themselves in a dire situation. Her father made the decision to defect, and that began the family’s tragic journey across China, through the Gobi Desert and onto the South Korean embassy in China so they could find a better life.

Her journey was filled with tragedy, but it had a happy ending. Her father had sent his wife, Yeonmi of, and her sister ahead of him because he had grown ill. He later joined them, and on the way through China her dad died from stomach cancer, and she had to bury him with her own hands in the mountains. Her sister disappeared, she and her mother finally made it and several years afterwards her sister was able to join them.

Choosing an Online Reputation Management Service

Social media over sharing has become a detriment to small and big businesses. From bloggers, customers and scorned employees your business reputation can be tarnished within minutes. Using an online reputation management firm is a great way to get your good name back. They specialize in burying negative search results and promoting content that will only help your image. These firms don’t only handle big businesses customers can range from regular individuals who may find it hard to get a job due to say some not so flattering pictures or inappropriate content. You can decide what you want them to put out there as well. If you want to focus on your positive professional history, they can take care of that for you. A lot of executives rely on online reputation management especially if they were fired from their previous job. Anything negative that is reported on the internet can damage their future. Divorce drama you may be experiencing with your spouse can affect your employment and business reputation. While your negativity may not be erased completely if it doesn’t show up until page 6 or so on a search engine that’s success. Online management firms make sure what you want people to see will dominate your profile. Another way to always stay on top of your online reputation is by setting up a Google alert for yourself. Use social media to your advantage and only post positive things that have to do with the goal you are trying to ultimately achieve. Don’t over share anything and maximize your privacy settings on all social media accounts. If your goal is to land that dream job, keep your family off your accounts.

Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs which is a leading online reputation management firm. Fisher believes “the first page of Google search is the new first impression.” Status Labs’ goal is to help their clients grow their businesses using an effective digital marketing and public relations strategy. Headquartered in Austin Texas, since launching four years ago Darius has grown his staff and opened up offices in New York and Sao Paulo. Status Labs currently serves more than 1,500 clients in over 35 countries. It’s helped give second chances to many executives and politicians. Prior to cofounding Status Labs, Darius worked as a political consultant and copywriter.

White Shark Media Dealing With Complaints

In today’s day and age, using the right words in the right places in an article or advertisement is sometimes directly correlated with how many hits it will get, and how many users will continue with viewing that article. Here are a few tips that every content creator or small business owner can follow to ensure that your content is having the most positive effect it can.

Ok, you know what you are going to write about, but condense the topic or thesis statement into one, two, or three words. Not just once, but ten, twenty, or even more times. Whatever keywords you have now, run them through a program like Google Trends, which shows you which of those phrases is the most commonly searched, and how often internet users that search those words will not bounce off the click path.

Once you have a list of these words, go ahead and write the article, with the keywords you decide to use at the rate of approximately one use per one hundred words. Do not use a phrase or word if it does not flow smoothly with the sentence, paragraph, or article in its entirety. Remember: you are not trying to fit a specific keyword in an article as many times as you can, you are attempting to dress that keyword in the most appealing way possible, so readers will read your article or view your advertisement in its entirety, and hopefully come back for more.

White Shark Media is an online company that devotes itself to improving small businesses’ attempts at search engine optimization, advertising campaigns, and web page design. There are many other competitors that provide similar services, but few websites have as many positive reviews as White Shark Media. A full list of testimonials provided by their clients can be found on their website. Contact information can also be found there, both phone number and e-mail address. If you or someone you know may be interested in receiving an estimate from White Shark, simply call or e-mail them as soon as possible.

One of the most important things about incorporating proper SEO into an article is knowing to integrate the keyword or important phrase into the title smoothly, in an attractive format. Readers are drawn to appealing headlines, so make sure that you integrate your keyword into that headline.

Facts About Fuse And Skout You Did Not Know

Skout is a unique social networking platform that is centered towards providing excellent social networking features to the user such that interacting with people outside the usual social circle becomes much easier. This mobile application belongs to the top league of social communication apps, and the best thing with it is the fact that it easily doubles as a dating and travel app. Initially, it was started as a travel application to help travelers going to new destinations get to know a few people from the city and show them around.

In its earlier days before it managed to turn itself into a dating application, many used to term it as the ‘adult penpal zone’. The app Skout gained much popularity after it introduced a travel feature that made it possible for members to take virtual journeys being assisted by the locals in the region and get to know the destination better before taking the actual visit. In fact, users who have taken those virtual journeys end up doing real trips even if it was meant just to make friends in the first place.

When the travel feature was introduced, it was meant to be used in two different ways; to help those with an intention to visit a new city get to know a few friends before making the actual visit and to just make friends in different cities of the world. So far so good, the company has had huge success with both missions, and the best thing with it is the fact that it can be accessed in different languages an on Android and iPhone devices.

Skout also incorporated Fuse into its platform a few months ago. The app has over 500 million users from 180 different countries who are connected using their mobile phone number and initials. With Fuse, users get an easy to use, and organized platform where constructing a social network is as easy and fast as blinking the eye. Designed for people on the go, Fuse allows users to have added features including diffusing recently added photos and messages as one deems fit.

Before venturing into Fuse, Skout had already gotten into profit, and it was getting not less than 1.5 million new users monthly. In the past, Skout has also acquired Nixter, a night life app for a sum it did not disclose. However, with Fuse, the company was bound to get even more popular based on the fact that it is free and available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Members are also given the ability to use their domain, use it and discard it whenever they feel like without being limited on the amount one can use. A user can also jump from one conversation to another without worrying about leaving trash and traces behind since all messages delete themselves automatically. Both applications have succeeded where many more others have failed in the past; managing to keep the fire burning by coming up with new and better features that make users glued and intrigued.

Brad Reifler Makes The Difference With Forefront Capital

Forefront Capital is much more different than any of the other investment firms out there. They offer investment services to people who would not otherwise be able to get. This is great because so much of the middle class is left out of the stock market by the traditional firms. Now, it is finally time for us to all stand up and start paying notice to those who have been ignored by the big firms.

The fact is that Forefront Capital has seen an explosion in customers as it has opened its doors to ever more people. This has been helpful in terms of getting more interest generated in the ever growing market.

People in the Middle Class need the help offered by Forefront because they are not getting it from other sources and because they need to get their money into the market perhaps even more than anyone else. If they are not able to start having their money working for them, then they will not be able to afford the things in life that most all of us want. Consider for example the ever increasing cost of college and of retirement. Someone in the Middle Class will have a lot of trouble paying for these things if they do not have their wages earning more for them as they go along.

It is to the benefit of Brad Reifler to work with these people because they get the added benefit of a firm that actually cares about them. So many of the others are simply there to squeeze dollars out of their customers, but Forefront wants to help those who have not been helped by traditional investment firms.

Anyone who has been excluded from investing because of their income in the past should look into Forefront Capital today.

Jennifer Walden, Plastic Surgery Leader

Jennifer Walden is a well-known cosmetic surgeon based in the Austin, Texas area. She is best known as the founder of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center PLLC. She started her career in the New York City area under the mentorship of Dr. Sherrell Aston in the Eye, Ear and Throat department. In 2014, she was listed as one of top 25 Best Beauty Surgeons in Harper Bazaar. What makes her stand out, however, is that she is also a representative in media commentation on various issues of cosmetic surgery. She has been featured on ABC News, Fox News and VH1 just to name a few. As a result, she is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons throughout the entire United States.

Dr. Walden is one of the few women ever selected so far to join the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors. She has also co-authored textbooks about plastic surgery. She graduated as the salutatorion (i.e. the second highest graduate of the field) of her class at the University of Texas Medical Branch. In 2014, she was honored as a Texas Super Doctor in Texas Monthly.

For seven and a half years following her residency, she remained in the New York City area with her mentor, Dr. Aston. During this time, she participated in various clinical trials to help upgrade the silicone breast chip. In 2011, she returned to the Austin area after giving birth to twins and opened a private practice in Westlake Hills and has remained there since.

Dr. Walden has received four- and five-star ratings on Real Self reviews. This includes every category from bedside manner to follow-up to payment process. Dr. Walden is truly a leader in the field of plastic surgery. She has shown nothing but enthusiasm and passion since the beginning of her career and she is not about to stop now.

Top Reasons Why Gold Is A Great Investment

Investing in gold is a great idea, and there are many reasons why gold is a good investment. Below are a few reasons why.

It Performs Well Under Pressure
One of the best things about gold is that it is resilient, especially during challenging times. In other words, in tends to perform well under pressure, which includes things such as a financial and economic crisis. Also, let’s not forget to mentioned that gold has no credit risk, which is not the case with many stocks or bonds.

Always In High Demand
It always seems that gold outstrips supply and this will likely be the way it is for the foreseeable future. This is a good thing and it is another reason why you should invest in gold.

It Can Protect The Value Of Money
Unlike money, gold cannot be printed at any given time, and this is because it is a tangible asset. Long story short, this means that gold protects against inflation, as well as the devaluation of currencies .

Buying Gold Is Easy
Another reason why investing in gold is a good idea is because it is quite easy to buy. There are a lot of different companies that specialize in selling gold to investors, but some companies are better than other companies. However, there is a great company that stands out of the crowd and that company is US Money Reserve.

About US Money Reserve
As previously mentioned, US Money Reserve is a company that sells gold. They carry various gold coins, and the company was founded by gold market experts. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that US Money Reserve is one of the largest gold distributors in the entire country, and they have worked with thousands of people.

The only thing you need to do now is contact US Money Reserve and invest in some gold today.