6 Things You Didn’t Know About Investment Bankers

Ken Griffin of valuewalk is a common name that will always come up when discussing matters finance and investments. He has over the past 30 years started a Citadel Hedge Fund and led it to achieve international standards. It currently falls among the largest and most reputable hedge funds in the world.

What most people know about Ken Griffin are his achievements, especially in association with Citadel. The fact that he is the sitting president of the company and how he has grown the company from concept to international status is proof enough of his success. However, this article seeks to explore a host of other new and amazing things that you didn’t know about Ken Griffin.

o His Early life and Education;

Despite his acclaimed residence in Chicago, Kenneth was actually born in Daytona Beach, Florida. He was born in 1968, and it is here that he spent much of his early life and school. He, however, graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Havard University in 1989. It is here that his entrepreneurial spirit was born.

o How did he start-up;

Griffin was an investor in the making since his early life. This came to manifest when he joined campus where he was exposed to money markets. During his second year at Harvard, he started his first hedge fund investing in convertible bonds. His first investment capital amount was slightly above $200,000 raised from everyone around him; Family and friends including his grandmother.

When this became a success, he sought another fund almost $1 million which he also invested. Upon graduation, a certain investor; Franc Meyer gave him additional $1 million to invest on his behalf. In a span of two years, using this and his earlier funds, he had accumulated over $4 million which he used to start Citadel Hedge Fund.

o His love to give;

Griffin is an extremely generous man and is contributing to charity and community-based development projects. He at one time contributed over $11 million for the reconstruction of the church where he worships. Just recently he contributed $150 million to the Harvard University to the department that deals with the need students.

o His interest in politics;

Though Griffin is not an active politician, he has a deep interest in politics viewing it as the make or break tool to a nation’s economy. He has therefore continually funded campaigns for whoever he feels better represents the people.

o Leadership and international bodies:

Apart from being president of Citadel, Griffin also sits on many other national and international Boards and organizations. Among them include being the vice president of Chicago Public Fund Board. He is also a member of the G100, a group of 100 international CEOs that meet annually to discuss world economics.

o His Love for art:

This is interesting. Griffin is among the world’s leading art buyers and enthusiasts. In 2006, he was reported to have bought a piece of art from David Geffen for $80 million

Slyce: Point, Shoot, & Shop

When Amazon came out with a feature on some of its latest technology that allowed shoppers to point their device at an item and immediately shop for it, consumers were all giddy. However, there are some limitations to this feature, such as products need to be in their original packing in order for the technology to recognize it. Amazon’s technology is a great concept, however, someone has managed to make it a whole lot better.

Introducing visual search through Slyce. Slyce, for those who are not already using their technology, is a start-up company out of Toronto. They are one of the top companies in the filed of visual search and recognition field. Slyce has taken Amazon’s concept in making the shopping experience for shoppers faster and more convenient and made it better.

Thanks to a lot of money that the company has managed to raise and to the purchase of Pounce, Slyce has been able to make the shopping experience even better. One of the main differences between what Slyce has done and Amazon is that there is no longer a packaging problem. Slyce’s technology is able to recognize a product without it being in its original package. It can recognize product no matter where it is which is a big plus for retailers and the consumer. Another plus to Slyce is that once a person scans an item, that item can be bought immediately.

Slyce, however, does not want to stop there. They want to advance on this idea by allowing consumers to be able to scan items and create gift registries. This will allow people to create a list that is complied of products from a variety of stores. To take this concept even a step further, Slyce wants its users to be able to receive coupons for those items which they scanned. They are going to raise the bar of shopping to a whole new standard.

Women Management Expanding in Male-Centric Marketplaces

In more and more industries, women are proving their worth in the workplace. Just a few short years ago, it was unheard of for a woman to be in a position of management in a major corporation. Even though times have changed, in many cases, business is still an old boys club. But more and more, women are coming to the forefront, showing that their intellect and know how are valuable commodities in an ever-changing marketplace.

Women can no longer be considered trailblazers. Thanks to the increasing opportunities for women in all areas of business, more and more leadership roles are being taken by women. As women continue their march toward the equality, more and more businesses are experiencing the advantage of utilizing women in lead roles. What was once considered a pipe dream has now become a reality.

Many of the largest companies in America now have women in executive roles like Susan McGalla. According to many statistics, businesses that have women in key roles tend to do better as a business with women in those choice roles. While this is a telling statistic, in many cases, large business actuality has a stark shortage of women in leadership positions. According to some accounts, less than 3% of all startups have a woman on their executive staff. And of all the startups in America, less than 1% are startups that begin with women at the helm.

However, things are changing in the American business climate. More and more, women especially Susan McGalla are showing their worth and skill sets, not only proving their value and talent, but also driving enterprises to new levels of profit and productivity. These choice women usually come from an extensive business background and have used their experience and knowledge to gain a foothold in the corporate world.

Women like Susan McGalla have been proving their value in the business marketplace for years. McGalla has an extensive leadership history, having led some of the largest companies in America. At one point, McGalla held the title of president of American Eagle Outfitters, as well as the CEO of Wet Seal, a surf-centered clothing company. She currently serves as Director for Strategic Planning and Growth for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers organization. Her prior endeavors have led to continued growth and profitability for the companies she has served on.

McGalla is just one example of how women are taking the corporate world by storm. The continuing advances of women in the marketplace is and a sure indicator of future strides towards equality, growth, and overall corporate profitability.

Listening to Wirth’s Positive Approach

The current draught has hit California is a great tragedy to many resorts in the area but not so for Squaw Valley. Recently tuned in to listen to the KCRW’s Press Play program to listen to Andy Wirth the CEO and president of the resort who sounded quite optimistic about the current situation. Andy Wirth joined the resort to head it to the great enterprise it is today five years ago. Wirth is a guru in the hospitality industry and his acumen is recognized all in areas in the business. The Squaw Valley resort has been on the rise since Wirth took over its leadership and today the business is doing very well. Due to this, Wirth has won enough awards for his participation in the industry and his innovative mind.

As I listened to the interview, I was keen to notice how composed the hotelier was while answering his questions. He was being interviewed by Madeline Brand and one could easily pick up his confidence in the market and the industry as a whole. While other resorts are closing down and worrying about the profitability of their businesses, Wirth remained positive that business will still be good. He was quick to admit that the drought has drastically reduce the amount of snowfall and this is not good for the skiing business. However, he was adamant that the situation is not as dire as it seems.

While admitting that the current low levels of snowfall have affected the industry, Wirth maintains that Squaw Valley resort has been profitable amidst all this. His positive approach to the issue is probably the reason why Squaw Valley resort is doing very well in a market hit by natural limitations. Skiing depends greatly on snowfalls and the drought in California has not been making the situation any easier. However, Wirth with his skills and experience in the market sees no cause for panic. Just like a professional and a great entrepreneur, he sees other options that can be pursued to harness the market’s potential.

Wirth is a very positive individual and this has made him a successful investor in the market. Instead of looking at the problems that the current drought poses, he has a solution already for the situation. Wirth proposes intends to pursue the manmade snow option to satisfy the skiing need of his clients. He admits that the low levels of snowfalls have reduced the amount of acreage that the resort offers for skiing activities but he remains adamant that this can be compensated by manmade snow. According to him, the drought presents his business with an opportunity rather than the challenge that other are foreseeing.it was amazing to listen to Wirth and to hear his positive breath in the midst of possible tribulations business wise.

How Kyle Bass Has Continued To Tarnish His Name Day After Day

Kyle Bass is the principal and founder of Hayman Capital Management, a hedge-capital firm based in Dallas. He came into the limelight when he made millions by predicting the 2008 mortgage crisis. For a period, people thought he was a super genius who could hardly make a mistake. In the year 2001, he got nominated for his direction and for writing the script for The Sixth Sense. He was undoubtedly gifted in the sense that he could make achievements in both the financial and entertainment worlds. However, as time passed, this perception started to change slowly in many people.

The magic touch he once possessed is surely gone for good. Synonymous to a movie maker who makes pathetic movies one after the other, he has been on a devastating trend of making bad calls one after the other. The most wrong thing with his is the fact that he has done that in the full glare of the public and media cameras. He has been hopping from one television station offering unprofessional analysis that instead of building his profile and reputation, does the complete opposite.

UsefulStooges said he has also found himself making the wrong choice of acquaintances. One such close friend is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, an Argentinian, who is considered illiterate by many economists. When many people think that Cristina has made grave mistakes that have cost her country economically, he has been going round singing praises for her. His company has also been embroiled in some unprofessional activities that have not done it and himself any good. Instead of picking up his sleeves and trying to amend, Bass has been quick to rush into other unethical quick money making schemes.

He is the mastermind behind a scheme where he makes pharmaceutical companies suffer while he laughs all the way to the bank. The scheme involves picking up a company, short-selling its stock and then rushing to challenge one of its patents through the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which he formed precisely for this sole purpose. For a man who made his money through suing anyone within reach, he does not care if this scheme makes patients who depend on the drugs whose patents he is challenging suffer provided he makes a buck.

To make matters worse, he has even blatantly admitted that the move is all about making money and not necessarily tailored for the welfare of the society. Government agencies have also been quick to challenge his move, and some are considering sanctioning him. Some pharmaceutical companies have also challenged the same move, and it is expected to drive his ‘professional’ career further down the pit. Only time will tell if he will have another chance to embarrass himself in an attempt to bring down others.

How To Choose The Best Online Advertising Campaign

Do you market products or services to the Brazilian market? Are you looking for a reliable advertising agency or the best online advertising campaign to reach your target audience? Online advertising is a proven way to reach a wider audience. Many businesses and individual professionals use online advertising on a regular basis, and have built a strong customer base. If you sell to consumers in Brazil, you can place ads online that target this market, and build your business.

Choosing the best online ad campaign is all about doing your research and finding the right ad for your target audience or market. Although Cypress Associates says it might appear that broad advertising is a reliable way to get customers or clients any business, targeted online ad campaigns are the better approach. Market research can help determine where the best online ad campaign for a particular product or business might be targeted and in some cases even how to effectively reach that audience. Making choices based on adequate research is the correct way to perform any online advertising campaign.

Generally, an established business will not choose an online ad campaign directly, but will choose an advertising agency or consultant who will handle the creation of the campaign. Reviewing past campaigns is a great way to determine the quality of service and can help in choosing an advertising consultant who will effectively handle an online campaign for you. In addition to asking for past work, you also need to be satisfied with the pitch the advertising agency or consultant provides.

If you prefer, you can create your online advertising campaign without hiring professional service. In this case, you’ll be choosing from a variety of ad formats such as banners, text ads, or viral marketing. And you can utilize any available online tool, including advertising on social networking websites, posting videos, and making websites. Which strategy will be appropriate depends on the product, service or business being advertised.

Claudio Loureiro Heads founded the Heads Propaganda over two decades ago, and is currently the chairman of the company. Heads Propaganda is one of the largest advertising agencies in the industry. After solidifying in Curitiba, he decided to expand the business to other locations. Currently, Heads Propaganda has four offices in Brazil: Curitiba, São Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. Claudio Loureiro Heads has achieved great success in the advertising industry, and is well respected by his peers, clients and other professionals.

The Nature of Economists’ Work

Economists are professionals like Christian Broda who study the diverse ways in which individuals utilize scarce resources such as machinery, raw materials, labor, and land to produce goods and services. They conduct researches, analyze the data gathered, develop forecasts and monitor economic trends. The research focuses on issues such as interest rates, rents, employment, inflation, energy costs, and imports. They also examine the benefits and costs of consuming and distributing goods and services.

Economist’s job is concerned with the application of economic policies in areas such as transportation, the environment, finance, real estate, health, natural resources, agriculture, and energy. They use their knowledge of economic relationships to guide insurance firms, business companies, security firms, trade and industry associations, banks and others. Economists who are mainly theoreticians employ mathematical models to come up with theories of business inflation and cycles, or the impacts of tax legislation and unemployment.

They develop procedures for obtaining the information they require depending on the issue under investigation. For instance, the sampling method is employed in surveying while econometric modeling methods used to create forecasts. Preparation of reports is an essential activity for any economist. He/she may be required to examine and analyze the relevant information, prepare charts and tables, and write a compressive report for the result in a clear and concise language. Economists whose research is policy directed should possess the ability to present statistical and economic concepts in a meaningful manner.

Working Conditions for Economists
Economists working in government offices appraise the economic situation of the state and assess the economic effect of any changes made in public or legislation policy. For instance, they may study the fluctuation of the country’s currency against foreign exchange or the reserve currency and the effect on the export and import markets. Majority of economists in the government are placed in transportation, urban economics, finance, international agriculture trade, or utility sector.

For instance, in the United States, the economists in the government agencies examine the domestic manufacture, consumption and distribution of services and commodities. Those that work for Fed assemble reports that help in enforcing federal statutes, which eliminate monopolistic and deceptive practices in the Bureau of Labor and Commerce. An economist working for the local government prepares reports on local business, trade, employment, commercial growth, trends in the labor force, and industrial projects. They work under strict deadlines and schedules and sometimes may work overtime.

Christian Broda
Christian Broda is a columnist and an economist by profession. He is a university graduate from San Andreas in Argentina. He had worked as a tutor at the University of Chicago before he started trading with Capital Management Investment. He focuses on international finance and trading topics in his writings. He has presented several economic findings to different institutions like universities and financial institutions. Also, he has worked with the Bank of Japan as well as the IMF.

Christian Broda on the United States Dollar

In 2004, economic analysts reported that the Bank of Japan would collapse. Due to the poor decisions made internally, the bank was seen to be on the verge of collapse. It would have detrimental repercussions on the Japanese Yen. According to analysts, the bank would be no more in a period less than five years. However, some economist dismissed the news, and stated that the bank would be back on its feet in due time. According to Christian Broda, the Bank of Japan had the expertise, and potential to beat the “analysts’ curse.”
First forward to 2014, a majority of economist including US-based ones, sent controversial reports to newsrooms. In the statements, the economists find fault in the policies being made by the federal bank. In fact, they have stated that the causes of the global financial crisis are beginning to emerge. However, established economists, like Christian, have disregarded the claims noting that emerging markets are in a worse position. According to Christian, the developing countries and emerging markets are making more mistakes than the United States. The US has taken the lesson of the past, and aims and bettering its decision making. The blunders by those markets are giving the US dollar a favorable edge.
Christian Broda is a Sao Paul born economist. He does research on economic markets and international currency relations. His work is viewed with the high regard due to the constructive arguments he makes. In fact, he has been right most of the time he presents his analysis. Broda is an economics professor at the University of Chicago, and continues to work closely with other organizations. Additionally, Broda is the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management.
The fund managers, market watchers, and cutting edge economists have proposed that the government should stop looking the currency supremacy, and handle the reality of the existing public debt. To them, the war to maintain the US currency dominance is already lost. Therefore, they propose that the government focuses on more fundamental issues. Broda and fellow economist have disagreed with the idea by Chinese economist, Justin Lin, that there should be efforts to have a unanimous currency. To Justin, it is better than using a single county’s money. He continues to say that it is a measure to avoid fluctuations in the currency markets.
Broda’s work has been favorable to many organizations. In 2009, against all odds, he predicted that inflation would remain at all-time low levels in the US. In spite of the fact that other economists were disagreeing with his work, the inflation rate maintained at below five percent. Broda has continued to gain fame as an established economist and professor. His work is published in the International Journal of Economics and the American Economic Review.

Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero

Highland Capital Management is one of the biggest and most experienced investment advisers in the world. It was founded in 1993. The firm, together with its affiliates, boasts of around $21 billion worth of assets under its management. It serves a wide range of clients including foundations, corporations, public pension plans, governments, financial institutions, endowments, public pension plans, funds of funds, and high-net individuals. The firm’s headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, but it also has offices in Singapore, Seoul and New York. Its products include Institutional separate accounts, mutual funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, CLOs, REIFTs and ETFs.

The co-founder and current President of Highland Capital Management is James Dondero. His responsibilities include determination and execution of Highland’s strategic investment and operational initiatives. James’s experience in credit markets spans over three decades. Serving as the Chief Investment Officer in Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary between 1989 and 1993, he oversaw its growth from concept to over $2 billion. Between 1985 and 1989, he was managing around $1 billion for American Express in terms of fixed income.

The Certified Managerial Accountant graduated, with high honors, from the University of Virginia with a BS in Commerce specializing in Accounting and Finance, and has the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. He also participated in and completed a financial training program at JP Morgan. He has experience in Leverage bank loans, mortgage-backed securities, emerging market debt, investment grade corporate, high-yield bonds, common stocks, preferred stocks and derivatives.

Currently, he has been the President of NexPoint Capital, Inc since 2014 and the President of Nexpoint Multifamily Realty Trust, Inc. since February the same year. He is the Chairman and Director at NexBank SSB. Since February 3, 2006, he has served as the Chairman of Highland Financial Partners. Since July 2001, He has acted as Chairman and Director of Prospect Street Income Shares Inc. He is the current Chairman for CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare Group and Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding, Inc. He has been a Director of American Banknote Corporation from October 2002, NeighborCare, Inc. from October 2, 2001, TerreStar Corporation from July 2002, Safety-Kleen, Inc. from February 2010, Prospect Street High Income Portfolio Inc. from January 2000, and Leap Wireless International Inc. between August 2004 and 10th September 2007. He is also a Director at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and MGM Holdings Inc.

Besides management, James Dondero is also a philanthropist. He has supported initiatives in education, public policy and veteran affairs.

Brian Bonar: Multi-Talented Businessman And Entrepreneur

Brian Bonar knows finance. He is also an experienced entrepreneur. He has created and worked with a wide range of successful companies. Whether they need help finding funding, restructuring, starting a company, or improving their marketing, companies reach out to Bonar. He has held high level positions with companies on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. He has worked in printing, hardware and software development, imaging technology, sales, employment services, financial services, and more. His work in the UK has led to him being given the honorary title Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff.

Brian Bonar earned a BSC inform Strathclyde University in Glasgow Scotland in Mechanical Engineer. He also holds both a Master’s in Business Administration and a PhD in from Stafford University in England in International Business Development. After graduation he worked for IBM in the UK for almost 20 years. After leaving IBM he took a position as director of engineering with QMS where he managed engineers working on hardware and software development for more than 4 years. Next Bonar became Vice President Sales and Marketing for the Rastek Corporation where he was in charge of selling printing technology worldwide.

After 4 years at Rastek, Bonar he became sales manager for Adaptec. His job entailed creating and maintaining contacts with printer manufacturers from Japan and Korea. In 1994 he founded Bezier System and became its CEO. He used the company to create a printer using SCSI technology. Bonar then worked as Vice President Sales and Marketing for itec imaging technologies and President of Allegiant Professional Business Services. He also founded AMS Outsourcing, and was CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services, and Trucept insurance products and temporary staffing services in San Diego CA simultaneously. Brian Bonar is a hard working man.

What makes Brian Bonar unique is his ability to run numerous companies at the same time, do business in places as different as Japan, the UK, the Czech Republic, and Mexico, and the wide range of skills he possesses. He has expertise in private equity, sourcing, recruiting, restructuring, turn around management, process improvement, employee relations, marketing strategy, mergers & acquisitions, and new business development. For over 30 years he has helped companies large and small to find success through his connections and his varied experiences.

But Bonar is more than just an engineer and businessman. He also cares deeply about the people and community with which he works. He gives generously of his time to several local organizations. He serves on the board of directors of numerous companies. One of the organizations he feels particularly close to is the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego. It gives him yet another great opportunity to give back to the community that has supported him.