CEDC Is Leading The Charge In Newark’s Growth

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is a state run development group that oversees attracting, growing and maintaining businesses in the over 20 diverse neighborhoods. Founded in 2007, the organization regrouped and 2014 to enhance economic growth. The city of Newark is the CEDC’s sole client. They also work in conjuction with the Department of Economic Development to create more opportunities for its citizens.

Flickr shows the CEDC offers a number of programs including industry focus, neighborhood development, small business development and real estate. The CEDC places a great deal of emphasis on business development. The offer standard loans, microloans and other entrepreneural services such as credit score improvement and business plan assistance.

Newly hired leader Kevin Seawright previously worked at Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement as the Managing Fiscal Officer. This position allowed Seawright to save the city several thousands of dollars by implementing a new accounting system. He offered his financial expertise at a number of government offices including the Baltimore Housing Authority, Department of Housing and Community Development and for the Department of Recreation and Parks.

While in Newark, Seawright hopes to sustain community growth, as well as increase employment opportunities and services for small business owners. Seawright is hoping that his strategic vision and willingness to achieve will be instrumental in Newark’s continue progress.

Alexei Beltyukov: An Angel Willing to Help

Alexei Beltyukov started to study medicine, but then decided to pursue business and received his MBA at INSEAD Business School. A true entrepreneur, he has launched several successful businesses including A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies and Mechanicus. He has led projects in transportation including a venture in rail car leasing, known as Brunswick Rail. Two years ago (2013), he formed Endemic Capital in Russia as a resource to provide angel investing for Russian start-up companies.


As an angel investor, Beltyukov not only provides financial backing and capital needed to begin a business, but may provide advice and guidance as well. Angel investors are usually family or friends, not just uninterested lenders. They see the personal value and purpose behind the business and they want to see it succeed. It may be money to jumpstart a business, or it can be ongoing support to help the company get through a tough spot.
Investing his own money, Alexi Beltyukov also provides counsel where needed to the company. Angel investments can be high-risk, so he looks for a great team and a good market. The outcome is always desired profit and productivity, but Beltyukov mostly wants to see the business succeed.


Beltyukov is a committed humanitarian. Several organizations, such as A-Ventures Ltd and Skolkovo Foundation, have been formed to help other Russians looking to start businesses, or attend business school. A-Ventures Ltd was founded to help Russian businesses with underperforming assets.


As Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation, Beltyukov helps provide economic guidance and support through grants for startups and entrepreneurs who want to expand their prospects throughout Russia. He also helped establish an alumni scholarship from his alma mater, INSEAD University, which provides support to students accepted into the University. The long-term goal is to see recipients return to Russia or the Ukraine and be successful there. So far, seven have done just that.


Beltyukov is an “angel” in more than one way. Seeking to help students and teachers alike, he introduced SOLVY in the San Francisco Bay area this past April. SOLVY is an online homework space for high school students which allows teachers to create and administer customized homework assignments. Launchingnext.com listed it as “One of the World’s Most Promising Startups.” Beltyukov hopes to make it a household term in math education.

Dollar denominated investments are still the way to go

The largest stimulus in the history of the United States is over and the federal government’s quantitative easing plan that added trillions of dollars to the budget ended almost a year ago.

Some economists, like Justin Yifu Lin, believe that the American dollar is the cause of world wide financial instability. Lin is a professor at the University of Peking and gives financial advice to the Chinese government, and believes that there should be a single global currency used by many countries including the U.S.

Not all economist believe that the American dollar will fail in its supremacy. Christian Broda is an economist and a financial professional. He is the managing director with Duquesne Capital Management, located in New York. Formally a professor at the University of Chicago,and former head of International Research at Lehman/Barclays Capital, he is currently an associate editor of the Journal of Development Economics, a member of the editorial board of the International Monetary Fund,(IMF), Economic Review and has written numerous academic papers published with The National Bureau of Economic Research.

Brodi believes that investors should remain in dollar sparked investments, he does not believe that the federal government’s plan to opt out of quantitative easing means that the American dollar will lose its value. He correctly predicted, unlike many economists, that the quantitative easing plan would not create inflation.

Eswar Prasad,the Tolani senior professor of trade policy at Cornell University and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution,agrees with Brodi. Prasad believes that emerging foreign markets are in need of foreign exchange reserves, which are held in government bonds because their financial markets are shallow. They are more vulnerable to capital flow variation at high levels and look for the safety that can be found in foreign exchange reserves like the United States.

The IMF predicts that the American economy will grow by 3.6 percent this year. With the changes that are taking place in regards to financial policies in the U.S. and other foreign banks loosening up on their monetary policies, investors will make higher gains on dollar sparked investments.

Why Choosing An Economist Like Christian Broda Matters

An economist is someone that has received special training in the discipline of economics. Professionals in this social science discipline engage in the study, development, and application of economic concepts and theories. Many economists are also involved in writing about policies related to economics. In academia, for a person to be called an economist they must have a Ph.D. in economics, have published literature in the field, and teach economic science.

Economics is a very broad field. It can be broken up into many subsections. They include mathematical economics, financial economics, micro economics, macro economics, and many others. Professional economists use financial statement analysis, financial economics, economic computational models, econometrics, statistics, and many other tools to study the minutiae of specific markets and expound on broad philosophical theories in the field. They also employ a wide range of analytical methods and tools to gain insight into the state and future of specific regional, national, or international economies.

Many of the major universities are involved in the teaching of economics. Some of those universities have faculty, departments, or schools dedicated to economics and award degrees including Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and PhDs in economics. There are also a number of prominent economists that come into the field with backgrounds in business, law, political science, mathematics, history, or sociology. This enables them to bring unique perspectives to the study of economics. Their input has helped to shape economic policy for cities, states, and countries worldwide.

One well respected economist is Christian Broda. The managing director of Duquesne Capital Management in New York, Broda is well known for his groundbreaking research, writing, and teaching about economics. His unique insights on trade elasticities and other important concepts in economics have made his advice and guidance invaluable to many organizations and businesses. Broda has a solid educational background. He earned his undergraduate economics degree at Argentina’s Universidad de San Andres. He then studied for his masters and PhD from MIT. Broda’s services are now in great demand in private industry, government, and academia.

Economists like Christian Broda play an important role. Their study and analysis of data and statistics enables them to spot economic trends and help individuals, companies, and countries prepare to take advantage of them. Good economists can be found in academia, administration, banking, commerce, and finance. Consulting an economist before taking major actions has saved the jobs of many a businessman and statesman.

Academia and business combine in the career of Christian Broda

Dr. Christian Broda may not be a name that many of the general public have heard of, but the tenured professor from the University of Chicago has a great influence over the investments each of us make. Broda is working to create a high quality and varied career that has taken in some of the top colleges in North America and has brought in real world experience through his work with some of the top financial companies around the globe. Broda is also well known as an editor and journalist who has been published in some of the top financial and scientific journals around.

Christian Broda is in a unique position to examine the economies of the world as he began his training in Argentina at the Universidad de San Andres before continuing his studies at MIT. The completion of his Ph.D. at MIT came as Broda continued his work as an editor for a number of college based publications, an area of interest he has continued with his writing and editing for publications, including the Journal of Development Economics and the IMF Economics Review. The writings of Christian Broda see him take on a variety of different areas of financial research, including those in developing economies and global financial issues.

In his research and practical work Broda has seen his skills and experience rewarded by a series of appointments to some of the top companies in the world. Whilst working as a professor at the University of Chicago Broda was rewarded with a tenured position he accepted in 2008 as he was rewarded for the high number of articles and books published on global finance. Unlike many academics Broda has maintained a strong link to many of the world’s top financial institutions, which has meant the professor has continued to work with many high profile companies. Broda has brought his skills and experience to the global banking giant Barclays and Duquense Capital Management.

What Makes Handy a Great Cleaning Company

I know that there are many factors that go into any company, and that there are many things that can affect the greatness of a company. Not every company is going to make it or succeed, and not all who try can run a great company. There are ways that a company can become great, and there are factors to a company’s greatness. When I am looking for a company that will serve me well, I look for a company like Handy. When I am trying to find a company that I feel is worthy of success, I look to a company like Handy.

Why do I choose Handy as one of the great cleaning companies out there? What does this company have to offer? Why is this company worthy of success? Handy is exactly what the company’s name implies. When I am looking for a company that really cares about me and my needs, that company needs to be convenient. I live a busy life, as most people do, and I need to find a company that knows that. I need to get help from a company that understands the busyness that my life includes, In today’s world, a company that is hoping to succeed needs to work hard to meet the needs of individuals, and one of the greatest needs that individuals have is the need for convenience.

Handy offers their cleaning services at the tap of a phone. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that. When someone is looking to have a cleaning company come to their home and help them out with all of the cleaning that they need done, they can accept the help that Handy offers through the use of their phone. Through a simple and easy process, individuals can quickly receive the kind of cleaning help that they are looking for. Handy knows how to be successful, and this company knows how to meet the needs of individuals. This company offers much needed help in a way that is very simple.

Joseph Bismark: Marriage of Spirituality and Business

One thing that is common in business is mergers. Many companies merge together due to either a partnership or one company buying out the other company. In many cases, one company policy dominates the other. It is not as common for concepts to merge together. One such merger of concepts that has occurred is spirituality and business marketing, according to an article I read on the WordPress blog under the name of We Don’t Love These Hogues. This merger has occurred thanks to Joseph Bismark. For many people, this merger is quite surprising and strange. However, when one reads more about Joseph Bismark as I did, he will understand how that came about.

Joseph Bismark has merged these two concepts together in order to bring out a dynamic way of running business. He has also shown some of the non-believers that business and spirituality can be merged successfully. This has brought forth a level of success that many people did not figure was possible. Joseph Bismark has achieved this successful run of business due to his assertiveness and diligence in marketing. As a result, he has won the approval of many people globally. He has also inspired many people who have dealt with him and have read about him.

His success can be traced back to when he was nine. He has spent almost ten years in the mountains as a monk where he learned some of the most valuable lessons about life. He has learned the value of mindfulness, humility and spirituality. He has spent a lot of time in meditation until he has reached enlightenment. He has also discovered his true purpose which is to help others realize their true potential and purpose. He has also figured out a way to generate income with this pursuit. He started several businesses with the purpose of bringing out the best in every aspect of others lives.

Madison Street Capital: Elite Investment Bank

An investment bank is a large fund that manages their clients assets in order to protect against taxes and earn a high rate of return. There are a variety of different investment bank options out there today, and there are many people that owe a large percentage of their wealth gains over the past couple of years to the investment banks that they work with. A good investment bank should be open about how they plan to trade and invest the assets of their clients. There have been many cases of investment banks mishandling the funds of clients in the past. This is one of the reasons that it is so vital for a good investment bank to be transparent with their clients about what they are doing with the funds they have in house. One of the best investment banks is located in Chicago and is called Madison Street Capital. With decades of experience in the investment banking world, Madison Street Capital understands what their clients want out of an investment bank and how to bring value to everyone that they come in to contact with. Here are some other important traits that a good investment bank like Madison Street Capital should have.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment bank that has been in business for decades. They have always taken a client centered approach where they want to educate and teach their clients about the inner working of finance. This is important for Madison Street Capital because they want to invest in their clients like their clients invest in them. There are many ways in which Madison Street Capital has helped to teach out the inner workings of finance to their clients. In addition, Madison Street Capital takes it seriously that they have people that have entrusted their life’s work to them. This is one of the reasons they are so popular in the United States.

Rate of Return

At the end of the day, an investment bank should be having a high rate of return on the assets that they manage. One of the best aspects of Madison Street Capital (Facebook) is the fact that they have beat the market so often. There are many investment banks and hedge funds that have not done so over the past couple of years. This is not a good thing for clients as they are paying them in order to earn a high rate of return. It is important that an investment bank do their best to earn a high rate of return over time against the market. Finally, Madison Street Capital (Youtube) is successful because they put the interest of clients above their own.

Eucatex Product Offerings, Mission and Certifications


Eucatex offers a wide variety of products. Those products include flooring, paint, doors, panels, cardboard, eucalyptus seedlings, and wall partitions. Eucatex was created in 1951 in Sao Paulo Brazil. Over the past six decades, they have expanded their locations to have offices in several different areas.

In 2011 when they celebrated their 60-year anniversary they were exporting product to 37 countries worldwide. The mission of Eucatex is “used natural resources in a sustainable manner to generate highly productive renewable forests, with competitive cost, promoting social growth.” Their values are based on the human nature, teamwork, commitment, justice, creativity and entrepreneurship. Knowing the importance of the environment Eucatex helps to contribute to conservation, mainly of the forest. They do so through investing in the reuse of wood residue and reducing pollution in the environment.

The Eucatex recycling program uses this residue for an energy source. The types of material they can recycle for using include pallets, building rubble and parts and pieces of wood. Eucatex has received several different certifications including the ISO 9001, the ISO 14001 and the FSC Green Label Certification. Eucatex has invested in the land so that they can self-sustain the company in the raw materials that they use in production.

The president of Eucatex is Flavio Maluf. Flavio is part of the Maluf family which is the parent company of Eucatex. Flavio Maluf is also the president of Grandfood. Flavio was born in 1961 in Sao Paulo Brazil. His full-time occupation is a lawyer. His father is Paulo Maluf. the 25th Governor of São Paulo. Flavio graduated from the FAAP and is an entrepreneur and mechanical engineer.

Dr. Walden’s Career

Jennifer Lee Walden is an American doctor who specializes in plastic surgery. Due to her beauty and expertise, she has expanded her career to include media commentating and academics as well. Her success as a plastic surgeon lead her to found Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC, an Austin, Texas based private surgery center. 

Throughout her career, Dr. Walden has accumulated various prestigious rewards. In December of 2014, she was recognized as a Texas Super Doctor. Super Doctors are specialty medical physicians who have achieved a high degree of accomplishment and professionalism. This list is very selective, highlighting the consumer satisfaction and professional respect that Texas has for Dr. Walden’s plastic surgery practices. 

Dr. Walden’s practice philosophy is centered on promoting health and safety by enhancing the body through a personalized and comprehensive cosmetic surgery. Aging is inevitable, but with Dr. Walden focuses on matching the outer beauty to the beauty inside each of her individual patients. Her office and employees provide professional consultation on the sensitive subject of body enhancements, creating a supportive environment that fosters comfortable and informative decision making. Dr. Walden want to help patients feel their best, look their best and be satisfied with the results of her surgeries.

The services Dr. Walden’s surgical centers provide vary. They include surgery to breast, neck, belly and other areas, as well as skin repairs and enhancement procedures. The innovative collagen pen is one of the services her centers are reputable for. These laser pens are less aggressive than traditional skin healing methods. There is less recovery time and damage from the collage pen, allowing the body to heal naturally and quickly.

Dr. Walden’s Texas based surgical center does not cater to locals alone. Fly-In Programs are promoted to help those who are not residents of Texas to achieve the aesthetic desires that they have. It is simple as sending an email request, flying in, having a brief consultation, the desired procedure and short recovery term following. These world-renowned procedures are some of the safest and satisfactory practices offered. Dr. Walden has appeared on CBS, ABC and Fox News promoting her wonderful life-changing procedures. 

Dr. Walden is the happy mother of twin sons, but still continues her private business practices. Her philanthropy work is exceptional, expanding across the country in various ways. She leads the world in cosmetic surgery as not only an expert and plastic surgeon, but voted as one of 2014’s Best Beauty Surgeons.