Eric Pulier: Entrepreneur with a heart for Philanthropy

Eric Pulier was born and raised in New Jersey. He got involved with computers at a young age, and when he was in high school, he founded a database company. He studied at Bachelor of Arts at Harvard and in 1988 he graduated top of his class. At Harvard, he was an editor of the Harvard Crimson and wrote a weekly column for the paper. He also took some classes in Computer Science at MIT while still at school.

6 years after finishing school, he founded an interactive agency called Digital Evolution which later merged with US Interactive Inc four years later and would result in him becoming Chairman of the company. He has gone on to found a number of companies including Akana(formerly known as SOA software), Desktone, which deals in developing virtual desktops, Media Platform, Inc and ServiceMesh, Inc.

Mr. Pulier’s career has, for the most part, involved him working in enterprise technology, healthcare, and government.His most recognized achievement to date is the “The Bridge to the 21st Century” Exhibition, which he was selected to oversee by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in 1997. Mr. Pulier practically became the face of the event that showcased innovations in health care, education, entertainment and space exploration. The event was a huge success and in a surprise climax, Mr. Pulier facilitated communication with astronauts in the Space Shuttle through a live feed.

After the exhibition, he went on to work alongside Al Gore in health and technology committees.
Eric Pulier has devoted most of his life to philanthropy and helping out in the community. Pulier was at the forefront of developing and advocating for the use and rollout of Starbright World, a social network for chronically ill patients. Through personal funds and donors such as Paul Allen and Intel, Pulier was able to make the concept a reality. Stephen Spielberg was the Chairman of the foundation and worked closely with Pulier on the project. The program was present in over 70 hospitals and included real-time video conferencing and supported virtual interaction.

Mr. Pulier also started Starlight Diabetes, a game dedicated to help kids with diabetes learn more about the disease and how to deal with it from a young age. It was a pioneer in its field, and many more games have come after it that help people learn about diseases in a fun way.

Pulier has served on the boards of a number of organizations including the Centre for
Telecommunications Management(CTM) at the USC Marshall school. He also serves on the innovation board of the X-Prize foundation, an organization that seeks to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.
As of May 2015, Mr. Pulier became the CEO of Stemulis.

Kenneth Griffin is a Successful Hedge Fund Investor and One of the Richest Men in America

Ken Griffin is an American hedge fund manager born October 15, 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida. He attended Harvard University where in his freshman year he read an article in Forbes magazine that inspired him so much he began to invest. While in his sophomore year at Harvard he invested in his first hedge fund. A hedge fund is where a limited number of investors use high risk methods in the hopes of gaining large capital gains. Griffin’s fund gained $265,000 and was invested in by money he received from family and friends.

Griffin set up link in his Harvard dorm room so he was able to obtain real-time market updates which paid off for him as he saved capital stock during the crash in 1987. His success during these years allowed for the set-up of a second hedge fund and had him managing over $1 million between the two funds. When Griffin graduated from Harvard in 1989 he received his degree in economics.

Kenneth Griffin’s first large investment after he graduated came from Frank C. Meyer, founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. Frank provided Kenneth with $1 million to invest and he surprised him by gaining a 70 percent return on the money. He went on to become the founder of Citadel, a global investment firm the following year. By mid-2015 this company had an estimated $25 billion in investment capital, and is ranked one of the largest and most successful hedge funds around the globe.

Griffin has now been in the investment industry for more than twenty years and has appeared in the Forbes magazine many times. In 2003 he appeared for the first time being cited in the Forbes 400 with an estimated $650 million net worth. By the following year he was listed as the eighth richest man in America. He increased his wealth to an estimated $5.5 billion by 2014.

Griffin has shared his success by making large donations to various organizations. He has a recorded total of $500 million in his generous charitable donations, including his gift of $150 million to the financial aid program at Harvard University. Griffin and his wife started the Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation which provided $10 million for Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center and another $16 million to Children’s Memorial Hospital. He also helped the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fund and opened a new charter school in Chicago.

He also voices he position on financial regulations within the market structure by providing testimony at U.S. Senate Committee hearings on the “Role of Regulation in Shaping Equity Market Structure and Electronic Trading.” He has also criticized the risk management practices on Wall Street and expressed his views in a 2008 article with the New York Times. Griffin appeared before the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform where he gave his views on the rapid growth in the use of derivatives.

Bernardo Chua Seeks To Change The World With His Wellness Products

Prominent global network marketing company Organo Gold is in the game to provide exceptional Gonoderma based products to consumers worldwide. Following their inception in 2008, this well-respected direct selling corporation strives to offer the best extensive collection of brewing cups, nutritionals, beverages, and personal care in the wellness industry. Consequently, Organo Gold is the preferred company for enhancing current lifestyles as their beneficial products has generated extremely satisfied and repeat patrons. Remarkably, the loyal support from these consumers has greatly contributed to their global footprint in over forty-four countries such as the United States, Mexico, Australia, Kenya, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Poland, Japan, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Costa Rica, Peru, France, and Canada. Most prominently, with a seasoned entrepreneur overseeing the company’s operations, Organo Gold remains the leading provider of proprietary wellness products.

During the late 2000s, Crunchbase shows that renowned executive Bernardo Chua sought to develop a premium, multi-strategy direct selling company. By utilizing his multilevel marketing experiences that he acquired from Gano Excel, he constructed a unique business model, which involved the promotion of their innovative products through highly trained independent distributors. Moreover, the goal of these excellent employees is to help customers improve their lives by integrating the company’s beneficial consumer goods into their everyday routines. Remarkably, Chua and his extremely knowledgeable team consistently reach unprecedented levels of prosperity, balance, and wellness with the successful presentation of signature beverages and nutritional products.

The demand for lifestyle enhancement companies is steadily increasingly; therefore, Organo Gold strives to remain a leader in the organic marketplace by presenting a variety of nutritional consumer goods. Currently, the company maintains an extensive collection of gourmet offerings including Café Supreme, Spore Power, African Red, Te Amo, Royal Brewed, G3 Smile Set, Colombian Roast, Hot Chocolate, Green Tea, Grape Seed Oil, G3 Beauty Soap, Caramel Vanilla, Black Gold, Rodeo Chai, Raspberry Cacao, and Mycellium. Remarkably, the company proudly manufactured their products with an ancient Chinese herb known as Ganoderma. With the utilization of advanced technology and high tech equipment, the mushrooms are naturally processed into a fine power that is eventually blended in their coffees, cocoa, nutritional supplements, and teas. These Ganoderma based products are known to combat many medical conditions such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, high blood pressure, bronchitis, hepatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, yeast infection. Additional benefits of Organo Gold’s beverages include improves sexual functions, unclogs arteries, increases metabolism, reduces wrinkles, relieves sinuses congestion, rejuvenates body tissues/cells, sustains energy/vigor, balanced cholesterol, strengthens immune system, supports brain power and clarity, eliminates free radicals/toxins, and protects skin texture.

Chua and his team at Organo Gold are most commended for improving many customers’ lives with their exceptional wellness products. Their Facebook lists upcoming events, projects, and release for new products as they become available.

Stephen Murray And The Origins Of CCMP

Founded in 2006, New York based CCMP Capital is a firm which handles private equity investment. Formally a division of JPMorgan Chase, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital actually has a line of descent which leads all the way back to the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s MH Equity Corporation. The MH Equity Corporation was a combination of the Manufacturers Corporation’s leveraged financed unit and it private equity group. MH Equity has gone through many iterations and drawn from the many organizations with which Manufacturers Hanover and later Chemical Bank has merged. The last of these was with JP Morgan & Company’s JP Morgan Partners in 2000.

Some of the companies which contributed to the development of CCMP in its present form include The Beacon Group, Hambrecht & Quist, Robert Fleming & Co., Chase Manhattan, Manufacturers, and J.P. Morgan & Company. These have helped to make CCMP as effective an investment firm as it is. It was only when the acquisition of Bank One in 2004 created a redundancy that it made sense to have what was then JP Morgan Partners become the stand-alone company known as CCMP. CCMP’s roots are reflected in its name. Each letter in its name reflects one of the companies that preceded it.

The announcement that JPMorgan Chase’s intention to spinout JP Morgan Partners and create CCMP was made in March 2005 but didn’t become official until 2006. During that time they decided the new name for the company would reflect and pay homage to the companies from which it was descended. So the acronym CCMP was chosen to reflect Chemical, Morgan Partners, and Chase’s role in its creation and development. It was also decided that long-time employee Stephen Murray would be at the helm of the new company. Murray’s growth at the company mirrored CCMP’s birth and growth.

Stephen P. Murray had joined the company immediately after he completed his undergraduate degree in Economics at Boston College in 1984. At that time he was a participant in the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover. Murray worked on his MBA at Columbia University while he was employed with the company. When he received his MBA in 1989, he was assigned to the company’s leveraged finances and private equity unit. He stayed with the company through its mergers with Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan, and J.P. Morgan & Company. So he was well versed in JPMorgan Chase’s corporate culture and aims when he was selected to head CCMP.

Once he became president and CEO of CCMP, Murray oversaw the company’s spinout of Panorama Capital, Unitas Capital (formally CCMP Capital Asia), and Linzor Capital, which handled CCMP’s Latin American accounts. Stephen Murray remained CCMP’s CEO until his untimely death in the spring of 2015.

Marcio Alaor: A True Leader In The Braziian Banking Industry

Banco BMG is one of the largest banks in Brazil. It offers all of the traditional assets that many banks offer such as checking and savings accounts but it also offers other products like loans and investments. One type of loan that is proving to be a success for this financial institution is payday loans. Many people struggle with making it from paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes, they fall short with not having enough money to cover basic expenses such as food, utilities, and transportation expenses before their next payday. For these reasons, a payday loan can help with a little extra cash until they next time that they receive a paycheck. When the customer receives their next check, they simply pay the money back that they borrowed along with an additional fee. This fee is either a flat fee or a percentage based on the amount that the customer borrows.
Banco BMG also now offers online banking to all of its customers. With many countries now having internet access, it only is wise that a bank such as Banco BMG should offer online banking as a courtesy to its customers. Online banking offers the convenience of banking from the comfort of their home or anywhere that they have access to the internet. It saves customers both time and money. They do not have to spend time waiting in line at the bank or making sure that they perform their transactions before their local branch closes. They can go online and do their bank transactions on weekends and holidays, as well. They also can save money by not have to use fuel for their vehicle or other methods of transportation. This way they can save their money for emergencies and spend more time with their families.
The management of Banco BMG is just as superb as the bank itself. Marcio Alaor is the President of Banco BMG. He has proven to be key leader not only as the bank’s president but also in the Brazilian banking community. He has helped to launch many innovative products for the bank that have proven to be a huge success. Because of this, he has helped the bank to bring in many new customers and investors. He has made sure that the bank follows all of the strict federal guidelines so that it continues to have a good reputation. Marcio Alaor has really made a difference at Banco BMG since taking over the role as bank president.

US Money Reserve

Over the years, reserve currencies have dominated the world and paved way for others. Some of the currencies that have been dominant over time include Greek Drachma, Roman denari, Islamic dinar, Venetian ducato and most recently English Pound and the US Dollar. Integrated global economy resulted in the introduction of the reserve currency concept in the mid-nineteenth century. Many industrialized nations started putting their money on gold standards that were first practiced by the British government in the 1860s. Putting the money on gold standards was very necessary as by then Britain was the leading exporting nation of commodity products and center for insurance and the main currency for trade was the sterling pound. Other countries like the USA had to follow suit.
The Federal Reserve System (Fed) is the central banking system of the United States of America. It was created out of the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The enactment was as a result of financial crisis like the 1907 financial panic. Federal Reserve roles and responsibilities had over the years increased and expanded with the evolution of its structures as a result of major economic upheaves like the great depression of the 1930s.
The Federal Reserve Act empowers the Federal Reserve System with three primary responsibilities; they include; offering Maximum employment, offering stable prices of the currency and providing moderate long-term stable prices. Over the years, however, more responsibilities have been placed on the US Money Reserve. They include; supervising and regulating the activities of the commercial bank, offering stability to financial systems and acting as a bank for banks, the US government and official institutions as well as the foreign official institution. Fed also does all the research as to how the economy is faring and publishes the findings in publications like Beige Book.
Fed is managed by a board of director appointed by either the president or the Federal Open market Committee (FOMC), The Federal Reserve Banks located in major states and advisors from privately owned banks. The salaries of the board members are regulated and set by the federal government and the fact that it has members from both the public and private banks makes the interest of both the public and private bank equally represented. The head of Federal Reserve rotates among the heads of New York Fed and other Feds on a one –year terms.
Fed is however not involved in the creation of currency. The making of money is under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Treasury. Federal Reserve System decision is not influenced by anybody and does not requires approval from the presidency, the executive or other arms of the government like the legislature. Its funding is also not under the consent of the Congress which makes it autonomous.
Inclusion, since its inception, the Federal Reserve System has been the backbone of the US economy offering financial reports to prospective and current investors. It is also responsible for the continued stability of the US economy and the dollar.

Why Dan Newlin is the Best Injury Attorney in Florida

When you’ve been injured, it can be detrimental to your health, life and your family. You could have to miss time from work which can result in lost wages and even the loss of employment. You could incur larger medical bills. The injuries you suffer could even become permanent causing you to never be able to work or care for yourself and your family ever again. That is why it is so important to find a personal injury attorney who will work hard to fight for you and get you the compensation you deserve to go on with your life. If you live in Florida, you definitely need to hire Dan Newlin to represent you in your personal injury case.
Dan Newlin is known in the Florida legal field as a super attorney. He has worked very hard to recover over $150 Million for his accident and injury clients. He and talented and dedicated team of attorneys have worked for decades fighting for individuals who have been injured at no fault of their own. He has become a leader in his practice field. He started off his practice with just himself and one secretary. He has since grown into a prominent law firm with several attorneys and additional office staff. His reputation and practice has grown so much that he has become one of the top accident and personal injury attorneys in the state of Florida.
Dan Newlin works tirelessly and has put great effort into helping his clients get the compensation that they truly need and deserve. He handles many types of accident and personal injury cases including car accidents, wrongful deaths, Social Security Disability and medical malpractice. You don’t have to worry about any upfront fees or having to pay if you lose your case. You will not be charged and unless your case is settled and collected on.

If you or one of your family member has suffered injury or death then you need to contact the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. Don’t sacrifice another minute and contact Dan Newlin for your free consultation now and get the compensation that you deserve.

White Shark Media Leads The Industry In Customer Service

There are few people in the 21st Century that do not have a laundry list of poor customer service experiences that they can easily call to mind. On the one hand, the digital age has ushered in a great number of conveniences that essentially make customer service better than ever, such as 24/7 assistance wherever and whenever you need it. The tradeoff, however, is that often whatever convenience is offered by round the clock assistance is sometimes offset by a lack of legitimate knowledge. When companies offer more knowledgable customer service, the trade off is that they are often not available beyond a short window of regular business or working hours and are often difficult to get ahold of.

White Shark Media understands the problems, concerns and complaints that many consumers have about shoddy customer service and the tradeoffs that businesses have to make when it comes to customer service. That’s why they do their very best to offer the best of both worlds by providing knowledgable staff that is readily available to provide stellar customer service and support. When new clients sign up with White Shark Media, they are immediately sent direct contact information for their own personal SEM strategist as well as the direct contact information for their supervisor. White Shark Media wants to ensure that as soon as you need assistance, you are put in contact with a live voice, who is personally knowledgeable about your account and is capable of meeting your specific and individual needs.

In addition, White Shark Media provides only the very best strategists in the business. White Shark Media as a company has been Google AdWords™ certified as a Premier SMB Partner. This means that all of their staff is required to undergo the most rigorous training just to be a part of the team. This ensures that no matter who you speak to at White Shark Media, they are well qualified to offer you the highest level of knowledge and expertise in the industry.

In addition, White Shark makes it their priority to ensure that their clients are fully educated as well about their own campaigns from start to finish. They want to make sure that clients fully understand the available analytics tools, what the ultimate goals are and what the exact strategies are for achieving those goals. White Shark Media also offers industry leading analytics that are available for clients to review 24/7 in addition to offering monthly status calls to review the data with their personal specialist.

Investing Your Money In Gold And Silver

The US Money Reserve makes it simple to invest in high-quality gold and silver bullion as well as coins. The value of the cash dollar is decreasing year after year. This is apparent when you look at the general cost of living nowadays and the fact that your money doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. Making wise investments in both gold and silver will enable you to put your money into a form of money that is continually increasing in value. Gold and silver never decreases in its value and because of this, many people are choosing it as a reliable method of investing.

If you take a look at the price of gold and silver, you will see immediately that it has not lost value like many other investment types. When you invest in stocks and bonds, the price of these investments can either skyrocket or completely crash. When you put your money into precious metals, the price only keeps going up and the value of your metals sustains itself for your entire lifetime. It is essential for anyone who is looking to invest in precious metals to go with a trusted source for all of their gold and silver coins and bullion.

The only trusted source in America for gold and silver is the US Money Reserve. The US Money Reserve has been in the business of gold and silver investments for decades and is the most trusted company for those looking to buy precious metals. They have a long line of happy customers who continually buy minted gold and silver that can then be stored in the US Money Reserve’s vaults for safe keeping. For those who wish to store their own metals, this is also an option available when you purchase and choose to have the items shipped to your home.

When investing with the US Money Reserve, you are guaranteed to always have genuine gold and silver that is top-quality and lasting. Unlike many other no-name companies and gold-buying stores, you will never receive fake metals or lesser-quality ones when you choose to do your business with the US Money Reserve. For anyone who is looking to make a wise investment in both gold and silver, choosing to go with the US Money Reserve is another fantastic choice that will let you know that your precious metals are going to be both genuine and guaranteed for life.

Turn to Handy Home Cleaning Services for Exceptional Results

Handy Home Cleaning Services can provide you with everything that you need to have a clean home. Many people use this service on a regular basis instead of trying to professionally clean their own homes. Time is important, and you should allow premium cleaners to do the hard labor of keeping your home in order instead of trying to do it yourself on top of all of your other daily activities.

If you do not need a professional cleaner on a regular basis, you may decide to hire one for the holidays or if you are planning on hosting an important dinner party at your residence. When you want your home to look its very best, you should be sure to allow a professional to do a deep cleaning that will leave your guests amazed at how beautiful your home is. A good cleaning service will provide many different services to help your home look its best.

You can count on a cleaner from Handy Home Cleaning Services to be able to come in and tidy up your living room and den. Your furniture will be wiped off and your flooring will be cleaned thoroughly. When it comes to your bathroom and kitchen, you can rely on a professional to clean and sanitize them with ease. You can choose how many rooms you want cleaned and which ones, and a professional cleaner will do the rest. You will be happy with the results that this professional company offers.

If you have a busy schedule, you want someone who can come to your home at a time that will be convenient for you. You no longer have to wait around for an appointment that suits the company that you hire. Instead, you can set up your own exact appointment time, how many rooms you need done, and enjoy getting a price quote very quickly. If you like the price, your professional cleaner will be at your residence when you need him or her to be. You can expect only top quality services from a company like Itunes’ Handy Home Cleaning Services.

Unlike other cleaning services, Handy Home Cleaning Services hand picks each worker. If someone is on the Handy team, you can be sure that he or she has passed reference checks, background checks, and intensive in-person interviews. This professional will know how to do the job right by using skills and the proper cleaning tools. You can trust Handy Home Cleaning Services to offer you a guarantee on all of the work done by their expert cleaners. This company has worked hard to build a reliable reputation in the cleaning industry, so you can count on them to surpass your expectations.