Steven Murray was a great business man and philanthropist

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, a New York based investor, business man , philanthropist and devoted family man has passed away this month. He is survived by his loving wife and four sons, whom he loved and cared for very deeply. He was a devoted husband and father and will be greatly missed by all who came into contact with this great man.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has said that the entrepreneur died of Health related problems. Under the dynamic leadership of Steven Murray The private equity investment firm soon became one of the world’s largest and most prolific private equity firms. Steve was considered by his colleagues an amazing investor and exceptional deal maker who spent the majority of his career devoted to private equity. His colleagues and clients alike have expressed great gratitude for his positive contributions to the success of CCMP, its clients and its predecessors.

Stephen Murray was proud to have held the position of President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, Where his enterprising business deals focused on buyout and growth equity transactions. Mr. Murray focused on investments in retail, consumer and healthcare services; with a special focus on financial services. Steven Murray was known to be a man of high standards and achieved his tremendous success through his honesty and integrity.

Steven Murray was a man who took his education seriously and first graduated from Boston College in 1984 with a BA degree in economics. In 1989 he earned his master’s degree in business administration from the Ivy league Columbia Business School. Education and helping to facilitate education was a lifelong goal throughout Steven Murray’s career. As a philanthropist, Steven Murray believed in making a difference in he world, and he was dedicated to helping those in need. Especially children, as he greatly supported the Make-A-Wish foundation of Metro New York. An organization dedicated to helping grant the wish of every child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. He also sponsored scholarship programs for Boston College and provided regular funding for the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.

Steven Murray’s keen business sense and mentoring will surely be missed by colleagues and friends, but his giving spirit and strength will certainly be a legacy that will not soon be forgotten by all those who came into contact with him or graciously ever received his kindnesses.

James Dondero And Alternative Investments

Highland Capital is a multi-billion dollar asset management company and most of their clients have investments in alternative funds in both the equities and credit markets, and one of the first companies to bring collateralized loan obligations to common use. The company is an educator for investors on the different risks that come with investments such as long/short healthcare investments, energy MLPs, global allocations, and exchange traded funds. Highland Capital has made several publications to educate investors on the best sectors to place their money, the impacts of healthcare investments and the Affordable Care Act, and floating rate investments.

Highland Capital has grown over the last twenty years thanks largely in part to James Dondero, the co-founder and leading director of the company, along with Mark Okada, a businessman who’s commonly seen on CNBC’s Squawk Box. Dondero has been a large quantity asset manager and Chief Financial Analyst for quite some time, starting his business career upon graduating from the University of Virgina. After a few years of managing funds for the American Express bank, he joined Protective Life to become part of a new plan for one of their subsidiaries. The GIC, as it was called took off quickly under his leadership as it raised its portfolio to $2 billion in just 5 years. From out of there, another side business and Dondero and Okada started would become Highland Capital, managing a portfolio to this day of almost $40 billion in assets.

Highland Capital and investment banks are there to create a vehicle for businesses to expand their empire, while at the same time advise investors on where they can go to to offset risky investments in those businesses with safer investments. The key for investors is that the riskier the investment they go with is, the greater the interest return will be, but also the greater the chance of loss is. That’s why portfolio diversification for investors is important because if one of their investments is in decline, others could offset it by the gains they’re experiencing. Foreign markets often carry the most risk with them because they could be going through periods of political or economical instability, or fluctuations on prices.

A Helpful Guide To Writing A Wikipedia Article

To some people, editing existing Wikipedia articles is the order of the day. You may be among those I am talking about, but it does not matter since Wikipedia gives its users the right to edit unprotected pages. But let us make that a topic for another day, for now you are ready to write your own article. Writing your own article requires some few guiding principles to make the entire process smooth. This article will explain what is expected of you and what is not. When you commence on writing your article, you can use the Article Wizard to help you through toe process.

Some few guidelines that may help include:

1. Creating an article will require you to have a registered account where a username and password will be needed. Unregistered users can, however, submit their articles for revision and publishing at the Articles for Creation project.

2. Wikipedia accepts only subjects that are worthy for inclusion. If you are not sure whether your article is subject to inclusion, you can enquire at the Wikipedia Teahouse. It is recommended that you search Wikipedia for an existing article similar to your topic and practice making edits. Editing Wikipedia pages prior to writing our own article helps you learn the editing basics.

3. Gather references – reliable and verified sources are only used as references to exhibit notability on your article’s topic. Sources should be steady and continue to be in use for a long time. Books and news archives are the most recommended sources as compared to internet-based sources such as a simple web search.

4. Ask for feedback – you are at liberty to ask for feedback on articles you would prefer to create in various places such as the talk page of a similar WikiProject or the Teahouse.

5. Create your first article in your user space – you can commence by placing your new article on your userspace subpage. Ask other editors to assist in working on it, once it is ready place it in the “live” get onto Wikipedia. You can only move your article to the main article space when it is set for prime time.

Note that articles that fail to meet notability policies and verified published sources are at a higher chance of being deleted. Avoid writing articles about anything that is of your interest such as your company, yourself, your friends and controversial content. Short articles and copied content are also not allowed.

Now is The Time To Invest in Brazil

In a day and age where everyone is looking for a way to make some money, investing has become rather popular. Learning and understanding the art of the stock market can place one in a good position for earning power. In fact, one who truly understands the stock market knows that as with everything else there is a time and a place for investing. I am here to tell you that the time is now and the place is Brazil.

Brazilian investor expert Igor Cornelsen stresses the importance of not just investing but investing with a certain mindset. He believes that some look at buying stocks like a random game of luck. They invest in a stock here or there and hope that it brings great returns. This is by far the worst investment approach. Cornelsen suggest that an individual must first change their mindset around investing. He believes the goal should be to be a long-term investor and take the time to learn and understand the marketin order to make informed decisions.

By following the advice of Igor Cornelsen we can analyze current investing in Brazil. Brazil is a great place to invest at the moment due to the state of the stock market and the value of their currency compared to that of the US dollar. As an informed investor who is thinking long-term, we know that just because the market is suffering right now does not mean that we should shy away from making an investment. In fact, we should do the opposite. The market is down so stocks are cheap and the US dollar has a higher currency which means at this moment we have incredible buying power.

It may seem risky but I guarantee you that other informed investors aren’t letting this scare them away. Investing in a time like this could have huge returns. With the US dollar having higher buying power and stocks priced low it really is a risk worth taking. Remember, investing is not a game of luck but an art that should be taken on by people who wish to learn and understand the proper way to make informed investment decisions. Through proper analyzing we know that now is the time to invest in the Brazilian stock market.

Jared Haftel career insights

Jared Haftel concluded his university studies and graduated from Duke University in the year 2009. Jared’s 5 years in Duke University gave him the opportunity to achieve degrees in Economics, science as well as Mathematics. These exemplary achievements have since made him qualify to serve very well in his dream career of investment banking in blue chip companies.

He started his career in investment banking by serving in Merrill Lynch, where he worked in the docket of investment banking analyst and specifically offered his profound professional insight to several high profile companies like CONSOLE Energy and GEoEye. His practice and exposure obtained from working with these companies gave his an opportunity of landing great positions in the competitive industry of investment banking. Among the jobs he managed to grab included his tenure as an investment banking analyst in Bank of America, as well as an associate of Vector capital.

Moreover, Jared’s exemplary performance in the University and his remarkable career went in line with his great desire in sharing a piece of his mind with people looking for employment especially in the field of investment banking.

Jared shares his insight by explaining the essence of composing an appealing resume whenever people are applying for a job. He starts by asserting that devoting a resume to an actual career achievement is the most prudent decision that one can make in their lives. This is because of the fact that, it is much more essential to highlight your prospective significance to any potential employers, and one can do this by displaying whatever they have achieved to the those employers.

An excellent resume is supposed to have half of its content dwelling on work experience that has relevance particularly if one is seeking a high profile position. This is due to the fact that it is quite important to have a well narrated and illustrated working experience when searching for big jobs. Wide experience in certain jobs is the key aspect that is sought after whenever one is looking for employment opportunity that has a handsome remuneration, provides endless opportunities and the deserved job security. Having these in kind, it is good to have a resume that reflects the experience you have in your career field. One is not advised to concentrate on the things you achieved in tertiary level or in high school. In fact, one should fully abandon everything that concerns high school, because it is very rare to get any prominent corporate company that requires knowing anything about high school. In this regard, if one wishes to successfully get a job in big corporations, you are required to utilize the relevant professional accolades.

An employment position that one had financial institution of any kind so long as it is reputable and achievements made in your current job or previous job. These sums up the crucial factors that any potential employer anticipates to see in an applicant’s resume. They look forward to establishing the reasons that drives them to get a good member of staff, a person that can be trusted and one that is in a position to execute their duties in the right way.

Nevertheless, one should be prepared to answer some complex questions. In relation to what Jared says, some instances require you to be willing to engage in demanding conversations for you to accomplish something worthwhile in your profession. This entails giving good reasons why you desire to leave your current position, or reasons why you departed from the job you served previously. These helps in supporting your candidacy for the employment position on offer.

Everything You Need To Know About Investment Banking

James Dondero is the President and co-founder of HCM – Highland Capital Management. With an experience spanning over three decades, he has worked extensively in equity and credit markets. James Dondero has specifically specialized in distressed and high yield investing. He is also the member of various other organizations. Throughout his career, James Dondero has always advised people about knowing all about investment banking firms before setting up a consultation interview with one. A lot of people have little to no knowledge about investment banking companies and this makes the interview process so much harder for both the banker and the client.

Buying Side and Selling Side of Investment Banks – Investment banking is not the same as commercial and retail banking. There are two sides to investment banking – a selling side that is used for trading and easy transactions involving securities and cash, underwriting, research, and security promotions; and a buying side that helps high profile individuals and companies to invest in hedge funds, MFs, and pension funds so that returns can be maximized to the highest degree possible.

Private Side and Public Side of Investment Banks – Most investment banking firms deal in both the buying and selling side of things. These organizations also have public and private sides, ensuring that information is always confidential. The private information never percolates down to the public side. Public companies deal in shares on the stock exchange and have many investors. Funds can be raised by selling securities to the public (by disclosing ample information) for the purpose of private investment. Private companies, on the other hand, don’t have that many competitors and are not required to disclose too much information.

The public half of the bank also takes care of following all the governmental rules and regulations and therefore, this side always has more investors than the other. However, a leveraged buyout can help a public bank become a private one.

Financial Intermediation Is The Main Purpose Of An Investment Bank – If a company needs its prospectus to be prepared, then an investment bank can help it by offering valuable input and information. The investment bank’s role is vital in this respect, both for the company and the future investors. However, the role of an investment bank is purely that of an intermediary. It only offers investment related services and does not take any deposits. The services of an investment bank could include underwriting, intermediary services between issuers of security and the public that would be investing, broker services for institutional investors, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate reorganization.

Advantages of Investment Banks – Investment banks serve a variety of purposes, especially for startups looking to raise some capital. These banks deal with investors (buying side) and promote the securities (selling side) to ensure that a startup has enough capital to begin operation. Because the services are of a specialized nature, investment banks offer a world of knowledge, professionalism and expertise in the industry.

Investment banks are becoming a lot more popular than retail and commercial banks because of their expert insight and advisory services that have helped companies and individuals a lot.

Why Financial Professionals Need To Be Economists

The current Managing Director of DCM (Duquesne Capital Management) is Christian Broda, a financial professional and economist based in New York. Christian Broda started off as a professor where he spent 5 years teaching in the Booth Business School (Chicago). He was working as a financial professional during that time in Lehmann/Barclay’s Capital as well. Given his financial and economic background, Christian Broda is a strong believer of the fact that a good knowledge of economics can help financial professionals make a mark in the industry.

Here are a few reasons why Christian Broda thinks that financial professionals need to be economists first –

Getting A Measure On Unintended Results and Consequences – From micro to macro level, every economic decision has the potential to develop certain unintended features or unexpected results. For financial professionals, even a little thing can tip the scales in the favor of someone else. Economics helps these professionals to not only predict such consequences but also measure them as much as possible. This can be extremely valuable when it comes to financial decision, especially the big ones.

Understanding The Impact Of Innocuous Things On The World – The global economy only has a few strong and stable players. The rest are all fickle with changeable economies that fluctuate with little decisions and interest rate problems. Financial professionals’ livelihood depends on understanding the impact of seemingly innocuous decisions on the world economy and if they fail to do so, they might end up costing themselves or their clients tons of money. With a firm knowledge of economics, this is made possible in an efficient manner.

Great For Personal Financial Decisions As Well – Ultimately, most financial professionals are in the field because they want to make a difference in their own lives. They want to be more successful professionally and personally, grow as individuals, and achieve professional experience that is unmatched by any other. Economics can help financial professionals in this area as well. This is a sector where professionals learn about which personal financial decisions are lucrative and which ones are not. On top of that, a financial professional with a firm grip on all the financial concepts of economics would find multiple job offers, profiles and professional opportunities knocking at their doors.

Ultimately, a finance professional needs all round knowledge in all related fields of finance. For instance, a project manager in an engineering company needs a good idea about engineering and must also have excellent project management skills. Both these studies are separate but managers who are dedicated towards self-improvement make it a point to achieve excellence in both the fields. Similarly, learning about economics can help financial professionals in understanding the rules of the game instead of just following them.

BRL Trust Financed the World Cup Stadium

When the World Cup came to Brazil last year, it was a huge event for the country. Even though they did not get the athletic outcome that they wanted – the Brazilian team lost to the German team – they still saw a massive influx of tourism, the country turned out in droves to watch the event, and it was a great honor to have the tournament held there. The company that helped to make all of that possible, by financing the stadium, was BLR Trust.

BLR Trust, written about by, is an investment company that is headquartered in Brazil. They deal with billions of dollars in investments every year, investments that are taken out all over the world. The stadium itself cost in the neighborhood of $450 million. It was a huge project to take on, but BLR Trust was not afraid to get behind it.

So, why was a new stadium needed? The World Cup was an event unlike any the country had ever seen before. It was a massive undertaking, and team had to have only the best facilities to compete. They could not cut corners, and they did not want to use older venues that may not be in top-notch condition. Everything for the World Cup had to be perfect so that the players could concentrate on nothing but the game itself.

It was also important to have a stadium that could hold the amount of people who turned up to watch. People came in from all corners of the globe, from England to the United States to Australia. The current stadiums would not have accommodated all of them. BLR Trust, written about by, did not want the World Cup to be something that people couldn’t watch just because of seating limitations, and the new stadium meant that everyone who wanted to come was able to do so.

Finally, BLR Trust was used for this project because they could set up a specific trust fund to take care of the expenses. This meant that it was not hard to make sure money was being used in the manner that was intended. The trust could be administered as needed to meet the costs. A trust fund provides accurate records of all of the ways that the money is used and given out, allowing everything to be tracked after the fact. A standard loan does not come with all of these guidelines and regulations, so a trust fund was deemed to be a better option.

As can be seen, BLR Trust is a company that is rooted in Brazil and that cares about Brazil. The company is dedicated to doing what it can to make positive advancements to benefit as many people as possible.

Boraie Development Sees Potential In Upgrading New Brunswick

Just a few short years ago, the New Jersey real estate market was on the verge of imploding. Now, there are many reasons to believe its on the cusp of a comeback. A stagnant economy, high taxes and the aftermath of back-to-back hurricanes, put a huge load in the upwards of $30 million on the citizens of New Jersey. 

In a surprising turn of events, the federal government is cooperating with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to get potential homeowners affordable down payments. Many real estate agents are finding more work than they can handle, as their phones are ringing non-stop. Other factors are contributing to more people looking for housing including real-time apps and smart technology for agents who can streamline the entire process. 

New Jersey real estate mogul Omar Boraie, owner of Boraie Development LLC., is a visionary who sees the potential of building more housing. His latest project is a high-rise luxury apartment called the Aspire. This residential unit was built in an effort to breath new life into New Brunswick, which has been deteriorating for some time.

The 73-year-old builder recounts how bad the area was several decades ago. “The area had many dilapidated units and abandoned houses,” says Boraie. While many criticized Boraie in his attempts to upgrade the area, he saw it as an opportunity to do some good. Boraie has also built two plaza towers over the years that have both commercial and residential renters. “The are is beautiful now and should bring more wealth back to town,” says Boraie. 

Although the New Jersey Shore isn’t quite back to its pre-hurricane condition, the areas are slowly getting back to its original state. As the devastated areas continue to get upgrades, more and more people will take advantage of the new and improved middle-class housing.

CEDC Is Leading The Charge In Newark’s Growth

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is a state run development group that oversees attracting, growing and maintaining businesses in the over 20 diverse neighborhoods. Founded in 2007, the organization regrouped and 2014 to enhance economic growth. The city of Newark is the CEDC’s sole client. They also work in conjuction with the Department of Economic Development to create more opportunities for its citizens.

Flickr shows the CEDC offers a number of programs including industry focus, neighborhood development, small business development and real estate. The CEDC places a great deal of emphasis on business development. The offer standard loans, microloans and other entrepreneural services such as credit score improvement and business plan assistance.

Newly hired leader Kevin Seawright previously worked at Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement as the Managing Fiscal Officer. This position allowed Seawright to save the city several thousands of dollars by implementing a new accounting system. He offered his financial expertise at a number of government offices including the Baltimore Housing Authority, Department of Housing and Community Development and for the Department of Recreation and Parks.

While in Newark, Seawright hopes to sustain community growth, as well as increase employment opportunities and services for small business owners. Seawright is hoping that his strategic vision and willingness to achieve will be instrumental in Newark’s continue progress.