Autism Rock on Forefront Towards Creating Autism Awareness.

Autism Rock is a foundation that began so as to gain insight on autism. It is run and owned by Sanjay Shah who is the largest contributor towards the charity. His dedication towards the foundation began when he had to treat and cater for his kid who was suffering from autism at the age of 4 years. All the contributions that are made to the foundation are then presented to the Autism Research Center that is based in Cambridge where Sanjay runs the place. It runs scientific studies on the mental disorder. Recent news from the center indicates that through magnetic resonance imaging, they can tell the disease affected a different part of the brain depending on the sex of the person. These results are the latest findings in the world of autism research.
Sanjay Shah was a medical student before joining accountants in the financial markets and investments. One of his greatest achievement was when he received a £19-million-pound bonus from the Capula Investment. He opted to open his brokerage firm and help clients by himself. Solo Capital was born after his decision and it is a financial service provider entity whose headquarters are in London. It is also licensed to operate within the United Kingdom. Sanjay also owns other companies located in places like Malta, British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands.
His charity Autism Rock foundation raises money by organizing gigs around the world creating awareness of autism. Some of the artists who have managed to attend the shows include Kravitz, Prince and Snoop Dogg. Sanjay used to make contributions to families in India with autism affected kids. The costs he incurred when treating Nikhil, his son made him see the need for a charity organization that will enable every child with the disorder to get special treatment till they can fend for themselves. He uses his skill set as a Dj to organize functions a trait that he picked up when on campus.
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Sanjay Shah: Making A Difference One Concert At A Time

Sanjay Shah has seen success throughout his life in the financial world. After attending King’s College in London, Shah went on to work for numerous successful institutions, such as Morgan Stanley, Rabobank and Credit Suisse. Over a 20 year period, Shah worked as a highly regarded banker. Finally, in 2008 he found himself without a job. He started his own company, an investment management, principal trading and brokerage firm. He called it Solo Capital.

Solo Capital quickly expanded to two offices with over 100 employees in Dubai and London. The firm began to run itself and no longer needed his minute by minute attention. Shah needed to find another project to get behind. And he decided on autism. Shah’s son had been diagnosed with autism several years prior and he had actively given to the Autism Research Trust, which supports the Autism Research Center. In order to support autism research, Shah took up an old hobby, concert promotion.

The idea was born after Sanjay Shah received a surprise visit from Snoop Dogg at his Dubai home. Shah had loved promoting concerts during his college days so he called a local promotions company in Dubai and got them to agree to partner with him on a local event so that he could gain experience. This event was more of a trial run and did not include the charity aspect. They rounded up musicians like Joss Stone, Elvis Costello, Aloe Blacc and Xavier Rudd and nearly broke even with about 3,000 people in attendance.

The CEO of Done Events called Shah while they were in the middle of planning the event and mentioned that Prince would be willing to do a private event soon. So Shah took this opportunity to tie in the Charity, Autism Rocks. He got Prince to agree to do a private gig in London and they raised just over 3 million dollars.

Autism Rocks is only seeing more and more success in raising money for autism and they plan on continuing this success.

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Marcio Alaor: Hometown Hero

Marcio Alaor works as a member of the executive team of BMG Group. BMG is a major sponsor of football in Brazil. They print uniforms for 39 clubs, which is on the larger side of sponsorships. They print their logos mostly on the front and back of the uniforms, but something on the sleeves as well. They also finance three teams in men’s volleyball, two female teams, and three basketball teams.
Marcio says that one of the first major companies to go public was General Motors. General Motors is currently worth $53.52 billion at market value. It had completed 100 years of its IPO. Then, in 1956, Ford took offered their first actions, which was the greatest of his time. It was the equivalent of 600 million recalls.
Marcio has always been a big supporter of the city. He especially helps in the rural areas and Exhibition Park. They remain his main focus because of his relationship with his homeland and his fellow countrymen, no matter what the distance barrier may be.
Local officials were there to help keep an eye on the people and made sure to promote the importance of the city having the support of one of the important executives in all of Brazil. He continued to show how much his roots were by never forgetting his hometown. He continued collaborating as an executive vice president of a new large bank, which was much like BMG. He created numerous jobs and went on to achieve greater accomplishments in order to show how strong Santo Antonia do Monte was. He managed to achieve this despite the lack of favorable agriculture. He somehow still became the largest milk producer in the Central West of Minas Gerais. He credits the success to the hard work and dedication of the workers and unity of the people. Even with all the struggles and challenges, he says it never ceases to amaze him what potential the city has.
He later received a plaque that recognized his services and outlined his friendship with everyone in the town; attention to the challenges faced, especially in the countryside; and the love he has for the land. The president of the Rural Union, Vilmar Octavian, even thanked Marcio for all he had done and was continuing to do. The mayor, Wilmar Son, noted how Marcio often found new purposes for old buildings.

Youtube Stars Bring a New Wave of Sucess to the Information Age

Throughout the past few decades, the way we consume information has largely remained static and programmatic. Television and Newspaper giants had reigned supreme as sources of information, mostly because they were the only place you could get any information (even if some of it didn’t catch your interest). But that reign was challenged in the late 90s with the birth of the internet, and in 2005 the creation of Youtube would prove to be disruptive on a whole other level.

The video streaming service Youtube has long been viewed as a place where anyone with a camera and an idea can post videos and garner a following, and (with 48 hours of video being posted per minute) viewers can curate information presented based on their interests. Where there’s an audience, their’s a demand for content. And where there’s a demand for content, there are stars.

One such YouTube star is Wendy Huang. The Australian Youtuber is best known for her wildly successful channel The Wonderful World of Wengie. The popular beauty channel specializes in makeup tutorials, hair styling tips, and dieting advice, and currently boasts over 950,000 subscribers and over 48 million views.

Many Youtubers have enjoyed international attention for their work. Tech reviewer Marques Brownlee has been featured in Time Magazine and on NBC News. Internet personalities GloZell Lyneette Simon, Hank Green and Bethany Mota each interviewed the President of the United States in 2015 as an internet outreach endeavor. In 2010, YouTubing brothers Hank & John Green founded the multi-genre, online video conference Vidcon, as a place where YouTube creators and fans alike can collaborate, educate and celebrate their creations and accomplishments.

With a background in marketing, Huang has turned her success with YouTube into a full-time job. With ad revenue, product placement, and her very own blog, Huang has turned her hobby into a rapidly expanding enterprise. But despite her success, she strives to connect with fans on a personal level. “You guys are the reason why I’m the most subscribed Asian Beauty Channel on Australia!” Huang expresses, “So much love for you guys!!”

George Soros and Donald Trump Butt Heads on Immigration

George Soros and Donald Trump have much in common. Both men are billionaires. Both are heavily involved in politics and both men have at least one parent who was foreign born. Yet the two men differ greatly on the issue of immigration. So opposed is Soros to Donald Trump’s immigration rhetoric that he told Francine Lacqua of Bloomberg that Trump was doing the bidding of ISIS.

Soros suggested to Lacqua that rhetoric like Trumps might isolate Muslims and lead them to believe that their only option for success and survival was terrorism. He further indicated that he believed that ISIS’s numbers were already dwindling and that the group would soon lose power.

Soros elaborated on his reasons for opposing rhetoric like Trump’s in a 2015 op-ed in The Guardian. Here, he said that ISIS was exploiting Western emotions evoked by the fear of death. These emotions, he said, could make otherwise reasonable people “abandon their reason” and behave irrationally. Therefore, he said, when leaders (such as Trump) engage in over-the-top anti-Muslim rhetoric, they strike fear in the hearts of Western and American Muslims. Because these Muslims are also affected by fear, they too may begin to act irrationally. Terrorists, meanwhile, present them with alternatives to Western living. Therefore, says Soros, leaders like Trump unwittingly play right into the hands of the radicals they purport to be against.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Soros has witnessed, first-hand, the irrational effect fear can have on populations. As a boy of Jewish heritage, who survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary, Soros witnessed the German persecution of Jews firsthand. He suggested to Lacqua that although he is now a little bit of a statesman, he feels that is loyalty is to the stateless man and indicates that his own experience as a migrant influences the way he sees refugees. It also seems to influence the way he sees Donald Trump.

Darius Fisher’s is One of the Lauded Innovation 50

Darius Fisher has helped a lot of people whose good names have been smeared online. His hard work running a reputation management firm has received some attention from industry insiders and the attention is well-deserved. Fisher name appears on PRWeek’s Innovation 50 list, a prestigious list to be sure.

PRWeek is one of the top publications in the public relations and marketing industry. The list highlights those persons who have proven their digital marketing skills to be highly innovative. A cursory look at Fisher’s work in reputation management reveals the word “innovative” only scratches the proverbial surface. He has taken digital marketing out of its traditional role of advertising products and services and expanded things. Digital marketing now is associated with personal branding and crisis management. Of course, reputation management repair work also has marketing benefits and this is why entrepreneurs and executives take the process seriously.

Fixing a harmed online reputation is something that should be done without delay. In the modern landscape of the internet, search engines and social media create perceptions about people. No one is perfect and, sometimes, things occur that do damage to an individual’s reputation. While speaking at the Impact 15 convention in Las Vegas, Fisher was quick to point out that the days of bad press in the newspaper have changed. Bad reports don’t end up forgotten soon after they are released. The internet keeps them alive in the search engine results. Unless someone takes very definitive steps to fix a damaged reputation, then the bad PR is not going to go away. It might even stalk someone for years and years.

Fisher has tapped into his knowledge about marketing, public relations, and copywriting and developed numerous ways to reverse the impact of negativity. He founded the company Status Labs and provides scores of services designed to address and reverse a disastrous situation.

Status Labs provides such a valuable service, people come from all over the world to sign up as clients. 35 countries in total are listed as having been served by Fisher’s outstanding company. That number is sure to grow and so is the total number of clients, a number that tops out at 1,500 right now. The publicity generated by Fisher’s name being placed on the Innovation 50 list may even draw in scores of more clients.

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Autism Rocks out Worldwide

After his son was diagnosed with autism, successful businessman and CEO Sanjay Shah founded Autism Rocks to help fund research by the Autism Research Centre. In 2011 after taking his youngest son to the doctor complaining of stomach problems, Sanjay Shah was informed that as well as a food allergy his son shows signs of autism.

Autism is a developmental disorder, impairing social interactions and typical communication with others. It can also be characterized by repetitive or obsessive behaviors. Some forms of autism is said to affect over three million individuals across the world and one in 68 children in the United States are on the autism spectrum according to studies by the CDC. When one of these three million individuals happened to be Sanjay’s son, the family quickly learned how much it costs to care for someone with autism and that research was still underfunded.

In an afternoon tea chat with Snoop Dogg and using his long list of contacts including event planners, musicians, and interested parties; Sanjay founded Autism Rocks. Its first event was an invite only concert in London, headlined by Prince. Since its resounding success, Autism Rocks has funded over 15 research projects including the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University.

Shah has contributed to helping children in India but focuses his attention on the research into better diagnostic knowledge and studies into specific implementations for building social skills. Donations from Shah, his family, and his trusts have provided transportation for clients of the Dubai Autism Centre and the discovery that autism affects different parts of the brain depending on the sex of the individual.

The discovery made by the ARC concluded that if certain identifiers are present in males, we should not assume that it would also affect a female in the same way. This shows that there is more diversity on the autism spectrum than previously thought, so behaviors may not be misdiagnosed as ADHD or other syndromes and carers can adjust and treat rather than prescribe drugs.

Right now Autism Rocks is a private event, raising awareness for people living with autism across the world but you can still donate to help the cause here: Donate to Autism Rocks

Case Be Clear: Sam Tabar

New York City: home of the bustling busy life of the entrepreneur, artist, and small business owner alike. There, in the city of New York also resides and works the prominent attorney and capital strategist: Sam Tabar.

An Oxford man originally as shows, Tabar has been actively working in New York since his graduation from Colombia Law School in May of 2001. During his bachelors at Oxford, he received a Bachelor of Arts with honors studying Jurisprudence. At Colombia Law, he was the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. From there, he earned roles in multiple groups: he was an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager & Flom LLP, Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development SPARX Group/PMA Investment Advisors, Director, Head of Capital Strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Asia-Pacific Region, Director at Adanac LLC, and Senior Associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. Currently, Tabar is the Chief Operating Officer at FullCycleFund.

Tabar is also investing currently in THINX, a startup project helping women in Africa and America. THINX works to provide women with the necessary means to manage their menstrual cycle, enabling them to continue to go out and do what is necessary for them, where otherwise they wouldn’t be able to. Sam Tabar says “THINX helps others through their unique design. Antonia and Miki are making a difference with their product.” He believes that THINX is special in that it’s business model encourages people to think about current global concerns and give back through making purchases.  He believes so much in the cause in fact, that he’s committed to a Go Fund Me campaign of his own to help African children.  Check out Sam Tabar’s page here.

As well, Tabar is an expert on hedge funds and the global market. He has worked with multinational corporations and start ups and firms over 1 billion dollars.

He enjoys other topics outside of work also. He is fluent in production and understanding of French and English from childhood, and has a working understanding of Japanese. He is also interested in planning events and traveling. During his years at Oxford, he was involved in Rowing and Ballroom dancing. And is now a member of the New York Bar Association.

Sam Tabar is a well cultured strategist, a powerful manager, and an intelligent linguist. His resume demonstrates how he has remained with many of his projects for many years, and has tackled many productive roles and positions. He has done much in the ways of assisting corporations, firms, and organizations to give them necessary tools for success.  Sam is also a dedicated photographer, posting many of his creations to Instagram.

What Is Autism Rocks And Who Is Sanjay Shah

What is Autism Rocks? Continue to read on to learn more about this charity.

About Autism Rocks
Autism Rocks is a charity that was started by businessman and entrepreneur Sanjay Shah. It is when musicians come together to perform for a cause, which is Autism. It is designed to raise money for Autism, and it was launched back in 2014. Some of the performers who have took part in the charity includes Michael Buble, Lenny Kravitz and Drake.

As time goes on, Autism Rocks expects to grow and continue to attract more musicians, which will result in more donations being made. The funds raised by the charity goes towards the Autism Research Trust, which supports the research that the Autism Research Centre performs. The ARC works to understand what causes autism, as well as the effects of it.

About Sanjay Shah
Shah isn’t just the man who started Autism Rocks. He is also the the president and CEO of Solo Capital, which is a hedge fund based in London. Some of the services the Shah and his company offers includes investment management and agency brokerage. It also offers principal trading services, safeguarding and administration of assets, as well as securities lending. Shah is a great businessman who has taken the company to great heights and his company serves many clients who are pleased with the services offered by Solo Capital.

Shah is a great family man and one of the reasons why he started Autism Rocks is because one of his children were diagnosed with Autism and he wanted to do his part to make a difference in the lives of kids who have it. Shah and his charity, as well as his company makes a difference in many people’s lives.

Shah is expected to continue to do great work, both with Autism Rocks and Solo Capital.

Premium Dog Foods Providing Human Like Food

Certified organic, no preservatives, and high quality ingredients are all terms that you are more likely to expect hearing about from your own food rather than your dog’s food. However, premium dog foods have been improving the quality of their offerings in the hopes of appealing to pet owners who are increasingly concerned with the well-being and health of their dogs. Man’s best friend indeed. The market for these foods has grown significantly in recent years. The overall pet food market is worth approximately $23.7 billion in annual sales. Pet owners are spending more on higher quality food items for their pets to a significant degree as the premium dog food market has increased by almost 45 percent to now command $10.5 billion of the total market. In the dog food industry, this has been commanding some high valuations and significant acquisitions. J.M. Smucker has acquired Big Heart Pet Brands for almost $6 billion and now has access to their jerky and treats that are made without additives and colorings, which is increasingly attractive to pet owners who are looking for more natural alternatives. Nestle’s Purina line, which owns powerhouse Beneful, bought Merrick Pet Care who is an organic producer of dog food and one of the leaders in organic dog foods. Nestle appears poised to add Merrick Pet Care’s strong organic products to Beneful’s already high quality and near dominant array of products. Beneful isn’t stopping there and is now offering a website that allows dog owners to offer personalized dog food blends using special small batch nutrition. This allows dog owners to create a diet that is right for their dog without having to adhere to the sizes and ingredients that fit other dogs. Imagine from your own perspective being forced to eat a sized meal with nutritional quantities that fit other sized people. Beneful is looking to change this and offer more specialty foods that are just right for your pet. Consider their Bright Minds food that has medium-chain triglycerides included in it that are specially designed for older dogs who have problems processing foods. These food items are more closely emulating human foods and with good reason; people are increasingly concerned with their pets and treat them just like part of their family.