CEO Doe Deere Appreciates what Life Long Citizens Struggle to…

The message behind CEO Doe Deere’s piece for Entrepreneur makes a simple enough point. Doe, a Jewish girl that migrated from Russia and currently runs two North American companies, appreciates something very important that life-long citizens overlook; America! Her, her mother and sister simply appreciate America and what it has to offer. No politician or pundit can make America great in their eyes as it has always been great to them.

Long before Lime Crime Cosmetics or Poppyangeloff, Doe was a 17-year-old girl with a sister and a mother. All three wanted to migrate to America so they did. As is typical with most immigrant stories, the actual city of New York differed a great deal from what was seen on television and in movies!

The family seemed to struggle at the blue-collar level until they ran out of all funds but $8. When this happened, they had to eat at church-sponsored meal kitchens and live in shelters and even on the street! The three of them survived, and the experience has made Doe an incredible entrepreneur.

At the end of Doe’s story, when they move into public housing, Doe isn’t upset about the crime or graffiti that seems to take place all around them. The family is simply excited over having a place period! A separate kitchen unit is like icing on the cake to them! Pull one life-long resident from public housing in New York and ask him if he’s got a problem with the arrangement. Statistically speaking, a life-long resident will very rarely be in dire straights and have nothing to complain about. Doe and her two family members were but they still loved this country enough to not offer complaints!

At no point in the story does Doe complain that the United States didn’t recognize her mother’s accounting credentials or that they didn’t have privacy as they slept. These three women were too busy doing what they had to do to make America work for them. If more life-long residents had this idea and work ethic, this country would be filled to the brim with Doe Deere’s.

Steve Ritchie Is The CEO That Papa John’s Deserves And Needs

Steve Ritchie is the chief executive officer of the popular pizza chain Papa John’s, and he has been working to better understand the needs of the company’s employees and customers. He recently traveled all over the United States in order to meet up with different team members and franchisees who have dedicated themselves to making the company what it is today. Ritchie discovered that many of these people are committed to continuing to work with Papa John’s, and he learned that the company is a whole lot more than just one person. He now fully understands that it is made up of all of the drivers, managers, and pizza preparers who serve the communities that the company operates out of.

Steve Ritchie recounted the company’s motto during his travels, which is People Are Priority Always (P.A.P.A). He also made a statement that the company has always held this belief. His interest in traveling around the country had to do with his desire to meet the people who make the company great, first-hand. Part of his job was to find out what Papa John’s can do to make their lives easier. He traveled to Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and many other cities to do so. He commented in a recent article that Papa John’s would not exist without its workers and admitted that they are at the center of its success.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s recounted some of his experiences, which included one where he listened to many of the company’s employees as they explained some of the tough times they have had with customers. He also talked about how many of these people feel like their co-workers are an addition to their own families. He was impressed when he discovered that many of the managers who work for Papa John’s take part in local charities and support local schools. In post from, it says that he admitted that some of the conversations that he had with many of the workers were difficult but that it is exactly what was needed as the brand works to overcome some of the trust it has lost in recent times.


Anthony C. Constantinou’s Academic Background And Professional Life


There is nothing which is more interesting to a researcher than achieving successful results after investing a lot of time and remaining focused on a particular topic. According to various scholars, prudent selection of the resources that you plan to use and the evaluation design matters a lot in the process of making decisions related to your studies. Anthony Constantinou has made a lot of contributions to the research department that have assisted a lot of young scholars in making useful decisions that have always assured them to get positive results. Anthony Constantinou is currently a lecturer at the Queen Mary University in London. Go To This Page for additional information about Constantinou.


 Academic Background and Professional Life

Anthony joined the University of Hertfordshire in 2005 where graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science after four years. While studying his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Anthony focused on artificial intelligence. Being a determined young man, Anthony immediately enrolled for his master’s degree in the same university. While in the University, Anthony always had a passion to carry out numerous studies on artificial intelligence which is why he majored in robotics and distinction when he went back to the University of Hertfordshire to study for his Master of Science.

After graduating from Hertfordshire with his Master of Science, he also joined Queen Mary University where he got his Doctor of Philosophy, (Ph.D.) and later joined the University as the lecturer. While teaching at Queen Mary University, Anthony C. Constantinou has been able to publish a lot of books which include things to know about Bayesian Networks and another publication which has been to many football fanatics all over the world is known as “A Model Of Football Prediction Worldwide”. Apart from the numerous publications by Anthony C. Constantinou, he has also earned very many honors and awards.


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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Believes in Diversity at Workplace

Hussain Sajwani is amongst the most accomplished and successful realtor and businessmen in Dubai. In the last few years, Hussain Sajwani’s Damac Properties has contributed immensely to the real estate development in the United Arab Emirates. Hussain Sajwani believes that it is essential for the businessmen to seize the opportunity when they see it. It is for this reason he moved back to Dubai even when he was successfully running a catering business in the United States. He has studied industrial engineering and economics from the George Washington University.

Damac Owner understands the taste of the elite class and has developed residential complex accordingly. Some of the many residential complexes that are built by Damac Properties are very posh and luxuriously designed. There are many famous international designers who work for Damac Properties and have helped in ensuring that the outcome is as expected by the consumers. Hussain Sajwani has also invested heavily in the equity market and has invested in many different markets globally. If you are looking to invest in the United Arab Emirates, buying in the real estate properties developed by Damac Properties is definitely going to be helpful.

Real estate developer Hussain Sajwani believes that diversity in the workplace makes for a good environment for people to work. It allows people to learn from each other and become tolerant of each other. He has over 77 nationalities of people working for him, and he is always looking to hire only the best irrespective of their culture. Varying views at workplace allow the business owners to learn how to handle problems with different perspective. For him, it is about learning new ideas and allowing his business to flourish by adopting these ideas.

Hussain Sajwani is also known to be one of the most prominent philanthropists in the United Arab Emirates and is associated with many different charities. Even though he Recently, Hussain Sajwani donated one million AED in the king of United Arab Emirates’ fund to help poor children get proper clothing. Hussain Sajwani believes that it is necessary for the established companies to help out start-ups looking to create a name for themselves.

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Dick DeVos helps blaze new inroads for American education

Most people don’t realize this, but Dick Devos is now a member of a board in Washington and has joined his wife, the 11th US Education Secretary, Betsy Devos. Dick has always been one of the quintessential businessmen for Amway, but now he is more of a philanthropist and entrepreneur, taking special interest in companies that make the world a better place. He has also been quite influential in the development and expansion of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This airport holds a special significance for Devos, but it’s also what got him a spot on the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration.


Devos has always been a pilot with a passion for aviation business. The council is now a greater stepping stone into the world of aviation, as he works with former transportation authorities and airline executives. The 13-member council serves as an advisory to the FAA on new policies, regulations, budgets, and ideas for future growth. Devos was only appointed to the council in 2017, but his experience in the business world has proven invaluable to the new policies that have recently been published by the FAA.


All of these changes to aviation come after President Trump challenged the Federal Aviation Administration to be more innovative, stating that America had fallen in the aviation industry and needed to match what was being offered in other countries for technology and security. The FAA has been working with the Council ever since to inform new policies and legislation.


Devos has been working with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport since 1999. His extensive business acumen and knowledge of international business has helped in expanding the airport considerably over the past two decades. In fact, it was Devos who made a call to the CEO of AirTran Airways in the early 2000s that created such a boom for the airport.


That one phone call set off a chain of events that would lead to new business, more flights, and an eventual $45 million renovation project that was just completed in 2018. The airport had been around since the 1900s, but it was under business partnership with Devos that it finally blossomed into the business traveler’s ultimate airport. With the renovation, a new business traveler’s center as well as food court area and updated technology would finally come to fruition. After all, Devos has been working with the airport for a number of years both as a business partner and educator.


Visit to learn more.


Devos is also the co-founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is located right on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The academy trains students to become pilots, which has also helped with the employment rates at the airport as well.


Devos will be meeting with the council once every quarter and providing his opinion on changes and budgets, as well as future growth plans. Through his business partnerships with other airlines, Devos has considerable experience and knowledge to provide the FAA as it moves forward with plans to innovate the industry.


Felipe Montoro Jens: An expert on financial matters

Felipe Montoro Jens recently assessed the viability of investing in the rail system. The infrastructure projects experts assessed this matter together with other experts. Some of the benefits they found include a reduction in environmental pollution since loads will shift from the road to the rail, reduced congestion in cities and highways, increased transport capacity and also fewer accidents. Even with all these benefits, it is surprising to note that there is very little expansion of the rail system in the country, a factor that Felipe Montoro Jens attributes to lack of continuity in projects planning. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Construction of rail system is a long-term project, and the government seems to keep changing its plans with each government that comes to power. Old projects are abandoned as new governments prioritise other projects. Felipe Montoro Jens is concerned with the impact on the environment. It is a fact that the environmental pollution will be greatly reduced if the country adopts a rail system.

Felipe Montoro Jens helps corporations to deal with financial problems when funding major infrastructure projects. His activities are in Brazil, where he has worked even with the government. He is an excellent CEO who understands what needs to be done to come up with good financial plans for infrastructure developments.

Felipe Montoro Jens has worked with various companies where he has been involved in auditing infrastructure projects with the aim of reducing wastages when carrying out projects. His work helps corporations to save more money. Felipe is well educated in finance. He holds a masters degree in business administration from Getulio Vargas and a bachelors in International Management from Thunderbird School of Management. His company deals with infrastructure developments not only in Brazil but the whole of Latin America. His expertise in financial matters is appreciated by corporations who look up to him and others to help them draw up the best financial policies. Website:



How Hotelier Guilherme Paulus is Transforming Brazil into a Top Tourists Destination

Guilherme Paulus is a reputable hotelier and globally known entrepreneur. He oversees operations of CVC Brasil Operadora, a top tour company in Brazil, and GPJ Hotels & Resorts, a chain of hotels and resorts found in different parts of the nation. Paulus commenced his successful career as a trainee for IBM and rose to become a powerful executive in Brazil. Visit the website to learn more about Guilherme Paulus.

Currently GPJ brand runs more than 20 hotels and resorts in Brazil. It has hotels in Salvador, Maceio, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Recife. It has hired more than 5,000 workers. In 1995, Guilherme Paulus started his first hotel. Since then, the hotel has served more than 95,000 people. In an interview with, Paulus shared widely on his career as an influential hotelier in Brazil.

The Origin of CVC Brasil Operadora

Paulus told that the idea for CVC originated from a state deputy called Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. The dual met during a ship trip whereby Carlos shared his plans of opening a tourist agency in his area of residence, Santo Andre. Since Paulus was very young at the time and with no capital, Carlos suggested an arrangement that would see him provide capital while Paulus take charge of operations. Paulus accepted the challenge, and they opened a store at the heart of Santo Andre. Their partnership lasted for four years, and then Paulus went solo. Read Guilherme’s profile at Forbes.

What Trend does Paulus Consider Exciting?

The most exciting trend for Guilherme Paulus is the ability to apply technology in our everyday life. With quick access to information, he says understanding and meeting the demands of clients and market trends has become easy.

What Makes Paulus More Productive?

Paulus enjoys visiting his hotels located in different cities in Brazil. He learns a lot and improves his understanding of the hotel industry by directly involving himself in the operations of his hotels. He considers his engagement with his workers and clients to be among his most productive habits as the head of GJP.

What Strategy Has Paulus Leveraged to Grow His Business?

Guilherme Paulus doesn’t focus on a single market. He has invested heavily in building both domestic and international tourism. He encouraged Brazilians to transition from road transport to air transport back in the 1980 and 1990s by chartering flights. This strategy resulted in massive growth of domestic tourism in Brazil.


The role of Wes Edens in the growth of Fortress Investment Group

Those who have ventured into the world of entrepreneurship know that it is not easy to start financial companies. The modern economy has become dynamic and getting an idea off the ground and convincing customers to buy your products and services can be complicated. There need for hard work, dedication and working with those who are interested. That is why some organizations have become successful while others have failed. It is the difference between successful people and those who have failed in their entrepreneurial journey. Organizations like Fortress Investment Group have stood out from the rest because of the dedication of people like Wes Edens. The company began in 1998, and some people did not know the kind of services that were offered by the company. But Wes Edens had the vision, and he has been working hard to see his vision come true.

The idea to start Fortress Investment Group came to him after he had been in the corporate world for years and learned the ropes. While working in the financial industry, he noticed that customers were not getting the kind of services they should get. He knew something needed to be done, and that is why he teamed up with other individuals in the financial industry to start Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens decided to work with other experienced individuals in the sector because he knew doing it alone would be difficult. He made these friends when he was working in the corporate world. He met with professionals like Randal Nardone, and they started Fortress Investment Group.

Their primary target was the market in the United States. They worked hard and soon they had established themselves in the American market. Their vision was to grow the company; hence they decided to focus on the global market. They have been offering some of the best services, and people are happy with the kind of services they get. Wes Edens has been crucial in the growth of the company. He has dedicated his time to ensure there is smooth running. He is credited with the growth of Fortress Investment Group to become a global organization.


Meet Wes Edens, the Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is the co-chief executive officer and the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He has a lot of background experience in the finance industry and possesses and proven record of achievements. He has been on the frontline pushing for various development agendas for his company. Wes is one of the masterminds of the success of Fortress Investment Group. A lot of the achievements witnessed at the company since its establishment in 1998 have been implemented by him. The company provides its investors with opportunities in private equity, capital vehicles, and hedge funds.

Wes Edens happens to have a special skill that helps him in identifying the necessary investment opportunities. He is a very famous entrepreneur with a lot of expertise in the transport industry and has played significant roles in the Miami commuter systems. He has a lot of experience in the transport industry and has been known for his excellent contributions at the Brightline services.

Wes Edens through his innovations has been able to lead the company towards increasing in its investments. As the company’s co-chair, he happens to bring a lot of innovations that have helped the company get over 1750 clients. His leadership has been attributed by continued education as well as research in the world of finance. He has been able to work closely with experts so that he can remain updated on the changes happening in the business world.

Wes Edens is a graduate of the famous Oregon University where he studied a bachelor of science in finance. After graduation, he started working at a California based bank and has since then served at various prestigious positions for several companies. He started as the managing partner of Lehman Brothers and served for six years. He later joined BlackRock Financial Management. He was able to establish a private equity fund at the company. Fortress happens to be a company managed by a group of there partners who have a lot of experience in the energy, healthcare and finance sectors. The combination makes the company the best investment hub across the globe. Very many people have been able to achieve tremendous results while acting as investors of the company.

Innovation In The Healthcare Industry With Penelope Kokkinides and InnovaCare Health

Penelope Kokkinides, like other professional executives, lives a life which is best described as “on-the-go”. Since taking her most recent position at InnovaCare Health as Chief Administrative Officer she has lived a live in which no two days are the same. The company, along with Penelope, has taken big strides in the organization and management in patient-provider relationships by developing alternative payment models (APMs) for clients, with the cooperation of other large healthcare providers.


Specializing in Medicare and Medicaid, InnovaCare Health is striving to reinvent the way that the healthcare industry handles patient-provider relationships, especially through the implementation of Alternative Payment Models (APMs). The company is a network of 7,500 providers which provide services for over 200,000 members in their network.


According to a recent interview, Penelope Kikkinides uses her time wisely. Her position requires a large amount of travel, which leads to her cherish her time on the plane. With a schedule as busy as hers, it’s those moments in the air which is the most tranquil and free. Work still calls while on the move, and the advancements of technology have allowed her to stay busy at home or abroad.


It that same technology which is the trend which has led to a more interconnected populace, which Penelope Kikkinides appreciates. Through advancements such as video calling and screen-sharing, she can stay informed and productive anywhere around the world, a fact for which she is “incredibly thankful.” Check out



When asked about the one habit Penelope Kikkinides has that allows her to be more productive, the answer was planning. “I spend some time almost every night thinking about the next day”, she said.


In 2016, InnovaCare Health, along with 100 leading healthcare organizations, lent their support to the movement towards alternative payment methods by joining the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). It’s a public-private partnership which endeavors to move its members to a system which promotes quality over quantity in their healthcare needs. You can visit



They are pioneers in a movement which InnovaCare hopes will become the norm as more organizations lent their support to LAN. InnovaCare Health provides two different health plans: MMM Healthcare, Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. Fortunately for the hundreds of thousands of people who are currently receiving the services of the company, Penelope and InnovaCare will continue to innovate and revolutionize the healthcare industry, even if it’s from 10,000 feet up.



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