How Sheldon Lavin Build OSI Group LLC

     Every successful person in any industry today will tell you that success doesn’t come easy. This has been the same for Sheldon Lavin’s career in the meat industry. More than 43 years ago, Sheldon entered the industry as an outsider. At that time, he had been working as a successful executive and investor in the banking industry. He had founded his financial consulting firm.

After joining OSI Group, LLC, Lavin became its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Since then, the company was transformed from being a small burger supplier into the worldwide food products supplier it is today. His company now supplies food products to various retail and food service brands worldwide. OSI Group LLC includes OSI International Foods LLC, OSI Industries, LLC, and OSI International, Inc (the leading holding corporation for the OSI international investments).

With nearly 20,000 workers globally, Sheldon is proud of his employees as well as the corporate culture (unique and family-oriented) that has enabled him to filter most ranks of the company, hence reducing the expenses of running the business.

The OSI group expanded throughout Europe and North America in the 1970s, and then later in the 1980s, they expanded to Taiwan and South America. Expansions to China, Philippines, Japan, Australia, India, and South Africa followed still under Sheldon’s leadership.

Lavin is philanthropic too. He is an active contributor to many charities including Chicago’s Inner City Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Evans Scholarship Fund, Jewish United Fund, and United Negro College Fund, among other local and national charities.

Some other positions Lavin has held include the Rush University Medical Center board member, Director and President of the Sheba Foundation, among other prizes.

Lavin was married to his wife for 55 years and they raised three kids who are all married with children. He also considers OSI employees to be part of his extended family.




Chris Burch- a Visionary Entrepreneur

Chris Burch, the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital, believes in combining creativity and productivity as concepts that will help any hungry entrepreneur with that strong urge for success to steer forward in achieving his or her dreams. At Burch Creative Capital, Chris has been upfront in helping upcoming entrepreneurs grow to what they want to become. The criteria for him to be interested in supporting a business idea or go into a new venture is to start with extraordinary dynamic people with ideas of great momentum that have great appeal globally.  Have a glimpse of Burch combo of creativity and productivity, visit

Among the secrets of building a successful business that Chris Burch gives include: asking a million question. Another is that one has to take calculated risks. Also, one has to be curious and humble in the sense that you want to know what other people are doing or thinking i.e. existing in their minds. Chris Burch believes that technology has helped him do a lot of things so much faster and is a critical success factor in today’s businesses. As much opposed, Chris Burch is not interested in overly repeated ideas; he interested in entrepreneurs that have new ways of beating the current ideas. Among his core values is giving back to the society because of his love for people and making them happy.

Read his insights on various things in his field of focus, check this.

Chris Burch was born on 28th March 1953. The 64-year-old investor began his career way back in 1976 when he was still an undergraduate student at Ithaca College. He started by investing $2000 with his brother Bob which they called it Eagle’s Eye Apparel which it grew to a net worth of $165 million before selling it to Swire Group.

Being an active investor and the Principal at Burch Creative Capital, he boasts of an exciting brand and range of a portfolio including ED by Ellen DeGeneres, , Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, and Poppin. He is also the co-founder of the luxury fashion brand, Tory Burch.  More on   He is devoted to the power of branding personalities and applying his marketing and sales skills to business interests involving apparels, financial services, and hospitality, technology, and consumer products.  Additional articles to read on

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The Impressionable Investor and Entrepreneur Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a business magnate and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He also has an interest in other industries including his interest in the fashion brand as the owner of the Tory Burch brand. Burch is a strong believer in the power of branding. His sound marketing and sales insights underscore the success of his business interests across multiple sectors of the economy including financial, technology, apparel, hospitality and consumer products.

Chris Burch career as an investor and entrepreneur spans over four decades as founder or co-founder of over fifty companies. His investment and entrepreneurial strength lie in his intuitive knowledge consumer behavior coupled with his direct and global sourcing experience. Burch further has an established track record of integrating innovation with results. Burch Creative Capital is the most prominent brainchild of Burch investment and entrepreneurial genius. The brand portfolio encompasses latest launches such as Cocoon9, Poppin, Ellen DeGeneres, Nihiwatu, and TRADEMARK as well as an inventory of mainstream brands such as Jawbone, Faena Hotel + Universe, and Voss Water. Check

Burch cites the success of his Burch Creative Capital firm on focus on the creation of disruptive ideas with positive, direct, and sustainable effect on the lives of his clients. Accordingly, the company invests in workforce made up of personalities who are extraordinarily fluid as well as in great potential ideas. The firm further supports globally appealing ideas for their large-scale potential. According to Burch, Burch Creative Capital’s business philosophy focuses on emerging markets by exploiting creative skill coupled with prudent financial practices to build, incubate, buttress, and scale disruptive firms and brands. He further underscores the importance of asking questions and getting feedback as the key to the success of the business. Burch also acknowledges instinctive decision making but advises for reflection of instincts on past experiences.  Read this interesting interview with Burch.

Risks are another unavoidable driver of a business growth and innovations as it helps a company to progress with invention and creativity despite failures. has additional article to read.  Technology is also the engine behinds the efficiency of a firm as articulated by Chris Burch. However, he downplays the importance of analytics to business. Burch also expresses tiredness with the normal running of business operations such as supply chain activities and therefore calls for innovation of new, efficient techniques.  Related articles  on

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Flavio Maluf of Eucatex Uses Technology to Succeed In Business

Thinking of how manually business was conducted decades ago, technology has been supportive of new trends in the current world. In fact, most successful companies owe the success to the evolution of technology. While connecting technology to business may seem strange and almost impossible, it is factual that the two elements have a close relationship that could be defined as a symbiotic relationship. One individual who has managed to grow a business to greater and successful ventures through technology is Flavio Maluf of Eucatex. Maluf is the executive chairman and chief executive of Eucatex Company.






Since its establishment over twenty years ago, Maluf has chaired most board meetings of the company. He has walked the company through challenges and great strides up to being named one of the best service providers of building materials. The most outstanding feature about Eucatex is its use of natural resources to manufacture products. Throughout the production system, Eucatex employs the use of eucalyptus to manufacture products. This is a great strategy implemented because apart from being eco-friendly, eucalyptus grows faster. It, therefore, means that Eucatex has the capacity to supply building products to retailers consistently.






Apart from being the head cheerleader of a manufacturing company that ranks top in the Brazilian market, Maluf offers entrepreneurial advice concerning the use of technology in business. He publishes articles concerning the growth of the business through the use of technology. On 8th February 2017, Maluf posted an article on how to venture into the business through technology. In the article, he explained that technology is used in almost all business and to that end, most companies have reaped high profits. Maluf also highlighted that investing in technological devices that can support the administration of business will contribute to massive yields by the end of 2017.



Target market



To business proprietors who want to invest, Maluf advises that it is vital to concentrate on satisfying the needs of the youth in the society. This is because most of the population is made of the youth. It, therefore, means that young people determine the direction of the industry and the performance of products. With a careful consideration of the youth, a business will prosper.



The Integrative Medical Approach of Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Inc. (CTCA) refers to a network of five hospitals in the United States who give health care services and support to adult cancer patients. They have been working on a project with two partners; Allscripts and NantHealth to enhance treatment strategies and options through the integration of ideas and services. Allscripts provides innovative technology solution through an online space that links patients with caregivers and avail vital information. On the other hand, NantHealth Inc. focuses on personalized care and treatment of critical and cancer patients using evidence based approach.

Clinical Pathways program is therefore borne from this integration. It monitors cancer treatment with the help of NantOS system used by oncologists and provides information about cancer including the recent discovery and studies. According to George Daneker, MD &CMO at CTCA, the project comes at a time when oncologists are studying hard about cells, cancer treatment regime and complementary target therapies.

The Allscripts Sunrise Electronic Health Record provides backed up data that helps give patients standard care, weigh treatment options, review progress and monitor for safety and efficiency. Chemotherapy selection and booking are set to improve through the alignment of clinical workflows and interior design. Technology will be embraced in the entire cancer management process from diagnosis to treatment.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

According to WebMD, Richard J. Stephenson founded CTCA after his mother succumbed from cancer. The Midwestern Regional Medical Centre in Illinois was the first hospital that housed the organization. CTCA then was headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois but later moved to Boca Raton, Florida.

The five hospitals in the CTCA are spread across the United States in Phoenix, Arizona; Tulsa; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and around Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois. Cancer treatment is done through surgery, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and alternative therapies. The therapies are known to deal with nausea, fatigue, malnutrition, depression, anxiety and pain that comes from the side effects.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.

Understanding Chris Burch and his Investment Portfolios

Chris Burch is a prominent entrepreneur who has been in the investment industry for close to four decades. His investment portfolio covers a broad range of industries including hospitality, financial and apparel. Five years ago, the entrepreneur purchased an underutilized property in Sumba island, Indonesia, and renovated it to a luxury resort known as Nihiwatu. In 2016, this restaurant was ranked #1 Hotel across the globe by Travel+Leisure. Burch has also helped to establish other key brands like Tory Burch, Voss Water, Jawbone and Poppin.

Burch’s Entrepreneurial Skills

Burch became interested in the hospitality sector after partnering with a seasoned hotelier Alan Faena and engineer Philippe Stark, and they redeveloped unused piece of land to what is today known as Faena Hotel + Universe. In mid 2014, Chris Burch partnered with Ellen DeGeneres and they founded ED by Ellen Degeneres, a lifestyle platform. Towards the end of 2014, the entrepreneur launched Cocoon9, an affordable residential property with energy and space saving features, and also state-of-the-art finishes. Burch has also invested in hospitality sourcing enterprise Bur+Mah, ladies apparel brand TRADEMARK and an office supply enterprise Poppin. Currently, Burch is involved in development of other consumer products such as Chubbies, Blink Health, BaubleBar and others.

Burch’s Interview with Ideamensch

The entrepreneur founded Burch Creative Capital, where he is the CEO. During the interview, Burch explained that the idea of creating this firm was to help other emerging entrepreneurs achieve their goals as he has done. The firm focuses on funding entrepreneurs with great ideas in order to bring extraordinary achievements to the world. Burch revealed that he is always busy either seeking ways to expand Nihiwatu resort, or traveling to either New York or Los Angeles to know how his investments are performing. Burch is able to bring ideas to reality by associating with individuals with passion to execute those ideas.  More of this on

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Burch revealed that when he was 13 years old, his father introduced him to their construction firm so that he could learn some tips about construction and the labor involved. The ideas Burch learned from this work prepared him to persevere and also in taking risks. According to the entrepreneur, for a person to succeed in business or any other endeavor, taking risks is unavoidable. The entrepreneur claims to have experienced thousands of failures, he takes time to reflect, understand and appreciate those failures, and it has enabled him to move forward and keep on creating investment opportunities.   Interesting articles on

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Vincent Parascandola, a Financial Guru

Background Information

Vincent Parascandola is a financial advisor working with Axa Advisors, LLC. Vincent studied at Lubin Pace University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Before he joined Axa, he was in the MONY Group in 1990, where he held a position as the regional manager. He later left the company and worked in Prudential Insurance in 1987 as an agent and got an award as the National Rookie of the Year. He joined Axa Advisors in 2004.


Career in Axa Advisors

Vincent Parascandola has added to Axa’s growth since he joined the company. Axa Advisors is a financial company that helps its customer’s strategies in financial protection and how to manage their wealth. They have been on the market since 1859 and therefore, it is an established company. It was founded by Henry Hyde who left Mutual Life Insurance and started Axa which was by then known as Equitable Life Assurance Society of America. With its goal being to provide the best financial assistance to its clients, Axa has brought in professionals like Vincent.


Vincent has been this company’s Senior Executive Vice President since October 2014. Through his leadership, there has been a growth of 225 financial professionals in Central New Jersey. He has been able to recruit and train new advisors to the company. This group of new advisors has added to the capable team in Axa, hence increasing productivity. Mr. Parascandola has had a successful career in finance, where most of us shy away from. His more than 25 years experience in financial matters, has not left him without various rewards.


He has won awards such as the GAMA’S Career Development and Master Agency awards. To add to his long resume, he is also in demand as a speaker in the financial world. He has spoken at the GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting and LIMRA’s Distribution conference. Vincent Parascandola is not only a great leader but a man with a passion for finance. Most people do not know how to plan their future in regard to finances. But Axa, under the leadership of Vincent, has got you covered.


Digging in Deeper with James Dondero

James Dondero is an island of experience and expertise when it comes to credit markets. Having worked in the field for more than thirty years, Dondero knows the dos and don’ts in this important discipline. James is currently renowned as the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. Dondero also happens to be the Chairman of CCS Medical, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and American Banknote Corporation.



Before Dondero’s arrival at Highland Capital Management, he worked for Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary, American Express, and JP Morgan. Over the years, Dondero has been able to acquire unique sets of skills that range from investment grade corporate, emerging market debt, high-yield bonds, and mortgage-backed securities to derivatives and preferred stocks. With a BS in Commerce in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia, James has become an unrivaled credit market expert.



In October 2016, James Dondero decided to award a $1 million grant in support of The Family Place through his company, Highland Capital Management according to The Family Place is an organization created to help people affected by family violence. The $1 million challenge grant was expected to close in the gap of a $2.8 million shortfall by mid-2017. The grant got issued through the Highland Dallas Foundation, a philanthropic organization created under the Highland Capital Management banner. Dondero came to the assistance of the Legacy Campaign after the Dallas mayor, and police chief had requested members of the public to initiate financial drives in support of The Family Place so that they can better fight domestic violence in the region. In just a year, The Family Place had raised a significant amount of money from philanthropists and donors.



Proceeds from the Legacy Campaign would go to the construction of a counseling center. Part of the proceeds would also go to offering operational support to the facility. Since 2017 has only begun, the facility is still under construction. It will host 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, a medical and dental clinic, individual and group counseling centers, a job training hub, as well as a customer care facility. The institution is also expected to attend to more than 2,000 family violence victims and 6,000 students that have undergone cases of bullying per year. When complete, the building will get named after Ann Moody. Thanks to people like James Dondero, family violence victims will no longer suffer in silence.


Ricardo Tosto Discusses Brazil Bar Exemption Proposal

With bar passage rates as low as 15% in some cases, the Brazilian bar exam is controversial. In the past, each state administered its own exam, much like in the United States. However, the new exam is standardized, and all Brazilian law graduates must take the exam in order to be admitted to the practice of law.

Because of the low pass rates, proposals have abounded in recent years ranging from doing away with the bar exam to allowing certain exceptions. There have even been lawsuits filed alleging that the current system violates constitutional rights by requiring an examination for entry into a profession that the graduate already has a right to practice by virtue of holding a degree. Ricardo Tosto on Facebook.

None of these suggestions have ever gained any traction, but there is one modest proposal that is currently pending in the Brazilian senate. The bill would grant an exemption from taking the exam to professionals with at least ten years of “forensic experience” in the law. If it passes, the new law could provide a route for people with extensive real-world experience to become qualified lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto is a top authority on Brazilian law and the founder of Ricardo Tosto& Associates, one of Sao Paulo’s most sought-after law firms. In addition, Ricardo Tosto is considered one of the originators of the practice of modern dispute resolution law in the country.

Besides his law practice, Ricardo Tosto is also highly regarded as an author and teacher, having penned several books. He is also an in-demand speaker and presenter in the legal community. Mr Ricardo has had a hand in founding many civic and professional organizations, such as the Institute for Electoral Law. A graduate of one of Brazil’s most important law schools, he is fluent in both Portuguese and English.

Reasons to Why Success Academy is an Academic Giant

Eva Moskowitz is the founder and current CEO of Success Academy, a leading network of charter schools in New York City. Since opening its first school in 2006, the network has established an addition of 32 schools, which serve 9,000 students. Success Academy has 24 elementary schools, seven middle schools, and a new high school. According to the results of Common Core, aligned exams, 35 percent of New York kids were good at math and 29 percent in English. Conversely, Success Academy students’ proficiency rates entailed 94 percent in math and 64 percent in English.

Success Tips from Success Academy

Success Academy is conscious about content at all levels of learning. First, it has developed its English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum called THINK Literacy. THINK Literacy is based on a Teachers College Reading and Writing approach known as balanced literacy, which emphasizes on independent reading. Balanced literacy is quite ineffective in traditional school because it does not build the vocabulary or knowledge of a student. Success Academy adds content to THINK Literacy through models such as Reading Workshops, Guided Reading, Read Aloud, and Sharing Text.

The science program at Success Academy is marvelous. In kindergarten, students are taught hands-on, inquiry-based science for five days in a week. Success Academy scientists carry out experiments and discuss results and observation. Moreover, the method of teaching science provides students with the essential critical thinking skills for solving problems. Students also recognize their passion at an early stage.

Elementary students at Success Academy complete two project-based learning units in every grade. In middle school, students are given iPads containing books. Moreover, every student is required to have four novels, one poetry, and two non-fiction books. Success Academy adds independent reading time as well as a literature class at this level.

The Contribution of Teachers

Success Academy has a teacher preparation program known as Teachers Academy (T-school), which equips the teacher with understanding what he/she is teaching as well as feedback from the students. Teachers have broad access to technology through the provision of MacBook Pros and an impressive IT system that allows efficient communication. Additionally, teachers are involved in parental engagements through phone calls, emails, and meetings.