The benefits of civil rights bodies across the world

Human rights activism is an essential part of protecting human dignity and improving the living standards of people. Thus, it is paramount for countries across the world to uphold human rights tenets by formulating laws to protect the violation of human rights.

Across the board, many organizations have emerged to echo their voice in the increasing number of human and migrants rights abuses globally. In the process, this has strengthened the fight against human rights abuses and discrimination.

The United States of America has witnessed an increased number of human and civil rights bodies. The Advocates for Human Rights is a civil rights organization that has specialized in spearheading women, children and immigrants’ rights globally. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

This has earned the group an international recognition as being among the best civil rights bodies due to its independence. The organization has devised ways of ensuring the less-privileged get justice. They specialize in providing legal services to aid in getting justice for victims of human rights violations.

Racial discrimination is another fundamental part of human rights violation that has been witnessed in many countries. To curb this, the United States of America under the then president John F Kennedy established Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights under Law. As such, the body has been instrumental in protecting the rights of minority groups to access services and equal representation.

Another notable organization that has brought a positive impact to individuals and families in the US is the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights. The organization is based in California and has been fighting for the rights of immigrants in accessing equal employment opportunities.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are household names in the human and civil rights arena. They have contributed positively towards the advancement of the rights of immigrants in the United States of America.

The duo is the co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media respectively. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been using the media to advocate for the rights of immigrants by writing articles to sensitize the world.

Their breakthrough came in the line of duty when they were arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio after they had revealed the existence of a jury that wanted to use their reports against the county security chief. After the arrest, they staged a legal battle where they won the case and were compensated $3.75 million.

Michael and Jim have channeled the money into their human rights activism by speaking for the oppressed across the US. As a result, the duo has received recognition across the world for the work they are doing.

Eric Pulier: The 21st Century’s Einstien

Information technology is all around us. Just about every piece of electronic device has some form of innovative technology in it. Without technology, life would definitely be a bit more boring. Advanced technology is used in a variety of products, which cover numerous industries. The individuals who create and develop these items are some of the most intellectually gifted people on the planet. Have you ever heard of Eric Pulier? Unfortunately, most people haven’t heard of this guy, but he has revolutionized the IT field of work.

Eric Pulier is known to be a man of many talents. He’s known to be an author, a technologist, a businessman and an investor. Pulier has founded 15 companies, and these companies have helped to reshape the environment on a technical level. The companies included are Service Mesh, Digital Evolution, Akana Software, US Interactive, XPRIZE and many more. Pulier began his college career at the prestigious Harvard University. His family thought that he would major in some form of engineering, but Pulier had other plans. His major was actually in American & English Literature, but he also explored other options. This extraordinary guy was the editor and a column writer for the Harvard Crimson publication. He also took extra classes at MIT. Yes, he had more than enough work on his hands, but he somehow found a way to get through it all. In 1988, he would graduate magna cum laud.

Pulier’s professional career began in Los Angeles, California. He used some of the most advanced technological devices to better mankind. The guy has worked closely with politicians such as former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore. Having such a big heart, Pulier has invested millions of dollars into charitable organizations, and he’s invested millions of dollars in seed-level startup companies. In just 50 years, Eric Pulier has done more for society than most people combined and that’s a fact.

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Eric Pulier: America’s True Unsung Hero

The world is full of brilliant minded people, and these people come in many different forms. Greatness isn’t predicated by color or race. In a sense, greatness comes in the form of destiny. It’s like a pre-written law for certain individuals and in most cases, greatness will never appear if you don’t work hard. There is a guy who personifies the word greatness although he isn’t necessarily a household name. His name is Eric Pulier, and what he has done for mankind hasn’t been duplicated. Pulier is known by many people as a technologist, a philanthropist, an investor and an entrepreneur. He just seems to have his hands in a wide variety of projects. As of today, this guy has been a founder of 15 companies. These companies use some of the most advanced technology to get its point across. Check out the list below.

• Akana Software
• Service Mesh Inc.
• US Interactive
• Digital Evolution
• Starbright World
• Desktone
• And many more

Pulier has stated that successful investments have helped him build wealth. The guy is a multimillionaire over and over. His ability to flip business ventures is only one part of to why he’s successful. He has put in the hard work, which started at the prestigious Harvard University. The hard work was also put in at the prominent MIT learning facility. Nothing was left up to chance and on a daily basis, he continues to better himself. It would be extremely hard to go out and do the things that this man has done.

He was one of the earliest adopters of cloud computing long before it became popular. He will usually get in on a product or service before it ever hits the mainstream. This is investment 101 and he has demonstrated it over and over again. Though he may never be a household name, being an unsung hero isn’t as bad as you may think it is.

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What We Can Learn from Tony Petrello’s Success Story

Tony Petrello paved his path to success to become one of the CEOs in the U.S. who receive high compensation. His achievements can be attributed to his creative thinking abilities, natural gifts, hard work, and consistency. Petrello has also earned a lot of respect in the philanthropy world for his support on kids with neurological disorders. He donated $7 million to help Texas Children’s Hospital in addition to having board of trustees membership at the institution.

Excellence in Academics

Petrello’s enthusiasm for becoming a leader in future began when he was still a kid residing in Newmark, NJ. He was enlisted by Yale University for a scholarship because of his exceptional math abilities. As part of the scholarship, he also got a chance to be mentored by Serge Lang, a math professor and author.

Courtesy of the scholarship, Tony Petrello graduated with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Yale. He also met the love of his life and wife, Cynthia, during his time at Yale. Petrello’s professors expected him to become a mathematician after his graduation. However, he decided to enroll in Harvard Law School to pursue a course in law.

Career Highlights

Petrello was hired by Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979. This job opportunity acted as his debut in the highly-competitive law industry. At Baker & McKenzie, he worked as a lawyer with a specialty in arbitration and taxation. Due to his exemplary performance in this fields, he was promoted to managing partner of the firm’s New York-based subsidiary.

One of Baker & McKenzie’s most frequent clients was Nabors Industries. During his tenure at the company, Petrello got an opportunity to interact with top executives of Nabors, the largest oil and natural gas drilling company in the world. Nabors’ executives saw a great potential in Tony Petrello. They tried convincing him to join them, and after some time, he accepted the offer.

Tenure at Nabors Industries

Petrello had to relocate from New York to Texas after he accepted the job offer. He began working for Nabors Industries as a chief operating officer and executive committee board member in 1991. A year later, Petrello was named as the president because of his efforts to build Nabors. He is credited for facilitating the acquisition of Grace Drilling for $32 million. At Nabors Industries, Petrello has served in the CEO capacity since 2011. He has also served as board chair and executive committee board chair since 2012. Besides Nabors, he is a director at Hilcorp Energy and


Sawyer Howitt, Enterprising Young Man

     From an early age, Sawyer Howitt has demonstrated an ability to master three keys of entrepreneurship: business savvy, content creation, and delivering value to a variety of stakeholders. For a young man who is just set to enter college this fall, enrolling at the University of California – Berkeley to study entrepreneurial finance, he is impressively accomplished.

Howitt has shown that he has an eye for what builds a successful brand. His personal passion for fashion has allowed him to study the nuances of how brands market themselves, and then apply that to his own clients’ situations. As a project manager at the Meriwether Group, a boutique marketing firm, Sawyer has to be adaptable to varying situations in order to deliver value to his clients. This requires a keen understanding of each client’s business and an overall knowledge base to develop a creative solution. Part of what has kept that well of knowledge and ideas full for Howitt has been his willingness to perform a myriad of tasks. During his experience at the Meriwether Group, he has banked on his technical abilities to impress his colleagues with Excel-based reports, and has gained important experience even just as a note taker when a junior staff. It’s this experience that once gained, is available to enhance a professional’s performance for the rest of his career.

Sawyer Howitt has taken a clue from his clients at the Meriwether Group – he has focused on building his own brand. He runs an active blog on and has been featured in several publications where he doles out advice on entrepreneurship and guess what, brand-building. In this way Howitt invokes the strategy of popular entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk, who always give their audience a reason to keep them in mind by offering advice and content for free.

Lastly, Howitt has realized that a well-rounded professional is not without their charitable endeavors. At his high school, Sawyer has led groups supporting women’s rights around the world. He has also undertaken a variety of volunteer activities to broaden his horizon and bolster his skills inventory.

Sawyer Howitt has shown that it takes a well-rounded approach to achieve business success. Aspiring entrepreneurs should take heed.

Please read the Advice of Sawyer Howitt For Young Entrepreneurs for more.

Gregory Aziz, National Steel Car: ‘Carry That Weight’

Gregory (“Greg”) James Aziz was born on April 30, 1939, in London, Ontario in Canada. He is a businessman who knows about American freight and passenger carriers. Aziz is currently the president, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of National Steel Car.

National Steel Car is a company focused the engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. It is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. The business is well known in the industry.


Not much is publicly known about Aziz’ family background. He did, however, follow up his secondary education with college. He went to Ridley College.


He also attended the University of Western Ontario. There he majored in Economics. Following graduation in 1971, he took a job with the Affiliated Foods Company. Launched in 1968, AFC sells wholesale groceries and is presently one of the major importers of fresh food. The business imports goods from Central America, Europe, and South America.


Sometime In the late 1980’s Aziz relocated to New York. There he was employed as an investment banker. By 1994 he was able to garner great wealth.


He purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco. His main objective was to make his newly acquired company the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in all of North America. He would make the company famous.


The business’ engineering capabilities truly blossomed under Aziz’ leadership. He put most of his money into human resources and ramping up the company’s manufacturing capabilities. As the 1990s closed, the business was manufacturing 8,500 more cars than when he purchased National Steel Car.


Aziz has a reputation as someone who strives for perfection. Thanks to his efforts, National Steel Car has received a number of different awards throughout the years. National Steel Car is reported to be the only railcar company in North America to have ISO certification. Since 1996 the business has been awarded the TTX SECO highest quality annual award.


Despite some of the futuristic ideas now employed by National Steel Car, Aziz and company still remain true to such time-honored values as maintaining good relationships with suppliers, remaining loyal to their customers and acknowledging the value of the venture’s 2000-plus employees who construct the high-quality rail cars that the business prides. See This Page for more.


Aziz and National Steel Car are also involved in their community. Aziz and NSC sponsor a number of community-based projects and charity efforts. They give to such organizations as Theater Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, and the Salvation Army.


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Boraie, New Jersey’s Most Sought Development Company

Surging real estate markets is a crisis taking immense effect on housing and properties in the New Jersey area. According to some research by the New York Times, this densely populated area of the United States is facing some of the highest rates and shares of residential mortgages which tend to be in foreclosure situations. Because of this economic downfall, the real estate market in New Jersey has been a tough, competitive market that is increasingly falling further behind the rest of the nation. In hopes of resolving the predicaments this situation brings at hand, the New Jersey market will need to utilize the positive trends as they prepare to alter their attention to analyzing and solving the imminent affordability problem and shortages.

The Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors, Lawrence Yun, stated the possibility of the obvious housing shortage may be grounds for a future crisis in itself as the gap between housing supplies and housing demands continues to grow. Due to the accelerated pace in which newly built homes are being sold, there have been negative effects on housing permits in general. Because of this if the market is flooded with thousands of newly built homes that need to be purchased prior to others; the situation in New Jersey could worsen causing the real estate market to continue to suffer. Many of Bloomberg economists have predicted that the drop may be on a fast track to intensification based off of the increase just experienced in the month of May.

Although the recession had a troublesome effect on much of the New Jersey real estate market, certain small cities and towns have observed large housing demands paired with outstanding inventories. Along with this, many other areas of the state are buckling up as it is expected many highly-effective developments with an abundance of brand-new apartments are expected to hit the markets. In these areas the prices for much property has been increasing significantly throughout the previous months.

Due to its impressive and outstanding development rate over the previous twenty years, Sam Boraie of Boraie Development is said to be one of the most desired and sought out development companies in the state of New Jersey. They credit much of their success due to their economic strategy of using primarily private sources to fund their projects. One of the strong points of is its ability to utilize consistent and sturdy contractors, architects, and financial institutions that have a concise and professional view of deadlines, legitimacy and quality.


End Citizens United Keeps Fighting for Help

End Citizens United sees the Citizens United as something that needs to be stopped. They know that people are struggling to be able to get all of the things they need, and they know they will have to try different things if they want to improve their chances at a better life for all of the people who they have worked with. The organization knows what they are doing so they continue to show people the way that Citizens United is wrong. They want everyone to know what they can do and how their lives will get better because of the things they are doing. They also want to ensure that people have a chance to have a more positive experience no matter who the are voting for. It shouldn’t matter what political party a person belongs to, they shouldn’t have to compete with major corporations just to get their voice heard.

That is exactly what Citizens United has done to the people. Now, corporations can donate just as much money as citizens can. There is no strict cap on what the corporations can do and it is getting out of hand. The people need to have a voice and End Citizens United is the voice they are looking for. It is currently the only thing that can stop Citizens United because of the power that it has. The organization is growing and getting to the point where people are going to be able to use it to fight back against the corrupt law that was put into place with Citizens United.

The idea that the organization is something that is small is not a good one. In fact, the way that it has grown is indicative of the way that it has been able to be successful. There are more people who are joining up with End Citizens United, and it has proven to be a relatively bi-partisan opportunity that people can benefit from. It is a way for everyone to understand the laws and the things that are going on for the people who are in these types of situations.


Since Citizens United first started, they were expected to pull in around 4 million dollars. This was a large number for a new organization, but it was something that people expected to happen because of all of the support they got from these things. Now, though, the organization is expected to make even more profits. They are going to continue to profit and make up to 35 million dollars in the coming year. This money will be what they can use to make things easier for themselves and for people who they are trying to give a voice back to.

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Arpaio’s Pardon Attacks the Judiciary

In light of Trump’s recent pardoning of Joe Arpaio many people are wondering what the significance of this move is, and why Trump would go out of his way to pardon this specific individual. The controversy surrounding the issue is well founded, and if you are unaware of who Joe Arpaio is and what he represents then your probably wondering why his pardoning is such a big deal.

To understand the different layers comprising this political move we have to start at the beginning of the Trump-Arpaio relationship to understand it from an anti-immigration standpoint, and then move on to understand Trump’s disdain for the judiciary branch. By going beyond an anti-immigration stance Trump hopes to circumvent a court ruling as a power play against our system of checks and balances.

In the beginning the relationship between Trump and Arpaio blossomed over the “birther theory”, where the two came together in an attempt to prove that President Obama was born outside of the United States. For six years these two worked tirelessly to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of Americans, doing everything they could to spread misinformation and lies about the birthplace of the former President. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This tactic of making the lie big, simple, and repeating it over and over until people believe it seems to have worked, as a majority of the conservative base to this day still believe that President Obama was not born in this country.

It was a propaganda technique developed by Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, and in Goebbels own words it only works if the state is able to shield the people from the consequences of that lie.

This is where the pardon comes into play for us, as it effectively shields the population from the consequences of Arpaio’s defiance of court orders. Repressing dissent is the same as repressing the truth, and in this case the truth is clearly the enemy of Trump and Arpaio.

In 2007 Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were awarded a settlement in the amount of 3.75 million dollars as the result of being wrongfully arrested by Arpaio’s sheriffs for reporting on court proceedings against him.

They have dedicated this money to a foundation that serves to protect immigrant rights in the face of the same lawlessness that they experienced. While Arpaio and his deputies were busy profiling and rounding up hundreds of immigrants violent crimes were left un-investigated as manpower became devoted solely to the effort of immigration “reform.”

After fighting against Arpaio’s unconstitutional methods his department received a ruling that barred them from continuing what the court referred to as “systematic racial profiling of immigrants,” and the Department of Human Services removed his authority for immigration-enforcement. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

This year Arpaio was convicted of contempt for blatantly ignoring the courts ruling by continuing to waste resources on his racist crusade. U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow ordered that the agency stop detaining people based only on the suspicion of being undocumented, and by defying this order Arpaio was charged with contempt and sentenced to six months in jail.

This comes after it was revealed that his deputies continued to discriminate against Latinos in the initiation of traffic stops.

By reversing the court’s decision Trump has effectively condoned Arpaio’s racist initiatives, and has acknowledged that this sort of behavior will be protected under his administration.

Beyond the racially charged rhetoric exists another sinister political motivation, and Trump’s outright contempt for the Judiciary Branch of government is no secret.

Rather than uphold and protect our Democratic Process Trump has made it his duty to defy court rulings that threaten the lies his administration has used to rise in power. If history is doomed to be repeated it would seem that Trump is right on track.

Madison Street Capital; the Leading Provider of Financial Advisories

Today, the world of business is flooded with uncountable players making it difficult for the unlucky ones to achieve their desires. However, on a professional’s point of view, in the already crowded market lies a tiny window for every investor willing to double up his or her money. On this, various firms have been established, and all focused on assisting various ventures achieve their profitable levels. Madison Street Capital is among the few, but the substantial effort towards the business world can never go unmentioned.


As the name implies, the distinguished firm holds the keys to the business’ street. The respected financial firm has been in the game for about 12 years but has managed to set a pace that many companies have never achieved. MSC has worked in close collaboration with many successful companies across the corners of the world.


For example, back in 2014, the successful financial firm made it public that it had offered its much-needed services to Vital Care Industries. As we all understand, the medical company has been in business for almost 35 years. However, Vital Care’s CEO could not hesitate but to give credits to MSC for its involvement in the redefining of Vital Care.


MSC has a reputation of picking the best personalities in the industry. It’s the firm’s culture to recruit not only the qualified but also those talented and passionate about business. Not long ago, the company’s COO received a 40 Under Forty Award from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The noble prize was won by Marsala as an appreciation for his endless effort in transforming the firm’s operations. The young COO holds a Master’s degree and more than ten years’ experience in the field.


Over and over again, Madison Street Capital has continued to deliver incredible results, and this has seen it praised by different platforms. Last year, the respected firm was ranked as the M&A Advisor finalist by finance professionals. We all understand the hard work and effort needed to scoop such a high title. Besides, MSC scooped a Turnaround Award earlier this year, a competition that involved more than 300 companies.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison is Chicago based financial firm with an incredible reputation that surpasses that of many commercial enterprises in the game. However, today, the company owns offices in Asia, Africa, and North America. MSC has a reputation of leading when it comes to the task of providing mergers and acquisition advisories a duty that has seen it crowned with numerous laurels.


When it comes to experience, MSC takes pride in holding all that is required to emerge the best. Not only does it know how well to build a cordial link between a buyer and seller but it also understands how to initiate successful amalgamations. Not long ago, MSC facilitated the merging between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group, one of the successful mergers. Learn more:


Away from the credits, investment, and financial advisories, MSC is also involved in many charitable acts. For example, in 2011, the firm donated a considerable amount of money to support the victims of weather catastrophe. Besides, the company regularly gives towards the United Way as well as the United States Red Cross.