One Step Toward Beating This Cancer

With a new test ovarian cancer may be able to be detected in patients before it is too late. Too often woman have been dying from ovarian cancer because it is detected in them when the cancer is too far along, but this new test may be able to change all of that. It is proven to have detected cancer in more patients. It is said to have detected it sooner than the other tests would have.
Cancer is a horrible disease and kills too many people. If this new test actually works and is able to detect cancer in woman before it is too late, then this may help to lower the number of people who die from cancer each year. There is hope that the numbers may start going down and that more people may start surviving ovarian cancer.

If this new test really works, it is just one step toward beating ovarian cancer. Gianfrancesco Genoso can certainly get behind that.

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