NuoDB: Redefining Database Solutions And Management

NuoDB is a company that excels in offering technology solutions. The company was founded in 2008 and since then has had a huge impact in the field that it divulges into. Located in Massachusetts. The company is one of the most sought after when it comes to technological database solutions. When Barry Morris founded the company, he wanted to be able to give his clients the best of database technology while ensuring that they are satisfied with the finished product. He had an idea in mind, and executed it beautifully. He still leads the company, but now from the position of CEO.

What makes the company different from others of its kind is the fact that the system that they use is patented, which means that they are the only people who can use this advanced level of database management.The technology that the company uses is regarded as a technological landmark, and is something that has set the company apart from others of it kind.

NuoDB offered SQL based solutions, mainly for cloud based applications. Since its inception, the company has worked alongside numerous clients, offering them top tier solutions. NuoDB has also had a number of large companies like Kodiak and UAE Exchange come to them for related solutions.

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