NGP VAN Offers 4 Tips To Ensure A Better End-Of-Quarter Experience

Nearing the end of a quarter can put a pinch on your budget and create a higher level of stress. While there’s no way to go back and improve past performance, you can still act to ease the burden of that end of the quarter pressure. NGP VAN, a top progressive software company, recommends these four tips to make this a better experience.

  1. Brainstorming for Emails

As an entrepreneur, you’ve likely been sending out emails on a daily basis, probably sending out more than one per day. That comprises a great deal of brain power and, by quarter’s end, you may be feeling your creative juices have been all tapped out. In the future, try to brainstorm a long list of ideas and keep it on hand for these circumstances. For now, try sending out data that provides proof of your campaign strength. You might also share your fundraising thermometer, average contribution amount, or talk about the reasons others have contributed.

  1. Get Your Writing Out of the Way

There’s a ton of writing involved in preparing for the end of the quarter. By doing as much of it in advance as you can, you can lighten your workload later. This will help reduce your obligations at a more stressful time. If you get enough prepared ahead of time, you may only have to plug in specifics, before sending it off.

  1. Organize Your Calendar

By keeping track of your emails, contacts, appointments, and deadlines on one calendar, you’ll be better able to track what you have done and what has yet to be completed. You can also set up alerts, so your calendar will push notifications to your phone. This will help you stay focused.

  1. Celebrate Your End-of-Quarter Successes

Once you’ve finally made it to this point, there’s nothing more to do, except put it in the past and move onto the next quarter. Before you look to the future, though, take the time to celebrate your successes. You should feel proud for meeting your goals and there’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for that.


NGP VAN is an organization that specializes in fundraising for the Democratic party. Additionally, their software helps to keep track of voters, fundraising efforts, and volunteers. They also maintain strict compliance to voting regulations in every state in the country.

Priding themselves on being able to provide quality service to the Democratic party means that NGP VAN has to state updated on the latest tech innovations. By supplying clients with the most recent state of the art advances, NGP VAN ensures those clients are able to stay competitive.

To find out recent news about NGP VAN in Washington DC, check out their CrunchBase Profile.


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