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One of the most popular lines of fashion products, accessories, and shoes in the world has been Tory Burch. This company has been in business for more than 20 years and continues to be led by Chris Burch, the founder and CEO of the company. While Burch continues to be very involved in the operations and success of Tory Burch, he also invests in a lot of other areas as well. This has included many investments in companies that are in the tech industry.

While Burch has a lot of successful investments in the tech and fashion industries, his most prized investment may be his recent purchase and renovation of a very popular hotel. About five years ago Burch partnered up with James McBride to purchase a hotel on the beaches of Sumba. McBride was already known for being one of the top hotel managers in the world and brought plenty of great ideas for the new purchase.

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Ever since buying the hotel, Burch and McBride have invested heavily in renovating the hotel. Overall, they have spent more than $30 million on a wide range of investments and renovations that have helped to make it one of the top hotels in the world. The beautiful hotel is very well known for providing people with amazing charm, luxury, and scenery. The hotel has also gained the attention of a lot of people that are in the industry. The hotel, which has since been named Nihiwatu, has already been named one of the top hotels in the world by the famous Travel and Leisure magazine.

The overall design of the hotel has been well received by the public due to the style that it provides. The hotel has 27 different private villas that can allow someone to have a luxurious and relaxing trip. Each villa guest will also have access to a staff that will attend to all of their needs. There are also many different activities that take place at the hotel including yoga and beachside meditation.

Beyond providing people with a relaxing experience, it can also be a very fun place to stay. The hotel has some amazing restaurants that hire some of the best chefs in the world while also using local flavor in the food that is served. Overall, this helps to ensure someone feels refreshed when their stay is over while also looking forward to their next stay.

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