Netpicks Helps Take the Guesswork Out of Trading

Netpicks has been in business for over 21 years. They are experts in the field of investment analysis, and they provide expert investment training and educational tools.

Netpicks is an online company with over 234,557 member customers from countries around the world. They offer trading systems for the foreign exchange markets (Forex), options, stocks and more. The founder and President of Netpicks is Mr. Mark Soberman. He brings years of experience to the company. Years before he launched the company in 1996, Mark was an active trader in the 1980s. Additionally, his company has a team of financial experts (

Part of Netpick’s unique offerings is the expert analysis that is readily available to every member. The researched analysis is timely and updated frequently. Mark understands the importance of a trader acquiring all of the knowledge and training needed to be a successful trader. It is also an opportunity to learn about the trading systems. Mark Soberman is an entrepreneur, and he saw a need that was not being well addressed. He saw a good business opportunity. He started his company as a start-up, and with a focus on the subject that he loves. Mark went on to develop a comprehensive and successful business plan for Netpicks.

The company operates online with an easy to maneuver website. It offers extensive training in the forms of webinars, online training sessions. and courses. It is presented in a professional and concise. The goal is to provide the customer with a realistic approach to successful trading. The important and relevant topics are all covered in the training. There is also an expert staff of investment professionals available to help. They are experienced traders who understand the intricacies and the signals of trading.

Netpicks takes the guesswork out of trading when there is a financial expert ready to help guide and advise every member. Mark Soberman and his team are committed to helping their customers successfully meet their financial goals.

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