MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Micheal Jackson has a had a career that all celebrities wish that they will one day have. He has won countless of Grammys, beloved by millions, to this day still have the highest selling album and was an innovator in the entertainment world.There is no one who would ever duplicate the King of Pop, but there is a man who does a great impersonator of the late great Michael Jackson.

There have been countless of people who have tried to make a big career out of impersonator Micheal Jackson, but only Sergio Cortes have come the closest of receiving worldwide success. Cortes is pretty much a walking clone of Michale Jackson. If you ever get a chance to seed Cortes perform, you would see that he has perfected his dance moves to Micheal Jackson to as close as possible. Not only do Cortes do an excellent job as impersonating Jackson moves, but he also has Jackson’s mannerism. Cortes has even perfected the soft-spoken voice that Jackson was infamous for when he was alive.

When Cortes perform, he often either lip sing to Micheal Jackson voice or he will lip sing to his own voice.Besides the great impersonation, he does of Jackson, their similar personalities and similar life are quite eerie. Just like how the world did not know much about Micheal Jackson life, besides the things that were reported in the media, Cortes lives a sheltered life as well. Both Jackson and Cortes are timid individuals when not on the stage. Micheal Jackson had a reputation of only opening up when he was speaking about his music or performing, and Cortes is the same way. Some people may go as far as saying that Cortes is Jackson reincarnation if you are the kind of person that believe in that kind of stuff.
Cortes uses three different allies when he performs as Michael Jackson. He goes by the names of Sergio Cortes Parra, Perseus, Sergio Jackson and as mention Sergio Cortes. It is noted that his birth name is Sergio H. Parra.Micheal Jackson was truly one of a kind, and no one would ever be able to duplicate him, but it is awesome that Cortes has devoted his life to keep the thought of Michael Jackson alive.

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