Mikal Watts Is Fighting For Farmers

Mikal Watts isn’t for letting anyone get away with selling a product that is not what it should be. The man, who is a part of a San Antonio legal team, is encouraging farmers to fight for what is right and to sue a Swiss company who sold them corn that was genetically modified. He thinks that the company, Sygenta, deserves to be sued for what they have done to the farmers. The seed that the farmers were sold was refused to be imported by China.

Mikal Watts wants the farmers to get what they deserve. He doesn’t think that they should allow the seed producer to take advantage of them, and that is why he is urging them to sue.

Billions of dollars of loses happened to the U.S. when China refused to buy corn from them in 2013 and 2014. It was a loss for farmers, and it was all due to the genetically modified corn. It was all due to the seeds that were sold to farmers by Sygenta.

Mikal Watts is encouraging farmers to sue the seed producer so that they can get back what they have lost. He wants them to get what they deserve, and he will fight hard for them to be able to get it.

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