Michal Terpins and his Strong Presence at the Sertoes Rally

Off-road driving is one of Brazil’s favorite sports. The vents are big and receive a lot of news coverage as no other sports even can replicate the atmosphere at off-road driving races. For rally driver Michel Terpins, an event in off-road is a treat as the community and experience of being out in nature and getting to look at all the cars and talking to like-minded people is unique every time.

One of the most significant events in Brazilian off-road racing is the Sertoes Rally. That is also Michel Terpins most favorite competition as he takes part in the race almost every single year. Every year, the Sertoes Rally takes place over a full week and goes through a few different areas. The race amasses to 3 000 km, and it is a real trial for off-road rally drivers. The Sertoes Rally makes them stay alert at all times and rely on their skills and not on the terrain. The twist with the Sertoes Rally is that it aims to encompass varied terrains in order to bring out the pure skills of the participants in the competition.

Michel Terpins has been in the competition nine times, and later in 2018, he is planning to be in the Sertoes Rally again. Michel Terpins almost always takes part in the Sertoes Rally together with his older brother. Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins make up the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Their team is sponsored by companies such as MEM Automated who have also provided them with their latest T-Rex cars sorting V8 engines.

Michel Terpins started taking part in rallies years ago, inspired by his older brother. Rodrigo Terpins was mostly taking in the motorcycle category. Michel Terpins also had his first race in that category but he soon switched over to the cars category.

Rodrigo Terpins is active in philanthropy and the Bull Sertoes Rally Team often drives on the behalf of charities. The brothers have been contributions to a number of foundations and using their status in the off-road sports industry to help other people.


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