Maricopa County Community College District Votes for an Appeal against In-State Tuition Banning for DACA Students

A recent court ruling banned DACA recipients from paying their in-state tuition in all Arizona colleges. Apparently, not everyone is happy about the decision or the ruling and this has led to Maricopa County Community College District to vote for an appeal against the ruling.

It was in the year 2015 when the beneficiaries of CADA were allowed to pay in-state tuition by MCCCD’s, and Maricopa Superior Court judges supported the decision.

The DREAMers are now faced with challenges after this decision was overturned in appellate court through Judge Kenton Jones who said that DACA does not confer any legal status of the DREAMers. This is a very tough ruling towards the DACA beneficiaries because they might not afford the out-of-state tuition since it is three or four times the amount they were paying for in-state tuition.

Many young people may end up uneducated, and in fear of this, many students from Arizona has traveled to try and convince the board to vote for an appeal. Most of them gave very heart-moving accounts of their hopelessness, and they told the board that they are their only hope if they were to continue studying in the United States.

One of the board members, Dr. Linda Thor said that the reason why she opted to vote for the appeals is that she feels she has a moral responsibility towards the students.

She added that she wouldn’t be at peace if she did anything that would end the dreams of more than 2,000 students in Maricopa colleges alone. A lot of students are affected by this decision because apart from community colleges some state universities also allowed students to pay in-state tuition following MCCCD’s decision in 2015. Read more: Phoenix New Time

Thor said that like any other student in the United States, the DACA recipients are being taught to prepare them to join universities and also prepare them to provide skilled labor and eventually build the economy. These students paid about $2.9 as tuition money last year and this a financial gain to the colleges as well. Aliento is one of the undocumented-led organizations that are organizing to launch a campaign that would protect the DACA beneficiaries so that they can continue paying the in-state tuition.

The main issues in this problem are the big question on whether DACA confers to the legal presence or legal status and the decision on the rights that the DACA beneficiaries are entitled to. Before this is decided, the students will continue applying and attending the colleges since the in-state tuition is supposed to be provided for next semester.

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