Marcio Alaor: Hometown Hero

Marcio Alaor works as a member of the executive team of BMG Group. BMG is a major sponsor of football in Brazil. They print uniforms for 39 clubs, which is on the larger side of sponsorships. They print their logos mostly on the front and back of the uniforms, but something on the sleeves as well. They also finance three teams in men’s volleyball, two female teams, and three basketball teams.
Marcio says that one of the first major companies to go public was General Motors. General Motors is currently worth $53.52 billion at market value. It had completed 100 years of its IPO. Then, in 1956, Ford took offered their first actions, which was the greatest of his time. It was the equivalent of 600 million recalls.
Marcio has always been a big supporter of the city. He especially helps in the rural areas and Exhibition Park. They remain his main focus because of his relationship with his homeland and his fellow countrymen, no matter what the distance barrier may be.
Local officials were there to help keep an eye on the people and made sure to promote the importance of the city having the support of one of the important executives in all of Brazil. He continued to show how much his roots were by never forgetting his hometown. He continued collaborating as an executive vice president of a new large bank, which was much like BMG. He created numerous jobs and went on to achieve greater accomplishments in order to show how strong Santo Antonia do Monte was. He managed to achieve this despite the lack of favorable agriculture. He somehow still became the largest milk producer in the Central West of Minas Gerais. He credits the success to the hard work and dedication of the workers and unity of the people. Even with all the struggles and challenges, he says it never ceases to amaze him what potential the city has.
He later received a plaque that recognized his services and outlined his friendship with everyone in the town; attention to the challenges faced, especially in the countryside; and the love he has for the land. The president of the Rural Union, Vilmar Octavian, even thanked Marcio for all he had done and was continuing to do. The mayor, Wilmar Son, noted how Marcio often found new purposes for old buildings.

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