Listening to Wirth’s Positive Approach

The current draught has hit California is a great tragedy to many resorts in the area but not so for Squaw Valley. Recently tuned in to listen to the KCRW’s Press Play program to listen to Andy Wirth the CEO and president of the resort who sounded quite optimistic about the current situation. Andy Wirth joined the resort to head it to the great enterprise it is today five years ago. Wirth is a guru in the hospitality industry and his acumen is recognized all in areas in the business. The Squaw Valley resort has been on the rise since Wirth took over its leadership and today the business is doing very well. Due to this, Wirth has won enough awards for his participation in the industry and his innovative mind.

As I listened to the interview, I was keen to notice how composed the hotelier was while answering his questions. He was being interviewed by Madeline Brand and one could easily pick up his confidence in the market and the industry as a whole. While other resorts are closing down and worrying about the profitability of their businesses, Wirth remained positive that business will still be good. He was quick to admit that the drought has drastically reduce the amount of snowfall and this is not good for the skiing business. However, he was adamant that the situation is not as dire as it seems.

While admitting that the current low levels of snowfall have affected the industry, Wirth maintains that Squaw Valley resort has been profitable amidst all this. His positive approach to the issue is probably the reason why Squaw Valley resort is doing very well in a market hit by natural limitations. Skiing depends greatly on snowfalls and the drought in California has not been making the situation any easier. However, Wirth with his skills and experience in the market sees no cause for panic. Just like a professional and a great entrepreneur, he sees other options that can be pursued to harness the market’s potential.

Wirth is a very positive individual and this has made him a successful investor in the market. Instead of looking at the problems that the current drought poses, he has a solution already for the situation. Wirth proposes intends to pursue the manmade snow option to satisfy the skiing need of his clients. He admits that the low levels of snowfalls have reduced the amount of acreage that the resort offers for skiing activities but he remains adamant that this can be compensated by manmade snow. According to him, the drought presents his business with an opportunity rather than the challenge that other are was amazing to listen to Wirth and to hear his positive breath in the midst of possible tribulations business wise.

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