Kevin Seawright Earns Recognition

Nonprofit-Focused Program
Kevin Seawright is the Newark Executive that has earned a Certificate of Achievement for a Nonprofit-focused Program. He is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. This is for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. The University of Notre Dame had recognized him for the successful completion of the second installment of the Nonprofit Development Program.

Active Participant
Mr. Seawright is an active participant with government, community, and the public education system. He is well aware of the importance of serving. His latest endeavor is to become even more involved with organizations that have a great impact on communities. His quest is currently to align himself with the organizations that will empower communities.

Helping Business Leaders
This program had been established for the purpose of helping business leaders. The goal is to keep up with the highly competitive landscapes of the overall nonprofit sector. This is an examination that will determine how a board can run effectively and efficiently. This is the second course. The board will need to grow and expand if an organization is to be successful. A board will need to be built using a systematic approach. This would also include the following:
*cultivation of prospective board members
This will ensure that there will be long-term success for any organization. This is the second phase “Leading Nonprofit Boards.” A board will usually need to expand and grow as an organization matures and also grows.

Completed Phase Two With Certificate of Achievement
Mr. Seawright has completed Phase Two of the program wit a Certificate of Achievement. This was awarded to individuals who excelled within the course. Kevin Seawright has been a known leader for over 13 years. He has led in private sectors and public sectors.

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