Keith Mann Announces Scholarship for Brooklyn Schools

The 2016 Scholarship for Professional Achievement offers opportunity to the potential business leaders of the future. Keith and Keely Mann announced the award and its partnership with the Brooklyn based Uncommon Schools. One graduating student will be recognized through the scholarship each year, which contributes $5,000 to the cost of their higher education pursuits.

Those applying for consideration for the scholarship must compose an essay that describes how obtaining a degree from college will help them reach their goals. According to Keith Mann, founder of Dynamics Search Partners, the aim is not only to encourage young people to attend college, but to pursue and complete a meaningful education there. The scholarship is available to students who are about to graduate from one of the Uncommon Charter High Schools in Brooklyn.

The Uncommon Schools oversees and founds charter public schools in urban environments to encourage low income students to pursue a complete education. As of the 2015-2016 year, the school’s network included over 40 location across the mid-Atlantic and New England regions. The schools serve over 14,000 students total, including elementary, middle and high school age attendees.

With over 15 years in the executive search industry, Keith Mann is a specialist in the field of hedge fund compensation, as well as employment strategy. He founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2009 as a dedicated executive search firm that focuses on alternative investment firms. Keith Mann is the current CEO of Dynamic Search Partners he manages the firm’s daily operations and seeks opportunities for improvement within the organization.

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