Joel Friant Contribution to the Spicy Industry through the Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is based in Corpus Christi, Texas and he is known for his entrepreneurial skills, astute financial advisor, and an enthusiast of the free market. Joel started his career in the real estate industry where he used to purchase a foreclosure and to refurbish it later selling it a higher price from the market value. It is in 2003 that he used the experience he had gathered in the real estate that he assisted his friends to become homeowners.

His high spirits of helping others own homes enabled him to gather experience in writing and mortgage lending. He later opened an office branch to handle mortgage lending as a company. Joel Friant success in his career can be attributed to his brilliant ideas, charismatic nature and his enterprising person attitude. Friant is a financial advisor and life coach to many budding entrepreneurs and career persons. He believes that the power belongs to the people and he aims at helping people succeed.

The financial crisis experienced in 2008 made him create the “Income Thermostat” principle that focused on explaining the disparity of success between individuals. Joel Friant has had an interest in the restaurant industry that led him to implement a unique, fast food concept making him be known as the Thai Guy. He opened his first Thai restaurant in 1995, which served delicious Thai Cuisine with fast food delivery.

Invention of the Habanero Shaker

From experience he gained from working in the food industry, Joel Friant invented the Original Habanero Shaker. It still stands as his most significant invention. Habanero Shaker is arguably most favorable buttery, tasty and spicy pepper. He had realized that the market needed a Habanero spicy used for seasoning and cooking, to replace most spices that mixed cheaply acquired spices and salt. Although the Habanero Shaker was launched as a flagship project, it created an immediate market disruption.

Joel realized that harvesting pepper when they are ripe, was the key to making a good Habanero pepper spicy as pepper got hotter upon maturity. The plant should be allowed to dry once harvested to eliminate chances of diseases that can interfere with the pepper flavor. The Habanero has proved to be a natural painkiller because it contains capsaicin and is rich in Vitamin A and B making it an immune booster.

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