Jared Haftel career insights

Jared Haftel concluded his university studies and graduated from Duke University in the year 2009. Jared’s 5 years in Duke University gave him the opportunity to achieve degrees in Economics, science as well as Mathematics. These exemplary achievements have since made him qualify to serve very well in his dream career of investment banking in blue chip companies.

He started his career in investment banking by serving in Merrill Lynch, where he worked in the docket of investment banking analyst and specifically offered his profound professional insight to several high profile companies like CONSOLE Energy and GEoEye. His practice and exposure obtained from working with these companies gave his an opportunity of landing great positions in the competitive industry of investment banking. Among the jobs he managed to grab included his tenure as an investment banking analyst in Bank of America, as well as an associate of Vector capital.

Moreover, Jared’s exemplary performance in the University and his remarkable career went in line with his great desire in sharing a piece of his mind with people looking for employment especially in the field of investment banking.

Jared shares his insight by explaining the essence of composing an appealing resume whenever people are applying for a job. He starts by asserting that devoting a resume to an actual career achievement is the most prudent decision that one can make in their lives. This is because of the fact that, it is much more essential to highlight your prospective significance to any potential employers, and one can do this by displaying whatever they have achieved to the those employers.

An excellent resume is supposed to have half of its content dwelling on work experience that has relevance particularly if one is seeking a high profile position. This is due to the fact that it is quite important to have a well narrated and illustrated working experience when searching for big jobs. Wide experience in certain jobs is the key aspect that is sought after whenever one is looking for employment opportunity that has a handsome remuneration, provides endless opportunities and the deserved job security. Having these in kind, it is good to have a resume that reflects the experience you have in your career field. One is not advised to concentrate on the things you achieved in tertiary level or in high school. In fact, one should fully abandon everything that concerns high school, because it is very rare to get any prominent corporate company that requires knowing anything about high school. In this regard, if one wishes to successfully get a job in big corporations, you are required to utilize the relevant professional accolades.

An employment position that one had financial institution of any kind so long as it is reputable and achievements made in your current job or previous job. These sums up the crucial factors that any potential employer anticipates to see in an applicant’s resume. They look forward to establishing the reasons that drives them to get a good member of staff, a person that can be trusted and one that is in a position to execute their duties in the right way.

Nevertheless, one should be prepared to answer some complex questions. In relation to what Jared says, some instances require you to be willing to engage in demanding conversations for you to accomplish something worthwhile in your profession. This entails giving good reasons why you desire to leave your current position, or reasons why you departed from the job you served previously. These helps in supporting your candidacy for the employment position on offer.

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