James Dondero: Stopping Family Violence

James Dondero is at it again. This time his philanthropic effort focuses on stopping family violence. Dondero is an advocate and supporter of women. He is definitely against the violent acts that happen towards them. Highland Capital is dedicated to helping women get the counseling and housing they need to get away from that situation.

The Family Place helps in the fight against women and children being victimized by abusive men. Their goal is to provide a safe place for them to stay while they get jobs and become independent. When a woman needs help, there are times when she does not know where to turn to for it. That is where the Family Place in Dallas Texas comes in. Dondero donates and supports this organization so there is enough food, medical, job training, and clothing to help these ladies get back on their feet. Having their own place to stay and a job that will provide for them gives hope, especially when they have to start over and pick up all of the pieces. These women are empowered to try life again and be happy. Visit Highland Funds to know more about James Dondero.

Dondero makes it all possible with his philanthropic philosophy of giving and for him, it is worthwhile to see a family that wants to escape violence get the help they need. Uniform there was ever an important cause to give to, this is it. So many women die from domestic violence and children as well that someone needs to step up to do something. Women who are bold enough to leave that tumultuous relationship needs a place to go and The Family Place has them covered. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Dondero and The Family Place have done a great thing. In helping women and children, they save their lives. This is the effective way to stop domestic violence.

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