Investor Ekbal Majeed Efforts To Help Victims Of Nepal Earthquake

Majeed Ekbal is an American citizen who ventures in the development of town residential and real estates in Chicago city. Ekbal pursued his higher level education at the University of America. Majeed Ekbal has also widely contributed to the innovation of the new modern real estate selling designs. He is a new business developer and a professional in marketing who has been in the industry for more than ten years.
He previously worked with digital market institutions and the Avenue razor fish. He specializes in the offering of digital marketing services, management of budgets, the development of partnerships deals, and branding. His expertise in the real estate market has led to the creation of new modern designs in New York real estate. Mr. Majeed Ekbal is responsible for all social media marketing and market planning development in the real estate new phase.

Majeed Ekbal also ventures highly in relationship management and healthcare marketing. According to the news, an earthquake hit Nepal and left many people homeless and other injured. The natural calamity occurred on 12th May 2015. The earthquake affected two districts of Nepal, Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk. The natural disaster caused panic to the residents of Nepal where an estimated number of one hundred and fifty-three people died whereas more than three thousand two hundred citizens were left as casualties. The release implied that one thousand seven hundred people were still on medication by 15th May.

Majeed Ekbal got touched by the situation and organized a go fund me campaign that its primary aim was to raise money and present the money to help the victims affected by the earthquake. Majeed added that he had friends around the city of Nepal, and he was on the move to help collect as much as money as possible. He added that he was going to take the collected money and present it into a rise crowd campaign that he had already been contributing. Ekbal urged the well-wishers to offer their financial support to help establish other shelters for the victims and pay for the victims’ medical fee.
Ekbal Majeed has helped run many charity moves to help the needy. His moves impress many people.

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