Impressionable Facts about Jacob Gottlieb

Jacob Gottlieb is the founder and CEO of Visium Asset Management company. The firm is based in New York, and it manages over $80 billion of assets. The firm’s investment professionals are entirely dedicated to bringing it to the achievement of its goals. The firm’s team of employees also focus on bringing innovation in the firm through the use of modern technology. Jacob has vast experience in his field of specialization, and he has majorly based his ventures in the area of health. The renowned entrepreneur is a close ally of Stuart Weisbrod, and they currently went back under one roof after many years of not working together.

The two entrepreneurs were major figures in the health sector, and they were known for the Merlin BioMed Group. Their investment was a success before their separation to explore new ventures. The two have plans of collaborating and sharing their new ideas to launch more ventures. They have always been dedicated towards their career, and their commitment has played a significant role in their today’s successes. Though the Visium Investment company business came to an end after many years of operation, the renowned CEO of the firm has continued to adopt better approaches in launching more ventures for the development of his already stable career.

With his friend, Jacob Gottlieb is in the process of launching their new venture Altium Capital. Their vast experience in the field of health has played a significant role in contributing to their today’s successes. The first investment of Altium was about 5.6% stake of Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Born in the city of Brooklyn, Jacob Gottlieb has grown into a family full of professionals in the field of economics and health. His mother was a health professional, and through the mentorship she gave him, he has grown to be passionate about investing in the latter. Besides, the financial skills that his father possessed have also formed part of his today’s significant successes.

Jacob Gottlieb seeks to bring change in the field of health by bringing inventive ideas to life. He was a baseball fan while young, and he was a well-known baseball trader. He started his career as a beverage seller pulling a wide cart behind him to sell it to thirsty golfers. His ability to learn entrepreneurial skills faster,r has seen him achieve significant successes in his career. He has always been passionate about his career, and he seeks to keep growing it through partnering with other successful investors.

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