Important People Of London: Shiraz Boghani

London is home to numerous people of great importance. Their reasons for importance vary greatly, but none the less they each have great reason for being considered important. Some may have made great sacrifices for their country in time of war, and others may have had their hand in passing important legislature. The man we are about to describe made his way to the list of importance by running his businesses with the utmost compassion and eagerness to serve his clients. The man being discussed on that list of importance today is none other than Shiraz Boghani.

Shiraz Boghani has been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years, and he is one of the most successful hoteliers in the entire world. He has worked his entire career making sure that patients are treated right. Currently based out of London, Shiraz recently won “Hotelier Of The Year” at the Asian Business Awards 2016. Shiraz currently owns and manages 19 hotels in the UK. As of January of 2018, Shiraz Boghani and Sussex Health care announced that they would open a new gym for the elderly and the disabled. This is just one example of the great compassion in which all things touched by Shiraz Boghani seem to be cloaked in. Another example of the generosity of Shiraz Boghani lies in his support of the Aga Khan foundation in the Uk, and in his support of the Aga Khan Development Network world wide.

Since 2007 Mr. Boghani has been a chairman at Splendid Hospitality. He has also been a joint chairman at Susses Healthcare since 1997. Shiraz attended the Khan University. Moving to London in 1969, Shiraz Boghani became an accountant. Later he joined KPMG, which was known as Thomson McLintock & Co. at the time of his arrival. One of his most recent and successful projects was the development and launch of the £121m Hilton London Bankside.

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