Ian King’s Bright Career Path

When it comes to Ian King’s work, ethnicity he never has a boring moment. He is known by many as being a very passionate entrepreneur and cryptocurrency trader. Along with that, he also has well over two decades of experience in both analyzing and trading in the financial markets. Due to his passion that King has in the crytoasset market, he has become known as being one of Investopedia’s top contributors on the subject. His passion also lead him to be able to invent an innovative program that is good for helping everyday investors navigate through the likes of ripple, bitcoin, lite coin, monero and many more crypto tassels.

King’s career first began when he started working at Salomon Brothers as a desk clerk. Over time he managed to move on to being a credit derivative at Citigroup. It was after working at Citigroup that he then spent over two decades trading options in Peahi Capital as their head trader according to investopedia.com.

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In 2017 Ian King decided that it was time for his next career move and started working at Banyan Hill Publishing. There he was able to help their customers better understand the burgeoning crypto market. As of today, Ian is currently one of Banyan Hill Publishing’s weekly contributors towards the Banyan Hills Sovereign Investor Daily. With his contributions, he keeps all the readers up to date weekly on the latest crypto developments. As of today, King is working on being able to produce a crypto trading course, along with an investment advisory that he hopes to make available to the readers very soon.

Ian King states that he has been thinking for a while of a way to make digital money easier to access. He said that his whole thoughts on this idea first started after the end of the financial crisis. This was when the Fed decided that they wanted to lower interest rates all the way to zero. It was then in 2012 that King first put his idea into action. This was done by him first off meeting with a startup in Silicon Valley on zerohedge.com. At the time they were piloting an e-currency that would help to allow central banks to be able to print and also distribute a digital form of money. Since that day Ian King has been hooked on working harder than ever to continue to build on his first idea that helped lead him onto his career path today.

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