Hussain Sajwani is Making Strides in Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani is a 65-year-old private developer in the kingdom desert, Dubai. He is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates and resides in Dubai. The self-made billionaire went to the University of Washington where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts/Science. Sajwan is a family man with four children and a wife.


Hussain Sajwani is the Chief Executive Officer of Dubai based real estate developer Damac Properties. This company is well known for the development of residential, leisure and commercial properties. It is headquartered in the Dubai. The founder and owner, Hussain Sajwan, started off in the food industry. Previously, he was providing food services to the United States military in Somalia, Bosnia and the Gulf region. Hussain did not scrap the food business. It is sentimental to him as it reminds him of his initial business prowess and the significance of making high ranking friends.


In 2001, the Damac owner shifted to real estate. That was after Dubai allowed immigrants to own property. He was able to sell out residential units of an apartment within six months. This encouraged him, and in 2002 he founded his own real estate company, Damac. The skills he gathered over the years are being utilized in his multi-billion company. He plans on taking advantage of the improving property prices in UAE and venturing into the London Stock Exchange for the first time.


Recently, Damac joined hands with Donald Trump, the president of the United States, in developing two golf courses in Dubai. The two golf courses are branded as Trump International Golf Club for marketing reasons. The two real estate giants have built villas in the golf club with a value up to $2 billion in sales. Hussain hopes that their business ties with the Trump Organisation will continue. However, Trump has decided to stall their business dealings while he is in office. Besides being business partners, the two are good family friends.


The Damac owner’s total worth stands at about $3.5 billion. He has made a name for his luxurious marketing strategies. He even issues out free Lamborghinis as a token of appreciation to his apartment buyers. He has marketing deals with Versace and Bugatti.

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