Hussain Sajwani Is A Role Model Entrepreneur and the DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire from Dubai who has invested in various properties. He has made an impact in multiple industries like the catering industry and the real estate around different parts of the world. Sajwani is known for his ability to establish processes that manages his businesses well. He is the founder of an organization that has succeeded in several countries. DAMAC Group is not only found in Dubai but it is in other countries where it operates. The company has employed many in many parts of the world, and Hussain Sajwani is one of the people who contribute to reducing unemployment.

According to, Sajwani has proved to be successful in the global market. His businesses have expanded around the world and have become global firms. He shared some great insights about his success through an interview with ideasmensch. He pointed out that the idea of DAMAC Group started many years ago when he was a youth. He got into the business at a young age when he helped his father in his shop. Through the family business, Hussain Sajwani got some skills although his goal was to work hard in school and become a professional. He did not like the idea of his father whereby he worked for many hours serving customers.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, ventured in business when he started his own catering business. The company did well, and this was soon after he had completed his studies. Soon he got interested in the real estate business and ventured into the business. Hussain Sajwani is dedicated to his routine and sticks to it. That is how he has been able to supervise and expand his businesses. He also can choose the best leaders who cannot fail him in his work. During meetings, his leaders are always updating him of the current happenings in his business.

His schedule is a tight one, but he is convinced that his success is because of the ability to balance all the things he does. He ensures he has time with his family consistently. The success of Hussain Sajwani comes from learning from his failures.

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