Hundreds of Tech Companies Announce Opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty

AndroidCentral recently suggested that many people have heard of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty between the US and 11 other countries, but most of them are hazy on what it is and which parties are for or against it. Supporters and critics differ sharply on whether the treaty would help or harm America’s economic situation. Many of the details are not publicly known as Congress is forbidden to discuss TPP details openly.

Recently over 250 technology companies have released an open letter to Congress expressing their opposition to the TPP. The letter is concerned that the TPP will make copyright laws unreasonably limiting as to the “fair use” practice, and exacerbate the existing practice of forcing merely alleged infringements to be removed, hinder journalism and whistle-blowing, and weaken consumer rights. Signatories claim that the fact that the negotiations are being done in secret is incompatible with the democratic process, as well as a sign that its effects will be harmful to many.

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