How To Start Creating and Publishing Articles On Wikipedia

Creating your first article in Wikipedia service can be daunting if you have not read instructions or researched the How-To of Creating a Page in Wikipedia.

The Easy Way
The simplest way to have a Biography or Article entered into Wikipedia is by accessing the home page of and following the instructions. Fill in the brief form requesting name, phone number, email address, and a description of what you are looking to do on Wikipedia. You will receive a quote within 24-hours.

You Have Decided To Do-It-Yourself?
There are a few things you will want to know and instructions to follow in creating your own information page:
Read the Wikipedia Guidelines”
Obtain a LOGIN or Create Account, located at the top of the page.
Get a personal Sandbox to create your article
Checkout the Article Wizard

What Is a Sandbox?
This is an experimental page you can use to create, edit, and preview your article. There are three tabs along the top of the page Read, Edit, and View History. The sandbox is a great place for creation, testing, and content review.

Note: The article you create will not be instantaneous. All new material must be read and approved for content authenticity and conformity to style.

Editing/Adding Information to Wikipedia
Although the articles in Wikipedia tell you to not be concerned with the grammar of your input, additions, or corrections. Why not? Yes someone may come along and edit your work and fix grammatical errors, but what if they don’t? Why not provide accurate, grammatically correct information and improve the article you are editing. The content should be competently input, not random thoughts. Input must be clear and not ambiguous entries. Information must be reliable, and the source of the information must be verifiable and not original research. You will be asked to exhibit verification of your input in the Reference Area, Citing Sources. Follow the instructions under the caption Adding Information to Wikipedia. You will find templates for variations of articles, biographies, public figures, and articles of interest. Follow the formatting and maintain layout consistency. Remember, if you cannot find reliable third-party sources documenting the allegations, do not include them in your article or editing. Wikipedia is not the place to slander, imply untruths, or misrepresent information.

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