How to Build an Amazing Classroom Community

What if you could create a positive culture, give students a voice, and share moments instantly with parents all from your phone? With ClassDojo, all these goals can be reached easily.

ClassDojo is an app that helps teachers to better connect with students and parents. The app enables teachers to give immediate positive feedback to children in the classroom. One feature is a digital high-five. If a child has been working on raising their hand before speaking, and waits to be called on, the teacher can send them an immediate high-five, which is a helpful positive behavior reinforcement strategy. The app is tied into PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports).

The app also provides SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) videos and activities. The videos are full of emotional behavior lessons with discussions and follow-up activities. Students enjoy the fun, colorful Dojo monsters featured in the videos.

The app also has a feature that enables students to create and update personal portfolios. Students can show off their arts and crafts, projects, update their personal student journals, and create voice notes. All posts are teacher approved to avoid any offensive or inappropriate content.

Communication with parents is important, and ClassDojo has made it easy for parents to be involved. Parents can view the Class Story and share videos and photos. Parents can also be private messaged and updated on their child instantly. Did your daughter go to school not feeling well? The teacher can update in real-time how your child is feeling. Another helpful feature of the app is that all messages and posts are instantly updated to prevent any problems with language barriers.

ClassDojo is an innovative app to help encourage students and parents, and provide a positive learning experience, available in any language, and can be use on any device.

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