How Handy’s Company came into Existence and the Services they Provide

Handy’s founder Oisin Hanraham studied in Dublin together with his friend Paddy Cosgrave, who was previously his colleague in web summit. They both started two organizations before both venturing into their current projects. Despite hand only being 3 years old, When it comes to on-demand handyman and cleaning services, previously called Handybook or Handy is dominating the space. This is after having announced a round of over $50 million this week and now being worth estimated revenue of $500 million; it is hard to contemplate what space would be like without it. Their existence in New York has played a key role in the company’s development and victory

A significant contribution to the great success of handy comes from the team which is incredible that made the founder so proud he hired expertise like the former executive at Amazon called Jeff Pederson, and also the old head of engineering from Tumblr not forgetting a former head of data science at Birchbox. Oisin says that sound hiring is a center spotlight for the business, and they will keep on investing seriously in it for the next six months. At the moment, the Company has one hundred and sixty workers including over ten thousand contractors.
The most interesting thing with Handy is that it connects clients with independent service. They are professionals in over 30 major cities in Canada, U.K and the United States. It’s the easiest way to locate handyman and home cleaning services.
The skilled professionals supply high-quality household cleaning services. With each professional having relevant experienced. They prepare and make your place shine. That is to say; the professional cleaner takes care of the dirty work
Finally, it is also launching handy delivery and assembly service in New York starting with furniture. Handy’s chief ambition to bring as many services as possible to the residence is determining though.

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