How Graham Edwards creates value real estate owners

In the world of Real Estate, most people think that value can only be created by the market. This supply and demand approach while simple and understandable often leads real estate holders to underestimate the true value of their holdings.

The drive to remove this gap in efficiency has been the mission of Telereal Trillium. Led by CEO Graham Edwards, the company has transformed from a simple property management company that provided convenient service, to a full service consulting and real estate investment provider.

While this process is quite involved, many of the steps to improve the efficiency of a property are quite simple. For the most part, this involves understanding that the utility of a property means much more for renting and leasing than simple supply and demand. If a company can create additional utility for your property you can begin to earn more than you ever would have just following market conditions alone.

The most common strategy used by Graham Edwards and his team has been to utilize their long-term partnerships with some of the UK’s largest customers. This list includes BT, DVLA, as well as the Department for Work and Pensions. By guaranteeing a consistent, low-risk customer base Telereal Trillium has been able to develop consistent patterns of success for their partners.

When property could not immediately be bundled or utilized, Telereal Trillium focuses on promoting land for development as well as securing the necessary consents to build new sites. The company doesn’t have a singular focus in this field and have developed experience managing projects ranging from a single home to massive developments with thousands of housing units contained within. Currently, the company is slated to construct 2000 additional residential units over the next five years as part of their commitment to new development, refer also to

While there is far more that goes into the business than these two strategies, they have been a consistent source of long-term profit and success. By doing more than just renting out the company has been able to find new value for investors as well as tenants alike. So far things seem bright with Graham Edwards at the helm, and only time will show us where he will lead the company next.


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