How Fabletics Is Remaining Relevant In The American Apparel Industry

With the continued integration of technology into our society, everything is fast changing, from how we communicate with each other, relay information across different platforms and now how we make our purchases.


Take an example of a millennial or any individual who spends a considerable amount of time online using their smartphones, laptop or whatever device that can connect you to the internet. Whenever this person wants to purchase something from a particular brand let’s say a product X. the fact that this person knows nothing about the product, he/she would turn to online reviews of the product from people who have the product X and have used it. Based on the information the person gets about the product from the online review, he/she would make an informed decision on whether to buy the product or not.


Based on this, it is evident that purchases are currently being driven by the power of the crowd. Brands and companies aware of this trend are significantly taking advantage of the power of the crowd to boost the sales of their merchandise.


Fabletics was established in 2013, since then, the company has grown to more than twice what it was during establishment. Currently, the company is regarded as one of the most successful companies of this generation. Fabletics has a tremendous grassroots support which has driven its paying clients to exceed the 1 million mark. The company’s revenue exceeds $250 million, according to Fabletics marketing executive, all the growth and success witnessed at the company is as a result of the company understanding and embracing the power of user reviews.


The technological savvy consumers have proved that positive reviews can drive the growth of a brand, improve the product purchases by customers, improve the loyalty of already acquired clients. Unlike other companies, Fabletics has been able to leverage the popularity of reviews, and this is what they have been using to drive the sales and growth of the company.


There is a significant difference when comparing the current consumers from those from 10 years ago. The fact behind this is that existing consumers are leading highly interconnected lives. Other than leading digital lives, social media has made it possible for people to post their reactions to various products online to their social media accounts. When doing this, a lot of people will cross the review. If they need a similar product and the review is excellent, it is almost sure that this individual will buy the same product. According to statistics, 84% of people who come across online reviews tend to trust them.


Kates success with Fabletics has led to her receiving the athleisure brand award. She also states that it is early for individuals to ask her which career she wants to follow as she has been successful in both the fashion industry and the acting industry. Kate, however, told reporters that she would wish to be regarded as the actor who made a positive change to the fashion industry. When clients consider that Fabletics is a brand that focusses on the empowerment of women, they ought to take the company’s lifestyle quiz that they can use to determine the best active wear that suits their needs.

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