How does Nutrimost Help in Wellness and Fitness?

In recent news, Nutrimost, a reputed weight loss company, is suing another company, Healthy Living. It has been alleged that Healthy Living has stolen the former’s promotional video, which was posted on the Healthy Living website. The video, which was posted on was apparently the same video by Nutrimost only that the references were replaced. The shocking bit is that the video that was allegedly stolen went further to use Nutrimost’s customer testimonials.

While the video is not on the website anymore, Nutrimost is still asking the court to prohibit Healthy Living from posting the video again. They are also suing for $ 300 000 for the theft of the video as well as what they term “loss of their reputation as well as goodwill.” The company whose fat loss diet has been lauded by many, will pursue the matter in court until its completion.

Nutrimost, for those who do not know much about the company, is a company that provides wellness and weight loss solutions to people who would like to stay in shape the healthy way. They offer three main types of programs for their members. These include a complete nutrition program which ensures that the users get the most from their diets. They also have a weight loss program which helps members get into practices that change their lifestyle for the better. Additionally, they run a chiropractic practice which helps with solutions for back problems and pain in various areas of the body such as joints and muscles.

With their weight loss, nutrition and wellness programs, Nutrimost promises weight watchers about 20 to 40 pounds of weight loss in just a few weeks. They make sure that their members get sound and professional diet advice as well as constant support on their journey towards fitness and good health.

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