Houston Real Estate: Affordable Property in a Culturally Diverse City

The Houston real estate market has had its ups and downs like every other part of the country. Unlike many other areas though, real estate remains an excellent value even as the economy has continued to grow. The cultural diversity of Houston is reflected in the types of homes that dot the landscape and the vast array of architectural designs lure in prospective buyers from around the world.

Comfortable family homes situated in planned communities are an integral part of this city and the surrounding areas. Many have chosen to relocate to Houston to take advantage of the outdoor recreation and events that are available all year. With a favorable climate and fewer crowds than Florida, it is not unusual to now see people looking for winter vacation homes or moving to the state entirely to escape the cold, wet winters in the north and Midwest.

Another group that has continued to grow are the affluent residents looking for upscale homes and luxury amenities. These home buyers are lured into the area by the numerous mansions that are available as well as the shopping and the fine dining. Many local restaurants are getting favorable press from food critics and diners, both locally and internationally.

To appeal to this particular group, investors like Haidar Barbouti are developing upscale shopping centers and restaurants that appeal to their discerning tastes. These locations provide valuable job opportunities for many and lure in local shoppers and tourist traffic too. Barbouti’s Highland Village Shopping Center took an existing property and made it appealing to many big name corporations, but also remains affordable enough for smaller entrepreneurs. This provides the community with a diverse selection of businesses to choose from.

Finding suitable property in Houston is possible for singles, couples and families, regardless of their income restrictions. It is also a wonderful place for corporations, small business owners and anyone looking to expand their employment horizons in a beautiful and unique city.

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