Harry Harrison Barclays

For someone with an impressive career like Harry Harrison, working at Barclays as the head of their Non-core unit in the London office was a high-profile position. Harry Harrison knows what it takes to manage large accounts of money. Harrison has held an impressive job at Barclay’s starting in 2014. He did move on from Barclays in 2017, yet his workday is anything but typical. In fact, according to his interviews given to Ideamensch.com, he does not have a typical work day right now — Harrison also noted that it isn’t a cop-out, however.

Regarding his education, Mr. Harrison earned a Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge in Finance. He also attended the University of Warwick where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics.

Harrison’s wife, Amy Nauiokas and Harry have a business together. Amy Nauiokas is the creator of Anthemis Group as well as President. This company that Nauiokas founded is focused on the advisory area of financial services investment. When Harry Harrison was asked about how the idea for the current company name was derived, Harrison quipped that it began with a curiosity regarding how firms work.

When asked about what makes Harry Harrison excited about specific trends, Harrison notes that he is quite intrigued by what is going on in the financial services milieu in the high-tech age. Harrison also noted that there are many new, inventive companies coming that are deemed “fintech adjacent.” Harrison notes that these companies are not fully fintech (finance and technology), but these company’s services and products depend on market efficiency and the ability to apply to the insurance industry.

Harry Harrison also fixates on companies that can translate their company model from an original idea into practice. Mr. Harrison also was interested in knowing how the macro level mixes with macroeconomic actions.

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