Hall Capital: Creating and Fostering Integrity with Helane Morrison

The Many Roles of Helane Morrison
Helane Morrison has several vital roles within Hall Capital. She holds the following positions at this distinguished firm. This includes:
* Chief Compliance Officer
* General Counsel
* Managing Director
She is a valued member of the Executive Committee. Morrison is an experienced and valuable member of this firm. Helane previously was the head of the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. She was head of this before she had joined the firm.

Diversity Begins at the Top
Hall capital is a successful and large money manager in the entire Bay Area. They have approximately 24 billion dollars in assets. The strong returns are at the core of the overall success. The diversity at the top is attracting high quality and this fosters a culture of integrity. This is diversity that starts at the top. This is a mixture of:
* gender
* backgrounds
* education
Kathryn Hall is the CEO of this firm, she holds the belief that the diversity is essential. Making money for her clients is the outcome of this mixture. Hall Capital is led by the following:
* Helane Morrison
* Kathryn Hall
* Sarah Stein
This San Francisco investment firm was founded in the year 1994. This firm takes pride in managing money for some of the most successful families in the Bay area. They have managed money for Warren Hellman. He is the late founder of Hellman & Friedman. This firm has also works with John Fisher. He is the son of the Gap Founder. He is an observer on Hall Capital’s board. His role includes managing wealth and he is an observer on the board of Hall Capital.

Helane Morrison on Compliance and Legal Issues
Helane Morrison has periodically spoken on the following subjects:
* legal issues
* compliance
These topics involve and affect investment advisers along with private funds. Morrison is a member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation and Hedge Fund Subcommittee. She obtained her education from the University of California at Berkley. This is at School of Law. She also attended Northwestern University. She is greatly informed of both compliance and legal issues.

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