Gulf Coast Western continues to engage in profitable partnerships in the gulf coast

Gulf Coast Western is a business enterprise that is owned and run by a family. It started in the year 1970 in Dallas, Texas. It has stations in Mississippi, Colorado, Texas Louisiana and Oklahoma. The business focuses on development and exploration of oil and gas reserves. It majors in the gulf coast area of the United States. It also invests on assets that have geophysical and geological benefits. Mr. Mathew Fleeger is the CEO and President of Gulf Western. Under his leadership, Gulf western partners with potential companies in the industry. They focus on partnership with high returns and limited risks.

The company recently partnered with the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration Company. The partnership has enabled it to get property rights. They have the right to use 3D seismic data and access a vast area in Southwestern Louisiana. They have 13 generating wells including 140 drilling stations. They are currently producing about 30 million barrels of the unprocessed well from their wells.

The company also has a profitable agreement with the Warhorse Oil and Gas Company. The motive of the deal is for Gulf Western to control the oil-producing wells in Louisiana. Another rewarding partnership is with the Northcote Energy Company. It has gained 50 percent of the company’s assets. Through this, the Gulf Coast Western has extended its expertise to the Shoats Creek field. The field produces 4 million barrels of oil.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Gulf Coast Western has committed to giving back to society. It has been providing financial and moral support to programs that build communities. Also, it supports the organizations that provide health care opportunities to families.


Honesty and integrity have been significant to the profitability of the company. Sincerity and integrity are great attributes that the company upholds. It has built the most successful and respectful bilateral relationship with its partners.

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