Guide to Buying Your First NYC Real Estate by Town Residential


A recent article in Mansion Global pointed out that luxury NYC real estate buyers are younger than they ever have been, and enjoy the luxuries of using technology. These NYC real estate buyers are looking for property that they can put sweat equity into making it their own. While these buyers are making lots of money, the average income for a 33 year old in New York City is just under $67,000. Therefore, not everyone can afford property with million dollar price tags. The professionals at Town Residential know New York City real estate. They have some recommendations on where first time buyers may want to consider buying a home.

If you want to stay in Manhattan allowing you to be closer to work and the lifestyle that you enjoy, then consider NYC real estate in the Inwood area. This area is one of the fastest growing in Manhattan, so buying a home here may be a good investment. This naturally charming neighborhood has lots to recommend it including amazing views of the Harlem River, and something exciting is always happening at Inwood Park.

Another area that first time NYC real estate buyers may want to consider is Yorkville. Like Inwood, this area is quickly developing. If you have children, the school district here is one of the best in New York City. Many people enjoy using Carl Schutz Park throughout the year.

If you cannot find what you want in Manhattan, then consider buying NYC real estate in Riverdale. This northern Bronx neighborhood offers the largest number of available units at a reasonable cost. Many of these units can be combined to make an even larger property. While the commute may be longer, you will have the advantage of a much larger space when you choose to live in Riverdale.

One area of New York City that is highly recommended is Spuyten Duyvil. Yet, it is often overlooked. The views of the Hudson and Harlem Rivers are amazing from this quaint little neighborhood. When you buy a home in this neighborhood of Bronx, you get to escape to a more natural environment each day.

The professionals at Town Residential know that everyone cannot afford to live in higher end property in Manhattan, though they do specialize in some of New York’s nicest luxury apartments for rent. That is one of the reasons that the company has 10 offices spread across the city. Each office is equipped with professionals who have an intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods.

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