Graham Edwards Thriving at Telereal

Graham Edwards is a prestigious Investor and active member of the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals. Graham is the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium a commercial property, management, and Investment Company since 2001. Graham Edwards is an active philanthropist and an active leader in his community.


Graham Edwards Prior Experience


Tallsman Global Asset Management

Chief Investment Officer


Merrill Lynch Investment Management

Fund Manager Investment Management Department


BT Group PLC

Head of Finance Property Department


Graham Edwards Business Interest

  • Software Development
  • Mining
  • Real Estate


Graham Edwards Education


Kings College London

Degree: Master of Arts

Studies: International Relations, National Security, Distinction



University of Cambridge

Degree: Master of Arts

Studies: Economics, 2.1


Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium founded in 1997 is a privately owned commercial property management and investment company based in Central London.


Telereal Trillium specializes in the following services.

  • Property Partnership
  • Property Investment
  • Development & Sales
  • Strategic Land


Graham Edwards is the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium since 2001. Graham before employment with Telereal Trillium was employed at BT Group PLC which is a holding company and Graham was head of finance which was an excellent position that prepared him for the role and responsibilities to be expected with Telereal Trillium. Graham was a great contribution to the formation of a 30 year strategic partnership with BT Group and Telereal in 2001.

Graham’s previous involvement with BT Group and his leadership role with Telereal Trillium was highly commended in the 2.38 billion dollar partnership transaction that included majority of BT Groups United Kingdom estates causing Telereal Trillium to acquire 6,700 properties with 59.2 million square feet in floor area. This was the first transition of this type since the founding of Telereal Trillium thanks to the leadership of Graham Edwards.


Graham Edwards Future with Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium is the largest privately owned property company today in the United Kingdom. Graham Edwards’s transactions involvement firmly grounded Telereal Trillium as the leader in outsourcing and property investments. Graham Edwards Chief Executive Officer and business expert are looking for a bright rapid changing economy acquiring more investments and developments that will assure the strength of the company holdings keeping the business doors open for future success.

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