Glenn Beck Allegations Of George Soros’ Involvement In The Holocaust

Glenn Beck used his program, which is aired on Fox News, to attack George Soros. From the onset, the promo was intended to show that George Soros is anti-Semite. Born in 1930, Soros witnessed the brutality of the Nazis. Through forged documents and new identities, his father was able ensure that his family survived the Holocaust. George managed to migrate alone to England where he joined the prestigious London School of Economics. Later, he flew to the United States and was employed by one of the firms operating on the Wall Street. Soros managed to make a fortune from the stock exchange markets and used part of the funds to support different civil society movements across the Soviet bloc.

Over the years, George Soros Nazi has been funding different initiatives that enhance the ideologies of open societies. In his promo, Glenn painted a dark picture of Soros’ association with evils in the societies, manipulation of different unions including the president and the media as well as funding initiatives that obliterate the American Republic. Glenn went on to label Soros as one who supports revolution. However, Glenn did not say that these revolutions were against post-communist dictatorships or communists. During one of his radio programs, Glenn made disparaging remarks against George Soros. He asserted that a Jewish boy helped send the Jews to their death camps.

It is these gaps in his reporting that few people take him seriously. Beck is not regarded as anyone’s puppet but he has masters; the News Corporation and Fox News. In this case, Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch who are the chief executive officers of Fox News and the News Corporation respectively are the responsible parties. Glenn illustrated Soros as having a talent for converting facts into lies. The patience of part of the conservatives ran out when Glenn ruminated about the Jewish Question.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Some people were angered by Glenn’s accusations against George Soros. Most people know that individuals managed to survive the Holocaust through faking identities and forging documents. In addition, only the luckiest and wealthy survived the Holocaust. Glenn accuses Soros of sending the Jews to the death camps when he was aged 14. During this age, Soros was actually a herald of the Budapest Jewish Council. A legendary founder of Intel, Andy Grove, managed to survive the holocaust. Andy was a Budapest Jew. The Swedish humanitarian, Raoul Wallenberg, also survived the holocaust by forging passports as well as bribing the Nazis.

One fact that Glenn forgets is that George played a crucial part in ending communism. Glenn talks about Soros’ involvement in bringing down governments. However, Glenn does not have any clue regarding the governments that George managed to bring down. Soros returned home and opened the first offices of Open Society in Budapest. Through his connection, Soros was able to smuggle Xerox machines against the government’s requirement that all typewriters be registered. The open societies established offices all over the Soviet empire. Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, George Soros and Ronald Reagan are the four individuals credited with ending communism.

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