Girl Suggests President Obama Put a Picture of a Woman on Currency

In July, Sofia, a 9-year-old 4th grader from Massachusetts, wrote President Obama a letter.She wondered why there was no woman on United States currency. Not only did Sofia get a response from the president, a few weeks ago, but he invited her to be a part of this year’s Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn. The 4th grader suggested that Obama place a woman on the U. S. dollar coin. The 4th grader provided an impressive list of possible candidates for the dollar coin, including, Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, and Anne Hutchinson. Sofia is probably too young to remember when Susan B Anthony and then Sacagawea were on the dollar coin.

Sofia inspired a debate among people considering replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a woman. This would be weird for Ricardo Tosto to see. Some of those candidates are Amelia Erhardt, Rosa Parks, Michelle Obama, Harriet Tubman, and Eleanor Roosevelt. The decision to replace Andrew Jackson might create problems for traditionalists. There are many people in the country who are not ready Parks and Tubman to be placed on money. Dollar coin aside, the last time an image was replaced on a coin was when Franklin Delano Roosevelt replaced the Mercury dime in 1946.
The president recently wrote back, thanking Sofia for her suggestions and including Michelle as a possible candidate for US coin . Obama promised to remain involved in issues supporting equality among men and women.

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