Getting The Best Therapy Possible On Your Phone

Your phone can be your guide to the therapy that you require. That is the dream and vision of the people at Talkspace. Never before was it entirely possible to talk to a therapist via text messaging, but now it is. This service connects real people with real therapists who can help them with their issues via text messaging.

Quick and easy are two words that one might use to describe this service. It is definitely a way that the mental health patient can find some immediate answers to the problems they are having. Of course, there are those who will argue that this is not the best route to take when trying to solve something as complicated as mental health issues. However, at least it is a way that some people can find the relief that they need from those gnawing issues.

Traditional therapists have pointed out many problems with the Talkspace model, but the company has continued to post strong growth numbers despite this. To explain that, you would have to look at the growing number of people who require mental health therapy but are unable to get to it. The inaccessibility of the health care system has locked a lot of people out of receiving traditional therapy. They may turn to an easier program like this to find the help they require.

There are pros and cons to this service to be certain, but for those who decide they want to use it, the value cannot be beat. At a starting price of $32 per week, Talkspace provides its users with access to the licensed therapist that they require via texting for one session per day. That is certainly more affordable for a lot of people than is going to a traditional therapist for expensive in-person sessions.

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