Getting the Best Lawyers in Brazil: Ricardo Tosto

Brazil is widely known for having some of the best legal minds in the world. The well-trained lawyers accurately interpret the laws of the land and represent all members of the society, irrespective of their social or economic status. Any person looking for the best lawyers in Brazil should put into consideration at least two factors. First, a client should be comfortable sharing personal information with his or her attorney. Second, the lawyer should be qualified to handle the case at hand. The considerations play a significant role in determining the outcome of court proceedings, and, therefore, should be given priority when enlisting the services of a lawyer.

Practicing lawyers in Brazil must be members of The Order of Attorneys of Brazil. The organization, founded in 1930, regulates the legal profession in the country. The Order of Attorneys of Brazil organizes and administers the bar exam, and only law students who take and pass the exam can legally practice in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a distinguished Brazilian lawyer who has practiced law in the country for over 15 years. He started in a small office and later joined one of the most experienced corporate litigation law firms in Brazil where he served selflessly and gained great experience as well. Subsequently, the graduate from the highly-regarded Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie founded his law firm. Mr. Tosto’s firm has become one of the most trusted in Brazil. The lawyer also holds a post graduate degree in Business Administration.

Mr. Tosto has defended many large multinational companies and corporations besides the high and mighty in Brazil in cases that have made his professionalism to stand out in the market. Further, the renowned lawyer has authored and published several journal articles on legal issues affecting Brazil and the world. Due to the lawyer’s immense wealth of experience and passion, he has risen to be a prominent speaker and mentor on legal matters. Also, Mr. Tosto has several memberships including Partnerships and Research Center, the International Bar Association, and Brazilian Bar Association. Besides, he is popular for being a pioneer in the adoption of several legal mechanisms that are commonly used throughout Brazil. These attributes make Mr. Ricardo Tosto one of the best lawyers in Brazil.

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