George Soros: A Better Plan for the Refugees

Public figure George Soros has spoken out about his view on the tragedy of the Syrian refugee crisis. He says that Europe has failed to act appropriately. He especially singles out the EU (European Union) in his recent article in Marketwatch. George Soros names the lack of a complete plan as a cause of what could be a larger problem very soon.

The reasoning is that many countries are not focused on the global community, but rather only themselves. Because of this, there is needless suffering on behalf of the migrants from the nearby countries such as Syria.

The answer to the problem is not to treat the migrants like sub-human animals, but rather to embrace them fully and create a plan to accommodate them, according to Soros. George Soros points out that Europe certainly has the capacity to accept the refugees. What is needed is a plan however.

The issue begins with Syria, because this is where most of the issues have taken hold. There needs to be more aid provided to them. With aid being given to Syria by the United Nations, it could make the situation better overall. Here is the plan that Soros laid out, in 6 steps:

First: The EU should commit to a certain number of refugees being accepted each year. A tentative amount to begin with is one million people.

Second: Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey must be helped quickly. They are very important in this fight, and this requires funding.

Third: Speed is so important because the quicker that the migrants begin to work, the quicker the situation will resolve itself. If migrants are treated like slaves at the borders, however, then this furthers the problem. Borders need to focus on treating people well and a special agency should be formed for this. There should also be a special group that helps process asylum seekers faster so they can resume a normal life.

Fourth: It is vital that safe travels are ensured from the front lines of military conflict all the way to the destination country of those seeking asylum. Key in this part of the plan are the countries of Italy and Greece. They sit next to the afflicted region and can provide a starting point for safety and further travels.

Fifth: Without financing, the refugees will have problems. The EU must step up to ensure that the asylum seekers to do not feel hopeless and thus fail to complete their journey.

Sixth: While NGO’s and church organizations have been a large help in this matter, they simply cannot do their best without appropriate funding. They must staff their offices and have technology to do their job. For this, the EU should step in and assist them.
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Perhaps most troubling about this situation is that it could have been prevented, according to Soros. Other plans don’t treat the refugees well. This plan will be a better way to accomplish the goal of safety and prosperity for everyone.

George Soros is a successful investor and charitable figure. He founded Soros Fund Management as well as Quantum Fund. He is a citizen of both Hungary and the U.S.

Through his work, Soros has helped Eastern European countries fight for freedom from communism. He continues to voice his opinion on political matters. He is self-identified as left-leaning.

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