Freedom Pop – The Mobile and Wi-Fi World Is About To Change

You may not be aware of it yet, but you are about to. The world as you know it for mobile carriers as well as WiFi is about to change for the better. The consumer will be paying less and getting more than ever before. There is a new company on the market that is looking to change everything we know about how we get our mobile data and WiFi. Prepare to be amazed and save tons of money in a short amount of time. FreedomPop is a company that is going to change everything in this market for the benefit of the consumer.

FreedomPop is a company that is based in Los Angeles, California. The company serves the United States and Europe. The are the leading provider in free wireless internet and mobile phone service. You read that correctly. They offer free WiFi and mobile phone service. Don’t believe me, check out the free mobile app. In a market where companies charge outrageous amounts for the same services, this is a game changer.

You may be wondering how they make their money. It is simple: they make profits by selling devices. These devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and broadband devices must be used for their free services. In the long run, you end up saving so much more by simply using one of their devices.

The company already provides wireless data voice and text services to some companies in the market such as Clearwire and Sprint. There are rumors in the market that Sprint wants to acquire FreedomPop. The company was created by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar in 2011. Stephen Stokols currently serves as the CEO. In two years, the company already had a deal with Sprint to include their coverage and support their devices.

In late 2014, the company released its first line of devices for use with their plans. The line is fully branded by the company. They plan to release more devices as time goes on but as of November 2014, they have already released the 7-inch Wi-Fi only tablet which is called the FreedomPop Liberty as well as a 10-inch LTE tablet called the FreedomPop Frenzy. Both devices come with free voice and SMS text messaging.

Would you change companies for a lower or even free rate?

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