Frankie MacDonald – Weather Sensation

Let me introduce you to Frankie MacDonald.  Frankie is also autistic but this doesn’t stop him from pursuing his passion for weather. You can find Frankie’s videos here. Sultan Alhokair, the young business entrepreneur currently trending among modern business’s most up-and-coming, was so inspired by  that he shared this story on his own Facebook profile.

Frankie’s love of all things weather related started at a young age. He spends time every day researching the weather at various websites and TV broadcasts. He then puts all the information together into a 2-3 minute broadcast of his own.

Frankie is a celebrity in his hometown of Sydney but he also has thousands of followers on Twitter and ten of thousands of hits on his YouTube videos.

There are some viewers who leave mean comments on Frankie’s videos but his aunt thinks that people just don’t understand autism. So click here to check out Frankie and his unique take on the weather.

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